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Nautilus Build Guide by KaKaShi808

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author KaKaShi808

Nautilus, "All...will...drownnn....."

KaKaShi808 Last updated on September 21, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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If you are looking at this guide, then first and foremost, thank you Thank You THANK YOU for the clicky-clicky =0) That aside, please bear in mind that this is my first attempt at making a guide. Never really thought that I would be making one mostly because I am nowhere near pro status. Just thought since I mostly play Nautilus now I've come across somewhat of a standard of how I play him and thought maybe I may be able to pass on some knowledge to those wanting to play this very interesting champion or just wanted to compare their notes.

This is a tanky/aura/support jungling build. Not that I couldn't make up my mind on what it is, but its what it kind of looks like lol

Again, this is the first guide I have made. There will probably be some things you may not agree with, but that's why this is a guide and not the Nautilus law book. I for one don't really agree with the whole "You have to play your champion like this" mentality. So feel free to disagree and as well, please offer up some advice. Constructive criticism is appreciated =0) and like I said...I'm no pro =0)

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Pros / Cons


  • Solid Damage
  • Great Tank
  • Dat Ulti
  • Crowd control
  • Great Jungler
  • Scary coming out of Jungle
  • His Passive can be a life saver
  • Big Daddy, anyone?

  • Very slow moving
  • Reliant on Golem buff
  • You need to master that q (I've fallen short on a getaway a lot of times)
  • Missing that q is time consuming

So the cons list is shorter than I think it should be. Help anyone?

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The runes I use are as flat magic pen. marks and quints, flat armor seals, and flat CDR glyphs.

Nautilus needs the magic pen. since in the mastery set I use I don't get any from there and don't pick up items that add AP until I just about finish the Abyssal Mask. He is an AP champion so added help to that area is good help.

The flat CDR glyphs because again he is an AP champion. Though he has decent attack damage, we are not building him this way (although I actually have built him as a sub AD champ, but this is completely situational). The CD on his armor is fairly high and will probably be used the most for dropping creeps easily due to the aoe dot. I level his q to 5 last. This means the CD will not really go down til late game. It is mostly a utility (and what a great utility!!) for running when need to, initiating, or for catching that Teemo before he gets away (dat global aggro).

The seals are the usual flat armor seals used among tanks so nothing really to say here...BAZINGA!!!!

As a side note I have thought of switching out his quints for movement instead of magic pen. That suit really does look heavy, and I'm sure his anchor really is weighing him down. La Da Di....La Da Doo....

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Masteries are your fairly standard 0 21 9 build with CDR (which I believe is important for Nautilus).

The Utility tree is more important to me than the Offense tree. You're not the least not early game. Don't take the kills unless no one else can get to them or when its a team fight and kills are fair game. Feed your carries =0)

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Summoner Spells

I go with Smite and Flash.

This is a must for any jungler. The faster you can get done killing creeps, the faster you can get to that gank.

Well...because its Flash. Probably still the best spell in the game. That wall a little to far? Anchor it and Flash. Puts some distance between you and them before they can Flash in behind you. Gives you some time make them guess which route you took through the jungle.

You may be able to sub it out for Ghost.....maybe.

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Skill Sequence

(Q) - Ok so the skill sequence I have up may be a little different than your standard get your main abiliy to 5 first. Reason for doing so is to get a little extra damage out of the anchor, and main reason for leveling it last is because I feel it is mostly a utility abilty, not your main source of damage.

(W) - The main reason for leveling the shield up the most first is because you need survivabilty in the jungle, and it does help in doing creep damage well too. This should help keep your health level near full for when you come out of the jungle for those ganks. When laning phase is over and your team is off and about when there are no team fights going on, I'll sometimes get to that creep farm to push our lanes some. Added income is good.

(E) - This is the first ability to get because it is a nice area of effect damage ability with the lowest starting cooldown among his abilities. You'll want to leve his w first because your roll will mainly be tank/off-tank/tanky dps.

(R) - Dat ulti. Level up as available. This one almost never misses. Good range, good damage, a pop up, a stun, and the ability to hit so many things on the screen. Good for initiating team fights (can give your team the upper hand with this one) or for midfight. I usually will use this midfight and intro with the q ability. during midfight get it cast on an outlying carry. This will make them back off and because of the time it takes for the ulti to hit sometimes they get off pretty far which gives time to bring down melees and those inbetween which more than likely have been hit by this ulti on its way to intended target. I've seen this draw out a Flash lol =0) A nasty carry getting away and out of range of your anchor? Ulti them, keep on treading, anchor them, root with passive, hit that e, and the rest usually falls into place.

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Da Jungle

When jungling as Nautilus, I originally started with Titan's Wrath (his w) with a hard leash, but recently I've started with his Riptide (his e) instead. Probably possible to get rid of the hard leash now, though I haven't tried it. Always have your team watching out for the invade on river if you have bottom nexus and river and bush if you have top.

Items I start with are Cloth 5 (health pots). Looking into other items to start with and will edit as needed. I start at blue because Nautilus is very mana dependant early to early-mid game. When done there, pick up W as your second ability. It'll help with creep groups. Route I use is blue, wolves, wraiths, red. At red your smite should be off cd from when you get there to about 10 seconds in, a little longer if your quick 'nuff. After red you should be level 3 and go for your gank. Opt to gank bottom since closest or mid, dependent on lane status (who's pushed most). Ideally is if you have top nexus. After red you can head straight to top if they're not pushing to far.

When ganking, you need to Need To NEED TO land that q. Getting that down will be key. In ganks, in team fights, you'll need to smang it with that q.

Back in the jungle, wolves and wraiths and gank again. You'll be wanting to attempt to gank when possible. Find some time to go back for boots before your blue respawns and maybe a Heart of Gold and a Vision Ward or two. Bottom should be getting their supply of wards you can help top since they're the most susceptible to ganks. 3v2 is a more survivable fight than a 2v1.

Follow route. Perchance I never really get to the twin golems. Ganks usually keep me busy I guess. Keep at it, and at about 8 or 9 your choice of route should be situational. Soon after, laning should be done with and you should be ready to duke it out and start those team fights.

Following this, I will be trying to start counter jungling. Since I don't really have any experience at it, may be a little while =0)

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The above is a standard item build I use for Nautilus. The core items I end up with for him are the boots (sometimes I go with the magic pen. ones), Heart of Gold, Abyssal Mask, and Frozen Heart. Most often there isn't even enough time to upgrade the Heart of Gold for me so usually I just sell it off to help make something else like[rabadon's cap]]. Speaking of which, picking between rabadon's cap or Zhonya's Hourglass are I believe situational. Also situational is the order in which to build the Glacial Shroud and Abyssal Mask. That would be based on what type of champs you are mostly running into. Usually I go Glacial Shroud, Abyssal Mask, and then finish off the shroud to make a Frozen Heart.

The main reason for picking up an Aegis of the Legion is to pretty much go with an aura build. Your sustain helps you stay in a team fight long enough for your team to make use of the items you buy. Remember this is a team game most of the time and if being a king of assists gets the win then so be it.

Other possibilities are:

Warmog's Armor - more hp, more damage; more difficult to take down, more time for your team to get to you if caught unawares.

shurelya's reverie - good active ability (a lot of runners out there), but I personally would rather start building the Heart of Gold over the philosopher's stone

Sunfire Cape - armor, health, and more AoE damage? Easily another good option with damage especially since you'll be right in there on team fights.

Thornmail - more armor and whittling damage based on being hit by attacks. Good, especially when going up against champs like Vayne, Ashe, and other quick hitters, though I would rather go with the Sunfire Cape over this.

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So there you have it. My very first LoL Champion Guide. If you think its worth a shot, or if you want to try out jungling, or even just try out Nautilus give it a go. Even if you already play Naut have at it. Just try to please come back with some insight into it. Positive or negative. Just need feedback =0) Ja ne!!

note - quick thank you to DarkVoidShadow and Alestrom for sending me in the right direction on building this guide with the bb coding for champs, items, and spells. It does look a lot nicer =0)