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Nautilus Build Guide by XGrievousX25

Jungle Nautilus Jungle

Jungle Nautilus Jungle

Updated on February 5, 2024
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League of Legends Build Guide Author XGrievousX25 Build Guide By XGrievousX25 12,834 Views 5 Comments
12,834 Views 5 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author XGrievousX25 Nautilus Build Guide By XGrievousX25 Updated on February 5, 2024
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Shield Bash

Cheap Shot
Ghost Poro

+8 Ability Haste
+10-180 Bonus Health
+10-180 Bonus Health


Recommend Spells
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


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Champion Build Guide

Nautilus Jungle

By XGrievousX25
Nautilus Intro
Let's make this clear.

Nautilus jungle is a pain in the ass, but it can have a whole lot of benefits. As someone who jungled Nautilus WHEN he could jungle, before Riot even pushed him out, I can say I've had a good grasp of Nautilus in the jungle. Let me make this abundantly clear once more, you're going to have a very rough time in the jungle because your clear speed is trash and it's going to be trash until a few minutes into the game. This might turn away some people.

But not you. You're here because you're curious,because you WANT this to work, and I'm here to tell you it does. I'm not a challenger player or ranked, but I'm a low-level mook who has tried Nautilus and believes.

Now, let's start with some pros.
- CC machine. Everything you do, try, and perform will be CC. Your passive? Roots the first enemy hit with a basic attack. Your Q? A knock-up, a pull, and an escape. Your E? An AoE slow. Your ult? A knock-up, stun, with extra CC and tracking. Every gank you make is almost guaranteed to work and even then?
- People are afraid of you. If you walk into lane, all you need to do is walk up to someone and the chances of them wasting a flash are very high even in very low elo content. Most people are under the impression a Nautilus starts with a hook, DO NOT, because walking up on them is all you need.
- You're a shield machine.
- You can usually close the gap and dish out some shocking early DPS and provide solid early level ganks by level 3.
- You feel fat.
- Slow clear speed is slow. No matter what happens, whether you start raptors or get a leash, you're bound for a rough time because your clear speed will be TRASH even later into the game until you get an official Sunfire or Hollow Radiance. You have to buckle in for a tough start.
- You're not a big DPS dealer. You might do some damage later, but someone with the right build can shred you and those are for champs like Vayne or Sett, maybe even Viego in the long run.
- Objectives are NOT your strong suit. Grubs are doable, but unlike some champions like Fiddles or Warwick or Briar, you don't get the benefit of life steal. If someone charges at you, you're dead. Even at dragon, you NEED your lanes to help you or you're in for a rough time.
- Be prepared to deal with allies who think you're trolling. Even if you do DPS to monsters, they probably won't care. Hope to God they believe or else you've gotta deal with a very angry Trund;e.
You, as Nautilus, are a walking juggernaut of CC. When you're not in the jungle trying to make sure you stack your jungle item, which should be a main focus, you're out there making ganks happen.

Once you've hit level 3, go for a lane and try to make a gank happen. If it's possible, try and go for bot or mid and take down a group OR make them waste a flash. Here's a bit of advice as well, but try NOT to start your encounter with your dredge line. Dredge Line is good, but most people, even noobs, EXPECT you to use it. That's why walking up on an enemy is the next best thing because your passive, which makes it so that your basic attack on a target roots them, is enough. However, if you see them escaping you and you won't close that gap, feel free to throw out your anchor and try and grab them.

Not to mention that if they DO flash, they'll be rooted if you hit them or in range of your Dredge Line. It's a good way to secure a minor victory for your laners or for you to just secure the enemy and make them waste spells.

Be sure to ALWAYS use your W whenever you can in the midst of combat. Your shield will be the difference between life and death and most enemies don't expect a low-level Nautilus to be so tanky from the jungle. You, however, will have a shield and a spell to spam every four/six seconds. Unending Despair PLUS your SF/HF coupled with whatever magic shield you've got at the time means any fight you're in won't even TOUCH your HP until they break ALL your shields and even then, Unending Despair will keep you in the fight for a long while! Even people jumping all at you will find it hard pressed to focus you if your team's right behind, clearing them out as well.

Never be afraid to dredge line terrain to get around. You're going to be slow and to get around the jungle, you need to target the walls and enemies to pull yourself around. Every second matters for a Nautilus and it's especially important if you want to make a statement.

As a general rule, never try to DUEL as Nautilus. You can certainly win duels, but never let it be your focus. There are also some enemies who will eventually just outpace you very early on like Trundle or something similar. You are the frontline, the tank, and you stand between your team's death and their victory. Be the first to rush in and be the first to start rooting the big targets or threats. You've gotta save your laners because you wanna show them that Naut jungle WASN'T a troll pick.

For the most part, Naut Jungle is a pain and it takes a lot of patience to work with it. Your overall DPS will never be enough to make fights winnable, but you'd be surprised at some of the damage a walking tank this season can do while enduring crits and more. As Nautilus, you have to be able to measure your engagements and judge when the time is right.

Focus on farming, but don't ignore your laners. Try and make a gank happen every so often, but as soon as it's done or the chances of it aren't likely, go back into the jungle and get to farming. You need to build up on your stacks and soon. The sooner you get your items, the better.

I admit, I'm not a professional league player. You can take everything I said here and know some of it is blunt and truthful. There are junglers, almost all junglers, who will clear their camps faster and provide more overall DPS. It's not groundbreaking, not at all, but I genuinely enjoy Nautilus jungle and so can you. Even in low elo, the results speak for themselves.

I can't promise anything guaranteed but just know your ganks are always going to be great and solid. Even if you suck, you can do a lot of good against the enemy team. As a word of caution, try and dredge line into enemies if you know they're in range, the worst case is they flash away in team fights which works.

I hope this guide helps, despite how poor it is... See ya on the Rift!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author XGrievousX25
XGrievousX25 Nautilus Guide
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Nautilus Jungle

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