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Nautilus Build Guide by thebetaworld

Support [Nautilus] - Support Guide

Support [Nautilus] - Support Guide

Updated on January 24, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author thebetaworld Build Guide By thebetaworld 1,853 Views 0 Comments
1,853 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author thebetaworld Nautilus Build Guide By thebetaworld Updated on January 24, 2013
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Hi there, Summoners

(First thing first, sorry for strange English, im Swiss :D )

Today I'm gonna show you my Nautilus Support Guide.

Nautilus is one of the most versatile Champs in the game. Except for the AD Carry, he can basicly play every role from mid AP to Jungler (and is actually strong at it).
I play Nautilus quite often, most of the time as a support on bot lane.
He's espacially strong with classic ranged carries like Graves or Vayne.

So have a look at it, test it by yourself and give me a feedback what improvements you have got for me!!
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Pros / Cons

    + So much sustain early but also late game.
    + Very versatile support skills! He has a grab, shield, a slow and a knock up!
    + With some AP actually quite a good amount of damage.

    - Bit mana hungry
    - No heal skill
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The armor seals are just great, +1.41 armor * 9, thats 13 additional armor on level 1! This will help you out quite a bit against the opponent AD Carry!


Because Nautilus is slightly mana hungry, i decided to take these two with me. With these on board you can spam your abilities more often. He doesn't need much defensive runes anyway.

GOLD / 10

Classic Support Quints, i kinda like them, 3 Gold per 10 - well - it's something, isn't it.
It's about 1 ward in 4 mins, just the time it stays on the map! Think about..
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I just did some classic defensive stuff, bit of Health Regen, some flat Health and some more armor.


Actually, I like the new Utility Masteries Tree since season 3! There are so many changes to improve the game play.
I desided to go for straight Gold and Movement boost. Additionally, i did some CD Reduction and even more Mana Regen. I also go for 2 points in the Item Cooldown Reduction, because I normaly buy Shurelyas, Shard of true Ice and later in game even a Locket of the Iron Solari.
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Because you are starting with 525 Gold instead of 475, you can go straight for a Mana Manipulator. With all that Mana Regen you are able to spam all your abilities from the beginning. And with the Manipulator, you make sure even the AD Carry regenerates his Mana a lot faster!

Also, you should go for tenacy boots as soon as you have the money.

Next i suppose to go either for a Philo Stone or an Emblem of Valor. The Emblem gives you and the Carry a good amount of Health Regen and ensure, you can stay in lane longer than the enemy team.
If you are behind in lane, i suppose to go for the Philo Stone for the extra money.

As the first major item you should go for either classic Shurelyas or Shard of true Ice. This is actually so strong on nautilus - it gives you AP, Money per 10, Mana Regen Aura and an active ability that you can cast on your carry (or on yourself of course) to slow nearby enemies!

So when you have your Money Quints, a Philo Stone and the Shard, you go for 12 additional Gold per 10 secs, which means after 1 minute, you already have made over 70 Gold out of nowhere!!

(You should have about 3 to 5 Assists by now at least. If you're winning your lane, you can easly go gank mid for a min. If you're behind, try to buy oracles and clear wards, so your jungler can come gank botlane and help you out.)

However, your final build should also contain a Runic Bulwark and a Locket Of The Iron Solari. These are just great tank as well as support items.
Classic Bulwark is actually great on every support champ. Locket o t i Solari can help you out quite a bit! It has some nice CD Reduction as well as some defensive stuff like Health and Armor too.

Another great item (if you're taking a lot of magic damage through the game) is Twin shadows. It gives you some AP and Magic Resist, but also a small amount of movement speed. But what's really great is the active ability that slows up to two enemies (also great for counter ganks)!!
League of Legends Build Guide Author thebetaworld
thebetaworld Nautilus Guide
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[Nautilus] - Support Guide

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