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Nautilus Build Guide by Antyr

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Antyr

Nautilus - The Crowd is meant to be controlled [Jungle 5on5]

Antyr Last updated on December 9, 2012
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Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen,

this is my first Guide contributed to this site, so i would be pleased, if you could comment and give me some recommendations :)

I try to give you a quick overview about Nautilus and how I play him in the Jungle.
The way I play Nautilus is not to be intended a Full Tank, even if some people think that you should be the tank. I go for a Tanky AP build, which is similar to Amumu, but my focus lays on dealing damage, not on tanking a whole team.

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Pros / Cons

+ Great Crowd Control, even better with Rylai's
+ Great Ganking Possibilities
+ Jungle is relatively easy
+ Can take some damage, while still having good DPS
+ AOE Dot
+ Grappling Hook

- Very slow at the beginning
- High Cooldowns
- Expensive Build

Remind that your hook is a skillshot and some practice is required to master it.

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Runes / Masteries

My Runes and Masteries aim to erase Nautilus' Contra Points.

I choose the Movement Quints and the Movement Skills in Both Defense and Utility Trees in order to give him the best Movement Boost possible.

The Mercenary Skill in the Defense Tree should provide you with some more Gold which you will need, especially if your Jungle doesn't go well.

I know that Nautilus benefits from the Offense Tree, but you will be too squishy early game, getting you killed while ganking or even while jungling.

As with every Build, these Runes & Masteries are not mandatory. If you seem to find Runes / Masteries that match better with your Playstyle, pick these.

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As this is the first Version of my Nautilus Build, I will only give a quick overview about Items.

The Start should be pretty self explanatory, 1 Cloth Armor and 5 Health Pots in order to survive in Jungle.

Your shoes are not mandatory, however i highly recommend them so you can catch up with many enemies. If you find yourself focused, you should get Mercury'S Threads.

If you want, you can buy Heart of Gold at this time, which gives you even more Gold and some Health, which is nice to have, too. If you don't like these items, skip it and forward building Rod of Ages.

Rod of Ages is a pretty flat Stat Item, which provides you with some good stats and also has a good passive which will let you last longer in some situations.

There are 2 reasons why I pick Rylai's Crystal Scepter:

1. Health - Your Shield scales with Health and it makes you bulkier.
2. Slow - Applies a slow to your Hook, your Shield AOE and your Ulti, which makes your CC overkill. I don't know if it stacks with Riptide's slow, but it's nonetheless a viable Item.

Rabadon's should give you a nice damage upgrade, and as for every caster this is a pretty good item.

If you find yourself against some heavy tank team, grab a Deathfire Grasp, which will also supply you with some neat Cooldown Reduction.

Lich Bane is a really good Item if you want to burst someone down and in addition with Deathfire Grasp it gives you a decent Damage Output.

If you find other Items that go better with your Style of Playing, pick these. I would be pleased if you recommend more Items to me, so I can test them and maybe add them if they are good.

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Skill Sequence

As you can see, I max Shield first, Riptide second and Grab Last.

There are some reasons I do this :

1. This is not a full tank build, so you need that extra life from your shield or you will die more often. Also it let's you clear out Jungle Camps/ Minion Waves quickly, and does also decent damage in a team fight.

2. Riptide has a good slow, but as said in point One, this slow won't help you too survive that long as the shield does.

3. The Grab is a neat spell, but you want to have it's utility and not the damage, which is not that high.

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Summoner Spells

I pick pretty standard Summoner Spells in this Build.

Flash for overall escaping/chasign possibilities.

Smite for faster Jungle/ Buff stealing.

If you find enemies that often run away with 100 HP, you may switch Flash with Ignite, however I would recommend this only, if you can rely on your team saving you in critical situations.

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You have a pretty standard route to go. 1 Health Pot per Camp should be used, if you don't need them all during the jungle, use them afterwards so you gank with full life.

Start with Blue buff, you should get a pull from your team so you don't loose too much health.
Pop your shield some seconds before the Spawn, so you can use it twice. Use Smite when the big Golem has low health.

Now head to the wolves, use Shield and Riptide to clear the camp. Try to alternate between the creeps so your passive can hit all of them.

Same procedure at the wraiths & golems.

For red buff, your smite should be ready so you can use it on the big red Lizard.

Now after doing red, you can either do Wraiths or Wolves. After this, you should now be level 4 and you are able to gank where it is needed.

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If you vote this Guide, please leave a Comment, so I can update and enhance my Guide.

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