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Nasus Build Guide by Xtremee

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Xtremee

Nasus Lord of Destruction

Xtremee Last updated on December 5, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Offense: 6

Honor Guard

Defense: 21

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Utility: 3

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Hi, in this guide for nasus. I play it more than half a year and I know how to play them. To my guide is needed is one thing.

- nasus

Without it, do not try to read the manual. With this form of learning, at the beginning is best to find a player you just get along during the game, not talking to him, but hard to find such a player, I found and I'm happy with.

I would want you in the comments or in private messages, sent me suggestions on nasus, which can add to the guide or change.

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History Nasus

The mysterious figure known as the nasus came to the League from a distant world. She served there as part of a vast desert empire and scholar. On site was a respected and enlightened individual as a guardian of the Great Library. In addition, the animal belonged to the race, which was to serve as a ruler and protector of people. War has always lurked just around the corner, because the other members of his race sought to enslave people and make the totalitarian governments. In the midst of a fierce battle at the moment in which he had just nasus kill his traitorous brother Renektona, was cited for Runeterry.

You do not have long to convince him it was that the characters here are essential to the fight against evil. Therefore agreed to join the League of Legends. Currently, Desert Guard, he feels safest among the ruins in the sands of Desert Shurima.

'Guardian of the Desert comes often thoughtful, but you better not ignore'.

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At the beginning of always buying Doran's Shield

And here the problem begins to buy Ninja or Tabi Mercury's Treads. Here you see the press "Tab" and we have more forms of AD or AP, then the choice comes himself, even though I always buy Ninja Tabi dodge very useful. However, the tenacity, too.

Now for the Trinity Force, beginning of Shen play at this level about 10 - 15 minutes begins when we lack many skills needed to use more, then buy Phage and at the end of Zeal.

Warmog's is one of the best items in hp and even the best, it is important to buy it as soon as possible. Instead, Warmog's armor you can buy Frozen Mallet and then ulti Sunfire Cape we have a lot stronger and a lot of hp on that we do not lose.

Now it is for us to buy Atma's Impaler then we should have about 250 dmg.


The last item will leave here for you to invest in a second or Thornmail warmoga or Force of Nature, or Guardian Angel. Or even to buy something that will increase our dmg is now for you is what you more fit.

Good build and very useful, you can see in this video here

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Runes for nasus may be different depending on how you want to play, I made myself do not typically because of a critical hit but sometimes when you hit someone with even the indoor 3k is not complaining.

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Pros / Cons


1.For every creep kill and champion add for skill 3 dmg.
2.Up to 350 damage from ulti per second.
3.One of the best Tank / Dps in the game.
4.Throughout the game has a good DMG and it's hard to kill him.
5.Rips easily with other characters in the porch during the early stages of game.
6.Even easy to grasp.
7.It can be junglerem.
8.It can easily play himself on the line.
9.It is cheap.

1.It's hard to play against a range champion.
2.Fast ends with mana.
3.No natural escape mechanism
4.Relies heavily on farm

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Nasus or Renaktor

Nasus and Renaktor are brothers, and many believe that it is stronger Renaktor do not know why. They differ in three skillami and appearance. However, it is better ulti nasus. Q renaktora and nasus may be equal unless we have a big stack Q nasus. I admit that Renaktorem nasus with the line they are unstoppable. Total for each other each fill. Ask the fellow whether anyone has Renaktora if so ask them to play together.

Nasus Vs Renaktor

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For now, so every now and then I'll try to add new things, or akualizowańá old. Thank you for reading and please send comments about this guide, you can ask for the various departments, to say something to correct or change, thanks again bye:)