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Morgana Build Guide by MartinMorningstar

Middle Morgana Mid guide v1

By MartinMorningstar | Updated on May 15, 2020
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Runes: Aggressive runes

1 2
Dark Harvest
Taste of Blood
Eyeball Collection
Ravenous Hunter

Manaflow Band


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Champion Build Guide

Morgana Mid guide v1

By MartinMorningstar
The safe choice. Less kill pressure but you have more safety, can effectively ignore early mana problems and you can hard shove until you run out and teleport back.
If you want more impact control your mana and look for chances to teleport top/bot at post lvl 6
Flash + Ign Back to Top
The aggressive choice, really pushes your kill pressure, good matchups/decent confidence necessary.
Typically paired with DH
Core items Back to Top
Lost chapter full item is your mana problem relief
Liandry's is your damage spike
Zhonya is your last core item or defensive item rush. Rushing it over luden/glp or liandry's will leave you behind in terms of kill pressure as you invested 2.9k gold into an item that is basically a minor get out of jail free card.
Alternatives Back to Top
Going GLP instead of Ludens is a good choice if you struggle to land Q, if they have spellshields, or if you just want more teamimpact.

Ninja tabi adds a lot of survivability if they have AD assassins or marksmen that can engage on you easily.
Odd backs Back to Top
You will rarely, if ever, get your 6 itemspike in this meta given game lengths, so getting some very gold efficient items to spike your powers if you have an odd amount of gold is great. Elixir+control ward is great to beef up your ability to secure objectives
Post 3+1 built options Back to Top
When you have 3 items+boots you should know what your job is for the team and what your team struggles against. Rack your brain over what will give the most then get that.

people building crit murdering you before you get to do anything-randuin's omen
tanks building MR with you as the main magic dps-void staff
lots of gold as the main magic dps when enemy team doesnt have mr-rabadon deathcap
the team lacking all in other than you-Abyssal mask+elixir of iron
feeling confident with your lead-Mejai
need that extra MS and tankiness to be able to pop off-deadman's plate
enemy team has a lot of healing and your team refuses to get the cheaper versions of the grievous wound-morellonomicon
What to skill up Back to Top
Ability leveling
This will be a bit situational but basically its you level 3 of an ability that really makes it shine.
W-to 3 is a must rush for minions. No alternatives are as good.
Post lvl 6 you are getting a feel of the game.
If you need/want more kill pressure, can roam well, leverage a jungle-Q to 3
If you are struggling with magic damage, being ganked or want that extra safety against detrimental CC-E to 3
If your laner roams while being a champion you cannot fight without the turret backing you up as safety when things go wrong, go W to 5 and hard shove lane so you can roam elsewhere while getting your lane cs and push while enemy laner loses gold (ideally, realistically they are probably going to get a double kill bot lane)
R is obvious.
Go Q lvl 1 if you need to deny a good invade or if you want your team to get a kill when they are making a good invade
Runes 1 Back to Top
Rewards being aggressive in lane and makes it easier to sustain with ToB and RH. This Build is particularly strong in teamfights as the killresets will allow you to be very overwhelming for squishies.

You cannot escape manaflow and transcendence. You need manaflow due to mana problems, accept it.
Reaching 40% cdr is your 1 goal in life as a champion that is useful even without any AP. More Es for yourself and the team, more Qs for you to miss and have the entire team ping you for. C D R LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. Also without this rune you will often be left at 70% cooldowns which means any other rune is basically a 16.67% increase in cooldowns as a tradeoff for you picking it. Rarely if ever worth.
Runes 2 Back to Top
The safe one. Go with TP.
Arcane comet is better for damage and helps you clear lane as your triple aim of poking enemy champion, getting a manaflow stack, and securing caster minions all work together a little better with the comet.

Scorch because the average game is 30min ish which means that you arent getting notable AP for more than a minute or two, which means you might as well go something that you can use a bit.

Minion demat or cookies are there really just to make lane that little bit easier.

Cosmic insight-you dont have the extra dmg from dark harvest or ignite so time enemy flash and know that if you both flashed at the same time you have a 15s window where you can flash-ult without them being able to flash away from you.
Work to be done at a later point in time Back to Top
Not done with the guide yet, mostly a summary of my knowledge, do not use this to win. I am plat 2 with 57% wr on morg, I dont actually know how to play the game!
Landing Qs Back to Top
How to use ult Back to Top
Positioning Back to Top
Summary? Back to Top
doubt I will write one

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