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Morgana Build Guide by CptUkitake

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League of Legends Build Guide Author CptUkitake

Morgana - Get On My Level

CptUkitake Last updated on November 23, 2011
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Hey, I'm CptUkitake, and this is my "aggressive" Morgana build. Love criticism :D But don't be a **** -.-

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Why these items?

So here's the item build I usually take.

Main Items

- Well, it's just a basic item that you need to have. Yes, you have a stun, but if you get ran down because you didn't get the damn boots, you're going to feel like a moron.

- It's really simple, they allow you to harass/agro the enemy champs early game. With these plus Clarity, you can harass up until the point where you get your mana item, without having to B a lot.

- This gives you enough extra Mana and Health to hold you off for a while. The AP isn't A LOT, but it's enough so your spells can do some extra damage early game.

- Well, here's where most people usually go Sorcerer's Boots, but, in comparison to the 15% cooldown reduction, I feel these win.

- AP, plus an AMAZING 30% AP passive increase.

- Well, this gives you some extra Health to counter all the AD ******s(in reality, it's everyone, but I hate AD sooo much). The AP is good too. As Morgana, you always want to be getting more AP. The passive is pretty much just a bonus. It's good in team fights, or when you're trying to get away from someone.

- Basically just for AP and Armor. The active is okay, but only in certain situations.

- Basically just for AP and Magic resist, though.. Like the Hourglass, it has another ability. It's Aura reduces magic resist of nearby enemy Champions by 20, which isn't much, but good in team fights.

- Well, this items is okay in certain situations. Alone, I think I'd rather not, but if you're on a team with somebody that has one already, or is willing to get one(preferably an AD), the 50% spell vamp it gives you both is pretty awesome. You'll have that 50% plus the 30% you get as a passive, and all that AP damage. If you decide you want it, take it as a replacement for one of your Scepters. Preferably , but if you're not even close, and you know you wont be, .

*It wouldn't hurt(in fact it would help) if you got a few Wards. I didn't put it in the build because there's no specific time in every game I would get them. You might want them beginning game, end game, if they keep coming in for ganks, whatever.

**I went ahead and put in the main items step by step, because it's more than likely you won't finish this build by the end of your game. It's VERY expensive.

***If you're going to lane w/ a friend and not solo, Will of the Ancients can be good early.

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What does this skill do?

- In my personal opinion, Morgana has a decent amount of Health. But seeing as she is usually played Mid/Solo, and there's usually a lot of harassing going on, this mixed with her , is a really good way to keep in lane.

- This is one of my favorite skills in the game. It's main focus is the stun, but it is GREAT for those runners >__> You know? Those little whimps who try to run away with 19hp. Yea, you can kill them with this.

- This is one of the best(if not the best) farming skills in the game. You can cast it between the Caster, and Fighter Minions, and watch them die in 5 seconds. It's great for harassing too! Nobody wants to be near you when they're standing on a pile of damage to do it. One last thing. When you've pushed your enemies tower to the point that it's hitting your Minions, you need to lay this under your Minions so your opponent takes damage if he tries to kill them. Good what to keep him from farming.

- In my Skill Sequence, you can see that I go for this fairly fast, and level it faster than my . This is because, in mid, there's usually another Mage of some sort, and this will block quick damage from them, and their spell effects. Take Annie for example. If this is up, she can't land her stuns, and her ability damage is eaten. Though, the opposite should be done as well. If the Enemy Champion is say Cait, you should only level to 1 for the spell immunity(she can still cast Exhaust, Ignite, and such).

- So awesome. Slow, damage, stun, damage, all in one attack. I usually use this right after a , then ( then if you can, for the reduced magic resistance) and I've eaten away at the enemies Health a bit. They just die. One thing you have to watch out for with this, is opponents flashing. When casting this get a good distance in front of your opponent if you can. This way, if they flash forward, they're still in it, and if they flash back, you'll have time to stun again or your teammates can get the kill.

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Why these Summoner Spells?

So here are the Summoner Spells I take.

I know Clarity is considered **** by a lot of people, because end game when you already have your mana items it's almost useless, but beginning game, along with those potions, you can get A LOT of harassing done.
Flash, well, duh. It's basically a "get out of jail free" card.

Exhaust and Ignite are another couple spells I frequent. Exhaust more than Ignite. It really helps in those situations where the Minions are in the way of your stun.

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How should I farm?

Well, what you do, is get your to level 3, then start sticking it right between the Fighter and Caster Minions. Start casting it earlier, and it will drain your Mana too fast, and you'll have to leave lane(unless you got Clarity and/or the extra Mana Potions). If they stay on it, you can kill them in one go. Another perk, is it does consta-damage to any non-ranged Champions trying to get at your minions. When the spells over, since ideally all their Minions should be dead, feel free to harass the unguarded enemy Champions. I personally wait for it to cooldown, then go , , , then Exhaust/Ignite if you have(if even needed).

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Why these Masteries?

Well, here, I want to explain something. Some of these should be changed according to your summoner spells. Personally, I get , because like I mentioned, I frequently get (just get Clarity more frequently). If I were to say, skip and get like usual, I would probably put a Mastery into . Something that's not useless(like without ).

Another example. If I didn't want to get , because I was suddenly stricken with a case of ******ation, I wouldn't put a Mastery into .

The rest of the non-changing ones, are just pretty basic Masteries for Morgana. They're the ones that will have the most benefits for her.

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Why you so aggressive Bro?

I've tried to play passively, but I end up getting killed more often, because I'm just bad at it. I end up doing fine for a while, then get hit with a moment of uncontrolled aggressiveness at the wrong time(that's when the "getting killed" happens. If you DON'T want to play aggressively, there are plenty of other builds that will tell you how to do that, and I apologize you've stumbled across this one.

*Another reason I like to play aggressive, is that it lets me pay for my expensive item build.