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Viktor Build Guide by BongKris

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BongKris

My way to play Viktor

BongKris Last updated on May 28, 2014
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At first Viktor you will probably find Viktor as a very hard champion to play, because his abilities is hard to control, especially his Laser (e). At the beginning i hated to play Viktor, because i found him extreme hard to play, but when i had played him for a while, i found out that he actually was a very good team champion, because he got slows, stuns, silences, burst and his stun (w) is able to save teammates.

I recommend you to read my guide, if you already play Viktor, or want to learn playing him.

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The combo

When your build is full, your AP is so high and powerfull, that you will be able to kill the enemies ADC, only by using your Power Transfer (q, your Laser (e) and a single basic attack with the effect from Lich Bane. Viktor only have 475 range on his basic attacks, so when you do this combo, make sure that you do it very quickly, so the enemy wont escape.

^This combo can kill any champion that is below 2000 hp, and with a magic resist below 100.

Jarvan and Viktor fits perfect, because of thier ult combo. Jarvan can lock up several enemies, so just use ulti and a laser, that will kill the locked up enemies, if they dont escape out of Jarvans' ulti.

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My build:
Sorceres's Shoes
Aughment: Death
Rabadon's Deathcap
Lich Bane
Rylai's Crystal Scepter
Void Staff

I always buy Sorcere's Shoes for Viktor. I find it as a must, because he need the Magic Penetration they give, to make the combo i told about in chapter 2.

Aughment: Death is a very important early game, because you will need it to get a great farm. This item also fits perfect togheter with Rylai's Crystal Scepter, because the after-damage effect on Aughment: Death, will cause the unit you hit slow, until the after-damage effect stop (last 4 seconds).

Rabadon's Deathcap is a must for the most AP midlaners, and so is it for Viktor. Rabadon's increasing procent of ability power, make Viktor's abilitys way stronger.

Lich Bane is the most important item's of all, if you follow my build. The effect of Lich Bane is so powerfull, that Viktor is able to kill a unit below 2000 HP and with magic resist below 100 with 2 abilitys, and the effect from Lich Bane.

I prefer to use Rylai's instead of Zhonya's, because you can hit several enemies with your ulti in a team fight, which makes it hard for them to escape, because of the slow. You're laser (e) will get the opportunity to slow enemies from a long distance, and the slow will last longer, if you buy Rylai's, because there's after-damage on the Laser.

Void Staff is the last item i afford for Viktor. You aren't going to need this iteam before late game, because you already got a lot of burst. When you have bought this item, you deal extreme damage (especially your ulti gets changed in damage).

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Farming with Laser (e)

Farming with viktor's basic attacks is very hard, so make sure that you have at least 1000 gold before you recall the first time, so you can afford Augment Death early, because that will make you farm way easier. Already at level 7 you will be able to kill minions only by using your laser, if you got the Augment Death.
After level 7 you wont have any problems with farming, because your laser only gets stronger.

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Greater Mark of Magic Penetration
Greater Seal of Scaling Ability Power
Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power
Greater Quintessence of Ability Power

It may be important to note that the runes I have selected for this build directly mirror Phreak's in his Champion Spotlight for Viktor, as well as several other Spotlights that center around an AP mid. The sole reason for this is that, contrary to popular belief, Phreak knows what the hell he is talking about.

The magic penetration granted through Greater Mark of Magic Penetration is ideal for countering any laning opponent that has had the foresight to build enough (not overwhelming) magic resist to be a nuisance for any other AP champion. If you do find yourself laning against a champion who bears a staggering amount of MR early game, it is highly recommended that you ask a teammate to lane in your stead, preferably an AD ranged carry, while you take whatever it is they had been dealing with.

The Greater Seal of Scaling Ability Power and Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power Phreak and I share both emphasize lane dominance through steady AP growth through leveling, inhibiting the need to return to the summoner platform for constant Doran's Rings or Amplifying Tomes.

The Greater Quintessence of Ability Power we have selected also stress the importance of presenting the player with an equalizer for the early game, as the bonus Ability Power when the laning begins should usually be enough to cause another player to think twice before diving at Level 1.

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Armor, magic resist, healt and mana

As you see in my build, i dont affort any magic resist or armor. I only have the number of armor and magic resist i start with in the game, but that is not a problem when u play Viktor. Viktor have long range on the most of his abilities. His laser and his ulti have very long range, which makes you very strong in teamfight, because you are hard to focus, if you stand a bit away from the teamfight, poking with your abilities. This is why if have chosen focising on buying AP in-game instead of armor and magic resist.

Viktor use a lot mana, and if you follow my build, you wont afford that much mana, so make sure that you get every single blue buff in the game, especially in late game, it's very important.

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Thank you for reading my guide, i hope it helped you, or at least teached you something about Viktor and how to play him.

Best regards

Jonathan \(^_^)/