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Sejuani Build Guide by Saito1101

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Saito1101

My first guide --- Better Nerf Sejuani

Saito1101 Last updated on June 21, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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First of all

Sorry about my bad ortography and other thinks about the guide, but the englishis not my main language.

About myself

This is my first guide
So i am still learning about all of this moba fire´s guides world.
also i am a poor Gold V summoner, and i am working on my skills and knowledge of the game.

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Champion introduction

Sejuani Is an AP , Tanky , Burster , CC's provider girl.

She is a really good champion, and provides a great utility to the team. Why do i pick sejuani in the top lane?... because i see a lot of potential for his abilities, i mean.
Frost Armor gives you flat armor and tenacity if you do damage, really good for trades. Arctic Assault and Flail of the Northern Winds do HP percent damage, is a perfect tool against almost all tanky top lane champions. Also Permafrost has a good base damage & Glacial Prison has a 0.8 AP ratio is hilarious.

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Pros / Cons

  • Great escape/chase
  • A lot of CC
  • Easy clear of minion waves
  • Tankyness
  • Early mana problems
  • Hard lane phase
  • Week early damage
  • Item dependant

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With these bots increase the ap damage, excelent for trade, and makes more easy to get kills on late game.

Provide us 3 important stats Health, Mana, and Ability power, it's important get this item first beause solves the early mana hungry problems of sejuani and to getting the stacks of the item.

AP, Mana, Armor, slow and extra damage to our Flail of the Northern Winds?.... yes plz!.

More AP, some Magic resist, and -20 Magic resist debuff seems nice.

Even more Armor and AP and a extremely op active effect what makes you an invalid target for 2.5 seconds, it's perfect if you come in bad look situations or to get te cd of your skill.

The 6th item is situtional

Ignore the annoying ocacional stuns or cc skills, get some Health and more Magic resist.
More Health, armor and get some AoE magical damage !! .
Oh sejuani, stahp sttacking Health plz!!!

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What to do

Laning phase / early game

The principal objetive on this phase of the game is farm all as you can, so you can buy the items what you need like catalyst the protector, always you can trade damage to your enemy with your HP percent damage skills then use the slow of Permafrost and escape for being killed.

Even if you won't trade damage you can "poke" your enemy with the AoE damage from Flail of the Northern Winds.

Roaming / mid game

At this point, if your farm is good you must have Rod of Ages, and at least Sheen & Glacial Shroud this items provides you enough damage to kill 1v1 if you know how combine your skills to kite your enemy, the "combo" is like Renekton´s combo, you come in, do a lot of damage and goes back.

Teleport in 80% of all times you'll use for going to gank other lane. Glacial Prison instead you apear, and with all cc you have, nobody is abailable to escape from your fury!. if no one needs your gank, save it for returning at the lane.

Late game / punishing their carry!

All of our item choices are defensive, but the synergy work so well what makes this build an offensive-deffensive build and this does you capable to kill every single squishy target in one combo whithout die in the attempt.

With this items we got more than 300 pts of AP, enough to kill 1v1 almost anyone. At this point your role is be the tank of your team, waiting a oportunity in the front line, one wrong enemy's movement and you charge to them with Glacial Prison trying to catch more enemy's as you can. meanwhile if they are getting away, use Permafrost to slow them.

If you do it good, team figths will be a piece of cake for your team.

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Thanks for watching

Thanks for taking time to read, and all feedback will be apreciated.