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Dr. Mundo Build Guide by JacenBlare

Mundo Jungle on Steroids

By JacenBlare | Updated on February 17, 2012

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Hello, this will be my second official guide on mobafire. While i was looking around for a Dr.Mundo guide that at liked for the jungle, and to my dismay there wasn't one. All of them had Warmogs(too expensive IMO) or Wriggles(not worth the money on mundo). So I decided to post the build and routes i have been using for the past few games with him.
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I go for attack speed reds do to the fact that they help you clear the jungle faster with your .

Armor yellows are mandatory on all junglers plain and simple.

I go for flat health here bc all of your abilities use your health as a resource however works as well for some MR.

Again helps with your Masochism size 34 and help clear camps faster.
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9/12/9 going deep into any of the trees doesn't help Mundo all that much so I go 9 into offense for the AD AS and Armor Pen. Picking up exhaust mastery as well(explained later). the 12 in defense is for the smite(your jungle), armor, damage reduction, health per lvl, and creep dmg reflection. This set up gives you the fastest jungle possible while giving you more health.
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You might be thinking why no wriggles lantern!!! Its soooooo good for jungle, and i will admit it is however mundo doesn't benefit from anything on the item besides the lifesteal and proc. Wits end gives him magic resist, attack speed, and more dmg to boot! I prefer this over lantern. If you really want to get it go ahead but it only slows down parts of the core build. I get FM to stick to people, give you stronger ganks, more health(really important), and some AD. Picking up HoG early can let you get your items faster it also gives you the health that mundo requires I build this into Omen for all around tankiness. Late game wise Atmas for more dmg and armor and IE for crit and more dmg. All of these items allow mundo to be the bruiser he is. I don't like playing Mundo as a tank bc he doesn't have a hard CC plus his dmg out put is so high. Boot choices get if they are heavy AD and if they have alot of CC/Magic Damge
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Skill Sequence

> > >

We max W first for faster camp clearing allowing you to clear the camps faster than Shyv. Yes thats right faster. You can also clear faster than Udyr. This is why i like Mundo jungle he is so underrated that your enemies laugh until ur carrying all the lanes from ganks.

After W go for your E over Q bc Q's slow doesn't go up(the only thing i use it for early game) and E is possibly the best Steroid in the game. It allows you to do insane dmg.

Finally Max Q maxing this early makes its health cost go up and doesn't increase the slow % his other abilities help him much more.

Obviously max you ult whenever you can.
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Summoner Spells

, Duh ur jungle.

, Let's you do an early invade, helps with ganks, and is just down right OP in solo que.

, if you don't want to take exhaust flash is always good, but i still take exhaust over it.
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Creeping / Jungling

Follow the red path if you start on blue side. Take wolves with a pull then save your smite as you take blue.(Have a teamate take it down to 200 or so with u). Right after you take blue rush to the enemies red and take it. No jungler can take blue then red faster than you can go wolves blue. Smite their red and wait in the bush for 5-10 seconds. If they come jump them if they are winning the 1v1 use exhaust. Don't chase to hard if the flash. After taking red and getting first blood gank top or middle coming in from behind.
If you start purple run the same route except gank mid or bot instead of top.

If the enemy jungler starts at red use the peach route, you can also attempt to steal their blue.
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That is my guide for jungle mundo, I hope you enjoy it and have fun out there. Give me a thumbs up if it works for you, and feel free to leave a comment.
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Change Log

*2/17/2012 Guide Created
League of Legends Build Guide Author JacenBlare
JacenBlare Dr. Mundo Guide

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Mundo Jungle on Steroids
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