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Morgana Build Guide by crashbrocksta

Support Morgana, the hottie

Support Morgana, the hottie

Updated on May 30, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author crashbrocksta Build Guide By crashbrocksta 5,821 Views 0 Comments
5,821 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author crashbrocksta Morgana Build Guide By crashbrocksta Updated on May 30, 2020
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Runes: Standard

1 2
Arcane Comet
Manaflow Band
Gathering Storm

Future's Market
Cosmic Insight

+8 Ability Haste
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Champion Build Guide

Morgana, the hottie

By crashbrocksta
Hey, i'm Jaimy, and i've been playing morgana for over four years now. she was the first champion i got a level 7 rank on, and she is to this day my favourite champion in the game. I'm fairly certain over 50% of my total games are morgana games. I'm no godlike league player, and i've sworn off ranked, but i think my experience with league of legends and morgana gives me plenty of authority on the subject. If anybody has criticism on this guide i'd love to hear it, i'd love to explain my thoughts more and if someone manages to prove me wrong i will commend them for it.
So, why morgana? Well for one her Q is one of the most hated roots in the game. Combined with her W she has insane poke and is probably the easiest mage support to max your spellthiefs with, because her W can get 2 stacks per cast if you use it properly. She's also pretty much always viable, not getting that many nerfs or buffs, because it's a solid champion. On top of all this, her passive spellvamp gives her some insane sustain in the late game.

Morgana however, is not the perfect champion. She's easily countered by many adcs and supports. Her ultimate is very easy to counter in 3 ways: 1. She gets killed while casting it before she can get her stun off. 2. She gets pushed or pulled away from the enemy team, making it impossible to get the stun off. 3. When casting ult and immediately using zhonya's afterwards to survive, the enemy players can pretty much just walk out of your circle. Her sustain in lane isn't very strong, because her spellvamp doesn't heal her for as much yet. And her mana costs are huge.
I cannot stress enough how amazing the combo between these two champions is. Whenever you pick morgana, always ask if your adc knows how to play Jhin, if they do, convince them to pick him. The reason Jhin and Morgana work so well together is because of Jhins root with his W. Morgana can root them, put down her W, and then Jhin can root them again to make sure Morgana gets the full damage from her W off, and if Jhin happens to put down a trap in the spot the enemy is rooted in, the damage is guaranteed to make the enemy laner either back off, recall, or die. This combo is lethal, and has even made people (including myself) ragequit.

Jinx and Morgana are a great combination because just like Jhin, Jinx works very well with CC heavy supports. Morgana can get her Q off and Jinx can throw her W at the target, slowing them down and getting most of Morgana's W damage off on the enemy. After the slow, jinx can keep using her auto attacks to deal even more damage, and when the target doesn't immediately dash, flash or heals, morgana can get a SECOND Q off, which will guarantee you a kill most of the time.
The standard rune page for morgana is a solid set of runes. Comet takes the edge off with just a little extra damage when she hits a Q + W combo. Manaflow band makes your weak mana sustain in the early game a little better, letting you sit in lane for longer. Transcendence is always a solid rune because CDR is an important stat with most supports, and specially with morgana, who needs to be able to throw out tons of roots and W's during teamfights. Gathering storm is based on my personal preference. I like doing tons of damage in the late game even though i'm a support, and gathering storm helps a lot with that.

I chose for the inspiration tree for the second rune page because i simply don't think any other options are that strong. Cheap shots damage buff is honestly laughable as of right now, i have no idea why anyone would go precision, and resolve simply doesn't benefit morgana in any way, since she'll get blown up if someone jumps on her, and extra defensive stats do not make that any less true. So: Inspiration, I chose for future's market because it makes it possible to get an early Ardent Censer and even a stopwatch if you really get a lot of gold. Cosmic insight, just like transcendence is a solid rune because you want tons of cdr.

CDR small runes, because CDR.
Adaptive because damage
Armor or magic resist based on the enemy team. typically armor works best because adcs hate morgana.

My aggressive runepage is a set of runes i don't use very often, but i understand how it benefits morgana in the laning phase, so i decided to put it in here just in case. I'll quickly go over the changes in the runepage and why they're benefitial.

Summon aery is super easy to proc, because all it takes is a W. You don't even have to hit a skillshot. This on top of scorch makes for a pretty scary Q + W combo.
Items (yeah, finally.)
I can hear you thinking. "WTF is that build?? That looks more like a morgana mid build than a support!!!!111!!1!!" Yeah, you're right. The build is honestly more of a mid build than a support, and i already know you hate me for not getting redemption. "bUt sHiElD bUfF" Yep, you're right. That's what redemption does.

The reason i build so much damage on morgana is because her black shield is a joke. It only shields for AP damage and 99% of the time you're using it for the spell shield instead of the actual shield. Morgana's main thing is her CC, so the damage build is made to make your CC as scary as possible. I hope that satisfied you, now, i'll go over the core items.

Spellthiefs edge:
Your support item. This is not negotiable. Any of the other support items are simply harder to use on morgana. Morgana is probably the fastest at maxing this item because of her W being able to get 2 stacks at once, my personal record is to max spellthiefs at around 11-13 minutes, but if you max it before 20 minutes you're doing okay too.

Ardent censer:
Ardent censer is a decoy to make your team think you're actually building like a support, this way they cannot flame you for going pretty much full ap.
Ardent censer is honestly one of my favourite items in the game. It's probably the best support item at the moment because of a couple reasons: It gives 60 bonus ap, which makes your damage in the early game very scary. the CDR is amazing because it's CDR, and then there's the unique stats. i know i'm contradicting myself by saying this but the shield bonus is pretty neat, even though you won't use your shield for the SHIELD a lot, but with your Black shield you can pretty much deny a Lux q completely, no root, no damage. The movement speed does wonders because it gives you a nice edge before finishing your boots. The base mana regen is the real reason i rush this item though. Morgana's mana pool is stupid, and i need the mana regen. Ardent censer's unique passive gives yourself and the person you shield frenzy: meaning you'll get extra bonus attack speed and deal extra magic damage on auto attacks. In short, ardent censer makes you strong, fast, increases your sustain, and buffs your adc.

Zhonya's hourglass:
This should really be a nobrainer. Morgana works incredibly well with Zhonya's because of her ultimate. It makes it impossible for the enemy to kill you whilst you're waiting for the stun on your ultimate to pop. If you time it right, you will be able to move again at the same time as the stun, making you a bigger danger than a lot of other supports. When buying a Zhonya's you can always get a stopwatch if you can't afford the complete item, so you can get a good combo off
during the last couple minutes of laning phase, possibly giving you a double kill and free outer turret.

Sweeping lens:
The typical support trinket. I know most people who are new to the support role don't like using this trinket cause they have trouble seeing the point to it. But sweeping lens is in my opinion superior to the warding totem all the time. You can become a walking control ward, denying the enemy as much vision as possible. On top of this, sweeping lens forces you to buy control wards, because you still need to place down vision. Typically buy this item towards the end of laning phase, (between 15-20 minutes into the game) or earlier if you feel like it's necesary.
Optional build
For the optional items, everything is situational. I love Twin Shadows because it can confirm or deny suspicions of the enemy team doing an objective or not. It also makes sure you catch an enemy assasin before they can flank you. Rabadons deathcap is a great pick if you wanna deal some extra damage. Ryleis Cristal Scepter is my personal favourite, cause it allows you to slow the entire enemy team with your W or ultimate. It also makes it harder for the enemy team to walk out of your ult circle, making it easier to land a stun. Liandry's torment is seen as an "op" item for morgana, but i dissagree. yeah, it makes the DOT on your W deal more damage, but i prefer the slow over the damage, morgana already deals tons of damage, and the extra DOT isn't usually necessary if you can get a good ultimate off.

I go boots of mobility cause as morgana, i'm usually walking around the map and denying vision on objectives. I always make sure i only ever join my team when they start fighting, and not when they're playing chicken in midlane. A good morgana Q can start off a fight and win it, but an unexpected morgana ultimate can guarantee an ace if you do it right. Boots of swiftness are for those who feel like they need to stick with their team, which is respectable, it's the safer option because you can run around and dodge skillshots, and run into the enemy team to ult rather than flashing into them. It's a generally safer but less rewarding option.
Summoner spells
Here's a short one.
Flash and exhaust are the standard support sspells, and they work. Flash is a nobrainer, and exhaust can make it so much easier to land all of your abilities and win a fight.
Flash and ignite are for the brave, when you see the enemy botlane is extra squishy and you expect to stomp them in lane, ignite can secure a couple of kills and weaken healing.
Flash and barrier are for when you're terrified of the enemy botlane, if you don't expect to get any kills during the lane and just wanna keep yourself as safe as possible, you get these spells.
Morgana has a pretty interesting kit, but it's easy to learn, and not much harder to master.

Morgana's passive: Soul Siphon.
When morgana deals damage to champions, large minions or large monsters, she heals for 20% of that damage dealt.

Morgana's Q: Dark binding.
Morgana throws out a bolt of dark energy and binds the first unit for 2-3 seconds based on level, dealing 80-300 magic damage based on level. Bonus magic damage on this ability scales with 90% of morgana's ap. Mana costs are 50-70 and the cooldown is 11 seconds.

Morgana's W: Tormented shadow.
This ability turns a medium sized area into infected soil for 5 seconds. Any targets in this area take increasing damage based on how long they're standing inside of it.
This ability deals missing health damage, and deals 50% extra damage against non epic monsters. Tormented shadow deals a maximum of 810 + (189% of morgana's AP) in magic damage. The cost to this ability is 70-130, and has a 12 second cooldown. The cooldown is reduced by 5% anytime morgana triggers her passive.

Morgana's E: Black shield.
Black shield put's a shield on any targeted ally champion. This shield absorbs up to 300(+70% of AP) magic damage. Black shields also prevents the application of a singular CC ability. This shield goes away after 5 seconds. Black shield costs 80 mana and has a cooldown of 26-18 seconds.

Morgana's R: Soul shackles.
Morgana channels for 0.5 seconds and deals 150-300(+70% of AP) magic damage to all enemy champions near her, slowing them and increasing morgana's movement speed towards them. This ability latches chains onto the enemy champions hit, if these chained enemies stay inside her ult range for 3 seconds, they get stunned for 1.5 seconds and take the same amount of damage as the original cast.

Phew. Even i'm tired after that one.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author crashbrocksta
crashbrocksta Morgana Guide
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Morgana, the hottie

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