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Morgana Build Guide by MizunoTsukune

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MizunoTsukune

My guide to PWN with Morgana S3

MizunoTsukune Last updated on December 26, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello there, I'm Mizuno Tsukune and i brought you a new guide for morgana. As we know league of legends is changing a lot therefore we have to change with it. What I try to sell you here is my build with morgana, the way I like to play her, what I build for her and why, what's with my masteries (weirdo masteries lol) and hopefully you enjoy and rate my build for good (or bad idc)
I know I did my best :D now sit and listen up. First of all...

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Pros and Cons

We will start with the Pros/Cons about Morgana as a character.

_ Nice Health.
_ Great nuking damage.
_ Great Solo lane.
_ Black Shield is too badass.
_ Great teamfight potential.

_ Depends on her dark binding for skill chain.
_ Needs her ultimate for maximun nuke.
_ High - Average overall Cooldowns.
_ Is less viable against any AD Carry because her Black shield
only blocks negative magic effects.

Now the cons and pros of my build:

Unholy Morgana:
_ Decent Hp.
_ Decent Defences.
_ Very good Damage.
_ Cool magic pen.
_ Never ran out of mana
_ Decent CDR.

_ As every Ap carry build it decays late game.

In conclusion: Morgana as a character works as a teamfight disruptor because of her AoE potential that includes her ultimate and her soil. Her crowd control also is pretty good, she can stun all of her enemies and the target she binds, the target she kills. Sadly as all the other ap carries (at the exception of veigar) she decays late game because with last patches (that were ment to nerf the Ap characters's late game) stacking life and due the low Ap ratio achieveable makes some targets un-nukeable, but lucky for you we use liandry's torment for that so with a little poke we can get over it and I didnt mention that it empowers all of your skills and since you slow, that counts as impaired movement and doubles it damage, pretty cool huh?

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Greater Mark of Magic Penetration Use this ones for the magic penetration kinda obvious. Decent in early,middle and late game, always worth to spend your money on these ones.

Greater Seal of Magic Resist Pick this ones for some defence against other Ap characters, almost a must. It helps to tank that Magic Pen. the others get with the Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Glyph of Ability Power Self Explanatory, more ap more damage, scaling ap early game with flat runes gives you instant results but you can go for the Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power for late game since you win 3 times the ammount of a flat rune.

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power Greater quintessences of AP are kinda a must for every Caster, But be free of using what you want remenber, i'm just giving you an advice.

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Summoner spells

What i Use:

Ignite : When they think they can run, banish them with this flames of victory.

Flash : Great for escaping, initiating, stealing buffs etc...

Exhaust : I wouldnt pick this but its kind of situational like OMG talon mid.

Teleport : I could use this skill but never tried it before.

What i do not use:

Ghost : Don't pick this, tanks or offtanks only.

Clairvoyance : Its viable but i do not use it very often.

Cleanse : if you get screwed by CC this can definitely save your life, but your job as a Caster is to never get near this kind of thing. If you need this then you are not playing correctly my dear fellow.

Heal : Not the worst spell, but you just do not need it.

Clarity : Great on some champions with mana problems but you do not need it.

Smite : I don't jungle with morgana but it can be fun due the new ap jungling items, give it a try if you are brave.

Barrier : You already got a shield, 2 is not worthy.

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16/11/3 That is a weird composition, its a variable of the continuous 21/0/9 and im going to explain this now:

Offense: Picked Sorcery, Blast , Arcane Knowledge , Havoc , Mental Force and Spellsword . Why I dont pick executioner or archmage? The answer is really simple, I prefer using those points in the new defensive tree because of the new effects, lets talk about that...

Defence: Perseverance, Resistance , Hardiness and Relentless . I find the magic resist and defences so good I take them everytime I can because they help a lot and that slow thing, man thats just broken, Good to lane against anivia or running from ganks when you used your shield a little too late.

Utility: Summoner's Insight for improved flash and Meditation for mana regen, simple as a slice of bread, white bread.

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Overall Gameplay


Put your Tormented Soil between Melee minion and Caster minion.
VERY important, you have weak mana regeneration so do not Spam spells!, start using spells at lvl 4 and at lvl 5 you can kill minion waves just with the Soil and never EVER spam your Q. You aren't ziggs...

Solo fight:

The difficult thing here is landing your Q. In mid, minions are all over 60-70% of the lane and getting the angle for your skillshot is kind of hard and getting into Melee range is suicidal if your enemie is ryze or any other constant spammer-nuker. You should know that morgana's best weapon is the surprise atack since Q doesn't have channeling and the animation is fast so a good timed Q while walking can give you the opening you need for the kill, after the landing use your Tormented Soil and your R before he flashes and of course ignite, but just if you are sure he wont die from the combo.

Team Fights:

Team fight should looks that: tank initiate team fight, you follow him and when you are in the center of the team fight use ultimate and put tormented soil on the ground.

Chasing: left your Dark Binding for chasing. Also is useful to use Tormented Soil because when you place it on the ground it deal damage instantly so if enemy have <100hp and you can not catch him with your Q just place Tormented Soil under him.

Do not forget to put Black Shield on your carry or yourself if you are going to initiate a 1vs1 or 2vs1.

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Oh Items sometimes I ask, What does a hero truly need? I got the answer right here:

Athene's Unholy Grail : That mana regen. and magic resist helps you a lot in lane and the mana restoration in teamfights gives you a boost for constant skill use.

Sorcerer's Shoes : Magic pen. since you Ap is not that high you need them.

Liandry's Torment : More magic pen. health and the % damage for bulky characters, good item.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter : The item made to honor Rylai from dota 2 strikes again, more health and improved slow, just for combo with your liandry's.

Rabadon's Deathcap : More ap, tons and tons of it.

Zhonya's Hourglass : Armor and Stasis skill, perfect to Ult and hide.

Another items you can pick:

Rod of Ages : Health, Mana and healing skill while leveling up, good at early and late game.

Archangel's Staff : For Ap scaling, and the new active gives you a better surviability.

Will of the Ancients : Moar Spellvamp moar surviability.

Abyssal Mask : Nice resistance and magic pen.

Mikael's Crucible : Mana regen., Resistance, Mana and Quicksilver active for you or teammates.

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In closing

Morgana is a character that is good in lane and teamfights with a decent CC and nuke damage, always ready to help the ad carry with her shield. Her build is very flexible and is not attached to the one I created, she can excel with much more items that the ones I named here.
Now, the thanksgiving time to:

Mobafire: Because I made my build here for a reason.
Players: Those who fed me to make this build.
To you: Who read my guide and spent your time with it.

Cya later, MizunoTsukune.