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Morgana Build Guide by BoNeSCreator

Middle Morgana

By BoNeSCreator | Updated on December 6, 2012

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Dark Binding:
Use as an escape plan in the beginning of game from ganks and aggressive enemies.
If the enemy is "stupid", teach them a lesson and bind them under a friendly turret.
By mid and end game, this should be something to help finish an enemy by damage alone or by your team destroying the poor, unmoving enemy.
Never use this on a minion, that is a waste, and the person that was waiting to gank you has just been given a chance.
Running away? Throw one backward, you will hit a champion in pursuit of you.

Tormented Soil:
Farm, enough said.
Not really though, also use it under champions that you have just binded.
It is also useful as a deterrent from people following you or finding if people are in the grasses.

Black Shield:
Without a doubt, one of your best skills.
Early game, use it to protect yourself or your teammate going in for a gank.
In order to use this properly, you need to watch the situation of a team fight, it is difficult at first, but you will get the hang of it. Try to save it for the right time, can change the direction of a team fight.
I personally, but don't suggest, use it to force initiation. Put it on a tanky teammate, now they have to run in, or waste your cast. The rest of your team follows, by the time you need it again, your cooldown should be gone.

Soul Shackles:
Early game, kill the other mid, simple as that.
End game, use it to tag all enemies, the rest of your team kills them or they run away, simple as that.
Try not to waste it on one enemy champion.
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If you are interested in more chapters, I will get to them later, good luck for now.
League of Legends Build Guide Author BoNeSCreator
BoNeSCreator Morgana Guide

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