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Nasus Build Guide by MaTrixTrickZz

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MaTrixTrickZz

Much Stacks Very Wow

MaTrixTrickZz Last updated on January 29, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Threats to Nasus with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Tryndamere Relatively easy lane once you get some stacks and a frozen heart as advised when laning against someone like Tryndamere you should win trades, cause the amount of attack speed slows from Wither or your W and the frozen heart attack speed slow you will be able to out duel him. Tip: Try using your Q right before he gets low enough where he would pop ultimate as your Q should kill him before he thinks to ult.
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Hello am MaTrix TrickZ, I am a Nasus main and i thought i would make this guide to help people new to this beast of a champion.
I would like to say i am not a professional gamer i am not Diamond, Platinum or even Gold i am a normal gamer like most of you, now please do not think that because i am not a pro that i don't know what i am talking about i have played Nasus for quite a while and have learned a lot, i would appreciate you all to judge this guide by how it performs, and not by what ELO the player making it is. If you give this guide and build a try and leave a like or even a dislike with maybe some constructive criticism in the comment sections i would very much appreciate it. =)

I would like to thank all of you for the views and the few votes! If you have anything to tell me that i may improve off of please feel free in the comment/review section provided here =] Thank You for your Input and Support!

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Reason for Items

Frozen Heart i find is a necessary item if facing AD or a AA heavy enemy in lane you will want to rush this as it offers mana for a temporary fix to your mana issues, it also gives a good amount of armor so any harass shouldn't be as effective when facing an AD opponent, another thing to note is the CDR that it gives, early CDR is almost essential on Nasus as it allows you to use your more often thus getting stacks faster, if you get Spirit Visage instead of this first make sure this is your second defensive item always get a Sheen and Tier 1 boots before building more defensive items!
Spirit Visage i find is a necessary item if facing a AP champions such as , or if facing any of these or other AP top champions you should rush this item as it offers good sustain as its passive increases the effectiveness of life steal and spell vamp which works wonders with your passive , it also gives good amount of health regeneration and a good amount of CDR which has stated before is essential, if you get Frozen Heart first make sure this is your second defensive item always get a Sheen and Tier 1 boots before building more defensive items!
Iceborn Gauntlets, this item should be your one and only offensive item as your stacks and this should should be all the damage you need, reason for Iceborn Gauntlets is that you apply a slow with your Q making it harder for enemies to kite you or get away from you, making it easier for your team to kill them - You may be asking why not Frozen Mallet? Well because Frozen Mallet applies a single target slow but Iceborn Gauntlets provides a good sized AoE slow which is very useful when chasing the enemy team down.
Randuins Omen, this is for extra armor and an attack speed reduction for extra defense against enemy AD Carries, the active also offers a nice AoE slow that works wonders when chasing down fleeing enemies. If you don't rush this early make sure it is your 3rd item
Boots of Swiftness with Furor enchantment, well because Nasus is easily kited he needs to be able to get to his target fast that where the boots of swiftness come in, but he also needs to be able to stay on top of that target and keep applying damage to them that is where furor comes in because if you just get close enough to auto-attack or Q you will be able to use furor enchantment to stick on that target and if used with your Iceborn Gauntlets the person you are chasing will have a very low chance of escape.
The Black Cleaver i have been meaning to add some armor pen to Nasus build for a while and i think this item will do the trick, it offers a bit of health for some extra tankiness to Nasus and a good amount of damage with some really nice Armor Pen, if they have someone like Rammus, Malphite, or Garen that love to stack massive amounts of armor, you might want to take a Last Whisper in place of this item. If the enemies really don't have enough armor to drastically reduce your damage then go ahead and get another health, Armor, or Magic Resist item, depending on what you think would be best for you or what your team may need. WARNING! The Black Cleaver may be removed later and may not be a good choice on Nasus, I would recommend using this item. But at your own risk and i HIGHLY RECOMMEND not using it in RANKED GAMES unless you have tested it on your own and are have seen good results, as i have not played many games to see how it works. You have been WARNED!

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Abilities and How to Use Them

Soul Eater

Soul Eater, Nasus passive is what gives him his sustain in lane early on it gives an AMAZING 10% Life Steal, that is as much as a Blade of the Ruined King so at level 1 that is absolutely amazing! This amount increases every 6 levels eventually getting up to a 20% Life Steal this is more than The Bloodthirster this is a amazing passive that will help you greatly in all stages of the game.
Siphoning Strike

Siphoning Stirke, this is what your game revolves around.. last hitting with Siphoning Stirke or (Q) Siphoning Strike is what will make or brake your game, one of Nasus primary sources of damage and what allows him to build straight defense and still be able to do tons of damage to the opposing team, the reason why Siphoning Strike is so good is because it offers a free unlimited scaling source of damage because with each killing blow Nasus lands on an enemy unit or neutral monster with his Siphoning Strike it will give him stacks giving each Siphoning Strike a permanent damage boost, these stacks go from 3 to 6 per killing blow, Caster minions etc. gives 3 Stacks - Siege minions, Large or Epic monsters will give 6 stacks towards your Siphoning Strike.


Wither or (W) is Nasus only form of CC, and it is actually one of the most annoying slows in the whole game as it applies a slow that gets progressively worst as it wares off and it offers a SUPER EFFECTIVE Attack Speed Slow, it slows the targets Attack Speed by 47.5% with 5 points in Wither this makes it really good against those pesky late game carries such as Master Yi or a Tryndamere. This ability should be maxed last of all of your abilities.
Spirit Fire

Spirit Fire or Nasus (E) is an AoE ability, it burns enemies within the circular area dealing Magic Damage, at first there is an initial burst of damage and then Magic Damage over time to all enemies within the area of it. It also applies a second effect, a Armor reduction to all enemies within the area of it, this is good when dueling Armor stacking enemies such as Malphite, Rammus, Garen, and many other tanky top laners or junglers.
Fury of the Sands

Fury of the Sands his Ultimate ability or (R) this is a over all good ultimate, it gives health, extra attack range, and AoE percentage damage to nearby enemies, over all this can be used in 3 situations. 1) Team Fights - It extends your range a bit so you will have a easier time killing short range AD carrys that others times you may have trouble with ( Vayne) it also gives good AoE damage especially if your team and the enemy team are fighting closely preferably within the radius of your AoE burn effect on Fury of the Sands 2) Avoid DEATH will it is obvious Fury of the Sands increases your health thus giving you more health for the enemies to take down to actually kill you, but only pop ultimate if you are almost completely sure that with the extra health you can get out with your life! 3) Lastly extended 1v1's to more specific against a champion that just might kick your *** without this bit of advantage, i really can't give an example of this but you will know once it happens... Just let your instincts take over... or don't... your funeral.

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Pros / Cons


+ Infinite Scaling Damage with Siphoning Strike
+ Good Lane Sustain
+ Few HARD Counters
+ Needs Almost NO Offensive Items To Do Damage
+ Easy to Play!
+ Potential to Carry
+ Offers Offense, Defense, and Utility!
+ Farm Dependent
+ Hard to Master
+ Can Be Shut Down Easily Early On

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Nasus, Play Style Etc.

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Honorable Mentions

Perhaps doesn't deserve its own chapter, but i would like to thank jhoijhoi for the amazing guide because without it none of this could of been possible.

You can find jhoijhoi's guide to making a guide at this link