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Urgot Build Guide by BaLoRi

My Monstrous Press The Attack Urgot Build

My Monstrous Press The Attack Urgot Build

Updated on January 19, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author BaLoRi Build Guide By BaLoRi 600 66 905,815 Views 49 Comments
600 66 905,815 Views 49 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author BaLoRi Urgot Build Guide By BaLoRi Updated on January 19, 2022
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Press the Attack
Legend: Bloodline
Coup de Grace

Shield Bash

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-140 HP (lvls 1-18)


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Champion Build Guide

My Monstrous Press The Attack Urgot Build

By BaLoRi
About me

Hello everyone,

My nickname is BaLoRi, I am an Educational Content-Build Creator that is part of Fnatic and Fnatic Network, that I got 1 goal every single time. To create the MOST POWERFUL builds for each champion, that will give you the FREE ELO that you really want and rank up with your own skills in any DIVISION you want while of course having fun and enjoying the game!

Feel free to join me in our youtube Channel: & for more BUILDS and GUIDES and join our Discord server for real time build creation: and reach any ELO you want!
Urgot with this build is easy, the only thing you need to do is to FOCUS on your farm, and play with focus! Even if you get ganked you can still overpower them easily!

Nothing will stop you, nothing will win against you, the only thing they will ever feel is FEAR from your insane damage!

Hope to enjoy your Elo Boost!
Best regards.
An introduction to Press The Attack Urgot Build
Time for you learn the most powerful way to play Urgot! With this build you won’t only be the strongest in lane phase, but you will also be the reason to destroy them all in TEAMFIGHTS!
So let’s get started about the facts about our build, why to play with Press the Attack on Urgot the reason is simple, cause of how the W Purge that giving you the ability to hit the target with the max attack speed of 3 shots per second from lvl 1 you can activate Press the Attack instantly and apply it to the target non-stop, while applying two effects, an instant damage one and one of the BEST effects in the entire game, the 12% BONUS DAMAGE effect!

So not only you will do an instant burst damage of 180 amount but you will also do more damage with its effect, but the 12% bonus damage apply for your TEAMMATES as well, cause its a bonus damage from "all type of sources", this means, you, champions, baron, dragons, creeps, towers! Every possible source of damage will gain 12% Boost :) and this effect will be activated each 6 seconds! Plus the combination with Coup de Grace that will give you 8% more bonus damage to low Hp(below 40%hp) targets your damage will go up to 20%!

And of course its not just that, in full build you will have 3000+ HP, 350+ AD, Lethality, bonus % ARMOR PENETRATION, %Armor Reduction and an insanely big sustain from the combination of Eclipse, Blade of the Ruined King, Legend: Bloodline and Elixir of Wrath 24% Lifesteal(item-rune) 25% of physical damage heal and you will multiply all that HEALING by 40% cause of Spirit Visage and Revitalize together with the shields, that means your Disdain plus the shield from Eclipse, sterak’s gage and Overheal will multiply by 40% making you the ABSOLUTE MONSTER that all should fear!
Also you will have one of the most important things that Urgot lacks cause of how the W Purge works, MOBILITY! With our Urgot Build you will have it cause of the Blade of the Ruined King, Eclipse and Black Cleaver effects while also applying slow effects to the target with Serylda's Grudge, making you insanely fast while also your enemies are getting slowed non-stop!

Here is a game example to understand the power of this build in a full late game:

With this build while you playing Urgot you will be a TOTAL MONSTER that wont be stopped by anything in this game.
Enjoy your Free wins!
Secret Behind Runes
Here you will learn the exact reason we playing with these runes and why!
We are playing with the combination of Precision and Resolve to maximize our damage and sustain!
For Precision:

Press the Attack Apply 40-180 dmg per 3 hits (instant activated by your W) and 8%-12% bonus damage to this target from all type of sources. This means you, champions, towers, minions, baron, dragons etc.

Overheal Gaining an extra shield from your healing effects or from your allies heal, that will help you sustain much more in teamfights. This effect will activated from level 1 cause of your lifesteal-Omnivamp that you will have and will apply the Shield Bash effect, making you have more sustain and damage at the same time!

Legend: Bloodline A very powerful tool for us, 9% extra lifesteal with our build we will have total of 19% lifesteal with our Blade of the Ruined King and this rune, plus the 15% healing from physical damage from Elixir of Wrath and another 8% healing from all type of damage from Eclipse

Coup de Grace 8% bonus damage to low HP tagets, that will be combined perfectly with another 8%-12% bonus damage from your Press the Attack this means total of 20% bonus damage for you to instant kill any kind of target, be it a full tank, or an assassin! The reason we are using this over the other bonus damage options is pretty simple, we are always going to be full hp while the enemies are going to be close to death with lower than 40% of their total HP, so Coup de Grace is a rune that we will use ALL THE TIME while playing with our Urgot monster!

For resolve:

Shield Bash A super powerful rune once again that works perfectly fine with your
Disdain, Eclipse and Overheal this rune will give you 1-10 bonus ARMOR/MR while having a shield and 2 seconds after losing it, plus extra damage on hit for % of your HP and the shield that you got. This rune ALONE doing average of 1000+ dmg after each game.

Revitalize A sustain pick and a very powerful on top of everything else, this rune will maximize your healing and shielding power by 5% and by 15% while being below 40% of HP, this means, extra sustain that includes your lifesteal and omnivamp effects and extra "time" to instant delete your target! Also it will give you extra "health/shield" from your teammates, so its a rune that can work perfectly fine while playing with Soraka or Janna that will fully maximize your sustain! And cause of Spirit Visage making you heal and receive healing that will be multiplied by 40%!! Revitalize is a rune that together with Shield Bash making Urgot way more powerful than ever. Cause of how Urgot kit works, these two runes are a MUST TO HAVE!
Secret Behind Items
So lets talk about our Urgot's item choices! Before we start, lets first talk about the power of your Purge this skill gives you the ability to hit your target with 3 shots per second the MAX ATTACK SPEED of the game.
But it will do only the 12 (+ 20 / 24 / 28 / 32 / 36% AD) with our build you will be doing 12 + 144+ = 156+ dmg per shot (Full Build your AD will be 400+) without even calculating anything else like your passive or the item and on-hit effects. And will apply the 50% of the hit effects amount.
But your W after level 5 will be unlimited with No mana cost and the ability to activate-deactivate as you please in the team fights!

So let’s start with the start items!
You will always start with Doran's Blade and a Health Potion this will give you what you need early to overpower your enemy and its super important for later on. Doran's Blade will give you 8AD, 80HP and 2.5% Omnivamp, the reason is so important as first item, is cause Urgot is a champion that fully use every single one of the these effects, the AD-HP-Omnivamp will increase your damage PLUS SUSTAIN cause with it you will activate Overheal and Shield Bash effects even while being lvl 1!

Then at your first back you will try to have 900-1200 Gold to get 2 more Doran's Blade and Boots or if you got gold Long Sword

The reason we need the 3 Doran's Blade is to increase our "Sustain" plus the damage cause the first item that we will build is going to be Eclipse an only damage item so the hp will help us survive longer.
But this is not only it, 3 Doran's Blade will give you the following stats:
24 AD, 240 HP, 2.5% Omnivamp with only 900 Gold (Plus the one lvl 1)
Doran's Blade just like every other start item got a very high gold efficiency, that means means you are gaining stats that are worth more than the actual gold.
The gold efficiency per Doran's Blade is 132%, meaning you will gain stats that are worth 600 Gold (instead of 450 Gold) and 500 Gold for the Doran's Blade that will give you just AD and HP. So the 24 AD, 24 HP and 2.5 Omnivamp will give you stats that are worth of 1600 Gold. But the start items are "rent items" that means you will sell them at some point, making you get back some of the gold, making each item only cost 270 Gold instead (You are selling them for 180 gold) and we will start selling them after start finishing our 3RD CORE ITEM that means in 20+mins of the game, making you using their stats for at least 15+minutes of the game!

The gold efficiency is not the only reason we are playing with the Doran's Blade, as we talked above we will play with an only damage item first, that is going to be Eclipse that means we need to increase our "True health" early, Urgot will use every stat of these items, the HP will increase your "True health" making you sustain more damage than the actual HP of each item plus the AD-HP combo will increase the Shield of Disdain making you actually stronger than ever! In case that you dont know what True health is, be sure to watch our League masterclass episode 1 here:

Now that we fully understand why early game is so important, lets talk about our first item that will also going to be our Mythic one.

Your Mythic item will always going to be Eclipse this item is the best choice that you can play with Urgot and we will explain why now.
The stats will be: AD, Lethality, 8% Omnivamp (any damage type to heal effect) and the following passive effects:
After using 2 separate attacks or abilities while hitting a target that means E-W, Q-W, or even Q-HIT you will do %max HP dmg to the target, gain a shield that will scale with your AD and will also be multiplied by Spirit Visage and Revitalize and a movement speed effect and this passives will have a very LOW CD to use, so that means you will be using it non-stop, together with the lethality and armor% penetration mythic item passive effect, you will increase the damage that you are doing by A LOT.
Remember now, we are also playing with Press the Attack and Coup de Grace that means we will increase by 20% the damage that we are doing to the targets, cause of the MAX PEN Build with all the insane armor pen and amor reduction effects from our Urgot build, you will be doing close to TRUE DAMAGE every time to any target, be it a squshy or a tank champion, the reason Eclipse is so powerful is cause it will give you everything that you need as Urgot, Damage-Sustain-Mobility (AD-Lethality, Omnivamp, Movement speed bonus) plus you will increase by 4% the armor penetration with every legendary item you will complete!

Then we will go for Black Cleaver cause of the no hp stats from Eclipse we need a more sustain type of item that it will not exactly be “only sustain”, cause Black Cleaver will give you AD, HP, Ability haste, a huge Armor Reduction that together with your lethality and %armor pen you will do TRUE DAMAGE to all the targets and bonus movement speed per armor reduction stack! Making it just like Eclipse a must to have item and super worth to get as second!

Then we will finish our Boots into MOST OF THE TIMES Mercury's Treads cause we need the extra TENACITY effect and the Magic resist stat!
If you playing against FULL AD teams with ZERO CC, then go for Plated stealcaps especially against champion that using basic attacks as main source of damage, like for example Tryndamere Yasuo or Master Yi etc. this item will COUNTER THEM completely, cause it will reduce their pre-armor reduction damage by 12% (it’s pretty big, cause after that you will reduce it even further cause of your resistances)

The 3rd item will be Blade of the Ruined King and this is one of the most important item for our build, after finishing Black Cleaver we will go for this only damage item that will give you many more benefits that you think. The stats will be: AD, attack speed (you wont use it while using W), Lifesteal and the following passive effects. 6% Current HP dmg per hit and movement speed, slow effect to the target and bonus PLUS 150 Magic dmg per 20seconds.
To understand how powerful this item really is, lets put it in numbers.
Cause of how your Purge works, you will have the max attack speed of the game that is 3 SHOTS per SECOND, while only using the 50% of the On-hit effects, so you will apply 3% Current HP per shot, making it 9% HP per second, now you will say "its not that much", oh it is, cause together with the 9% HP dmg effect, you will apply your passive MAX %HP dmg effect as well, Echoing Flames together with Blade of the Ruined King will be the reason we will one-shot any target be it a tank or squishy will receiving zero damage back.
So you got 9% Current Hp dmg per second, max %HP dmg with passive, everything will also going to be close to TRUE DAMAGE cause of the Letahlity, ARMOR Pen and Armor Reduction effects and you will also increase all this by 20% from Press the Attack and Coup de Grace, what? Sounds broken? OF COURSE IT IS.
We can spend hours to explain why this combo of items is so powerful, but what you need is to try it to feel the difference.
Another thing about Blade of the Ruined King that you need to do know is that the 9% HP effect will apply on your BASIC ATTACKS, that means you will use this "bonus damage" On-hit effect for your lifesteal, with the rune and item we got 19% lifesteal, that means 19% of the damage that you are doing with your Purge on will come back to you as heal, but we also got the omnivamp from Eclipse and physical damage heal from Elixir of Wrath as well, making you also have 8% Damage to heal and 15% Physical damage to Heal as well, is it just that? Of course not, cause of Revitalize you will increase these numbers by 5-15%, making them even more OP and after the next item that we will talk right now, everything will be ready to instantly die!

After finishing these 3 items there won’t be anything powerful enough survive against you, but once again, we went for a Damage type item, to a sustain one, damage again and the next item will be something that will make you multiply every effect that you got and make you have even more SUSTAIN than ever.
This item will be of course Spirit Visage, you will gain, HP, MR, HP Regain, Ability haste and one of the most amazing passive effects in the entire game. 25% Bonus HEALS and SHIELDS that will stack with Revitalize and make this effect go to 40%. So till now, lets have sum up about what we got, 19% Lifesteal, 8% Omnivamp, Shield with Eclipse, Disdain and Overheal, that means 2 Damage to heal effects and 3 shield effects that will multiplied by 40% to make us an UNSTOPPABLE MONSTER! Spirit Visage NEED and will ALWAYS going to be the best item to play as 4th item before finihsing the build, also remember, we will be keeping our Doran's Blade till the very end, on the stats above we will also use the 8 AD, 80 HP and 2.5% Omnivamp effect, making us have even more sustain!!

Now that we reached to this, its time to go for our final item, as last item you got the following choices:

1. Serylda's Grudge This item is one of the most amazing items that you can play with as last (and not only), it will give you AD, Ability haste, 30% Armor Penetration effect, that together with your Eclipse lethality and 4% Armor pen per legendary effect it will increase the total armor pen of our Urgot build even more plus the 30% armor reduction effect with Black Cleaver at this point, you will be doing TRUE DAMAGE to any target, doesn't matter who will be against you, the moment you finish this, it will be the same thing as killing a creep, except all that, you will also have a SLOW EFFECT, a very powerful tool that will make you secure that you will always keep hitting the target non-stop!

2. Sterak's Gage another good option if you dont want to play with a fully damage last item, it will give you AD, HP and two amazing passives, HEALS and SHIELDS that will help you survive much longer and you will also multiply these effects by 40% cause of Revitalize and Spirit Visage

3. Death's Dance not as powerful as the rest of the choices, but still extremely useful against heavy AD type damage, AD, Armor, ability haste and two effects, a burst to physical damage over time effect that will help you sustain more and with each kill/assist a HUGE HEAL that will your max %HP restore over time!

4. Chempunk Chainsword A powerful item and super cheap item that we will pick against HEAVY HEALS, AD, Ability Haste and HP plus a 60% heal reduction effect that will make sure your enemies never have enough healing against you!

Note: I saw a lot of people playing with Titanic Hydra and even more people thinking that this is worth to have cause of the "nice effect" that is giving you while using your W. If you want to see magic tricks, play Shaco he is a master of that. If you want to use something really worth on Urgot then never buy this item. I will explain the reason now.
So Titanic Hydra will give you 30 AD, 500 HP, 2% of your BONUS health as AD and 3.75 + 1.125% Max HP BONUS physical dmg to the target plus 30 + 2.25% Max HP dmg to the targets behind the one you are focusing.
Lets see how much AD we will first have, our total BONUS HP with our Urgot build will be 1400, that means we will gain 28 Bonus AD, oh my, total AD of the item is 58, already looks promising. So we got 58 AD and 500 Health for 3300 Gold. Lets go now to the awesome magic trick effect. 3.75 + 1.125% Max HP dmg BONUS PHYSICAL dmg.
That means if the target got 3000 HP, we will be doing to him 3.75 + 37.5 = 41.25 Dmg per Hit, if you are using now your Purge you will be doing 20.6 Dmg Per Shot, making you do 61.8 Dmg per Second WITHOUT CALCULATING the Armor Reduction effects. Cause most of the Urgot players that using this item got zero armor penetration, that means if the enemy champion got 100 armor this damage effect will be reduced by 50%, making it do TOTAL OF 30.5 DMG PER SECOND with Purge ON that means ~10.1 DMG PER SHOT
I cant believe that I am saying it, but yeah...I am not sure about the imagination of whoever using it on Urgot plus some damage to "other targets", if any, behind the one that you are focusing that will also have its effect reduced from their armor.

So even in the IDEAL situation that you will do true damage to the target with zero armor and if your enemy got 3000 HP, you will be doing 20.6 Bonus Dmg Per Shot, if the target got 100 Armor, then you will be doing ~10.1 Bonus Dmg per shot and if the target got 200+Armor lets just say that the BASE Regeneration of the champion will heal your damage.

Cause Math is a very interesting thing, showing always facts and not magic tricks, Now that I took all this out of my system, lets continue with our Urgot Build guide explaination!

Your full build should look like this:
Eclipse, Black Cleaver, Blade of the Ruined King, Mercury's Treads, Spirit Visage Serylda's Grudge

Eclipse, Black Cleaver, Blade of the Ruined King, Mercury's Treads, Spirit Visage, Death's Dance

Eclipse, Black Cleaver, Blade of the Ruined King, Mercury's Treads, Spirit Visage, Sterak's Gage

and always get Elixir of Wrath for even more Damage to heal effect that will help you sustain and fight non-stop!
My Strategy to follow
Lets talk about the strategy here. To play with Urgot inst only use his PURE Strength as your weapon, like any other WARS, at league you need to use your HEAD as well to win the game.
So lets talk about what you need to focus.

Creeps: The most important thing is to focus on your farm, you need to farm fast and if you can kill all the creeps without missing even one. This way you will take the lead from your enemy champion, dont be afraid to use your skills for last hits even at the 1 level.

Learn how To improve your Farming and Wave Management by watching our League Masterclass:

Stay Alive: To not to die at lane and not have any kills is more worth than to be 3-3 or 4-4 with your enemy Lane champion.
Your build focusing to be the strongest at the MID-Late game, doesn't matter if you cant kill now, focus on farm and you will be able to show your true Strength at the right time of the game.

Hide & Seek Strategy: Urgot can easily engage with his Disdain and slow the target with Corrosive Charge but you can also use the bushes to engage to the targets, especially on side lanes. To hit your enemy with your E from inside is simple, just let him go close to the creeps and let him "Try to last hit it" then go in and kill him. This is strategy simple, yet very powerful. They wont expect it, so you will EITHER WILL THEM or you will make them burn their flash and then kill them with your ultimate that got an insanely big range :D

Even if you wont kill your enemy, he will start losing focus from this strategy.
They wont be able to go close to cs, and lose EXP-FARM so after doing this a couple of times the game is yours.
Reason Behind My Spells
Lots of my Subs and followers from YouTube and social asking me "Why are you not playing with teleport TOP?"
and the answer is simple and i will give it to all of you as well.

Im playing always with Flash and Ignite Top, for the following reason, Teleport is a skill for any of players don't have enough confident in themselves that they can DESTROY the enemy TOP laner.
Its as simple as that, Teleport can be used to Come back after a fast back or go to other lane and "Help" your team.
The reason all playing with Teleport is cause they want to find the "easy" answer behind the top/mid lane "go help others and exp there", i cant judge them really, but if you really want to say yourself that you actually won the TOP/MID Lane then you need to do it SOLO.

Destroy your enemy not only by killing him but also by making him build TOO MUCH ARMOR that he don't need.
All my tanky enemies building full ARMOR Items, cant do anything else cause if they wont they will just die from me over and over again.
But by forcing them doing that the BEST WAY to counter them its to simple change lane, send your AP type champion teammates TOP lane to have some fun against him. A champion that will build full Armor to counter you will be an easy kill for any kind of mages from your team and with our build cause of the insanely big armor reduction from Black Cleaver and the armor penetration from Serylda's Grudge you will tear apart any laner easily!

Doing something as simple as that you can change the ENTIRE balance of the game. The Full MR Tank top wont stand a chance vs the ADC and SUPPORT and their ADC and SUPPORT wont stand a chance vs the FULL Magic Pen You.
I did this countless of times and always winning the game at the end.

TIP: Lots of you will think "but when my team need me i can teleport there", NO. You dont need to teleport there. You can be there by foot, or if you cant be there continue with the OBJECTIVES, push your lane destroy towers take Dragons with your jungler etc.
Almost every rush TP to help BOT or MID Lane end up by being all DEAD together with you.
Cause when you TP, you suddenly change the entire MAP Phase, you going somewhere where you will be 100% seen and try to either Dodge your skills or Kill you first.
So go by foot, and go from behind them by using the FOR OF WAR.

Also Ignite will give you what you need to easily reduce the HP of your enemy champion and kill him with your Fear Beyond Death letting them unable to escape even if they use their flash or any kind of skill!
This is the entire strategy behind what i am always doing.
If you see my videos you will see that im right at what im saying above.
Different Match ups vs My Urgot's Build
Season 12 Urgot vs Fiora
Older Match ups
Urgot vs Mordekaiser
Urgot Jungle
Urgot vs Heimerdinger
Urgot vs Irelia
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