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Nautilus Build Guide by Buphy

Support Nautilus - The Other Other Hook Support.

Support Nautilus - The Other Other Hook Support.

Updated on October 24, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Buphy Build Guide By Buphy 2,449 Views 8 Comments
2,449 Views 8 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Buphy Nautilus Build Guide By Buphy Updated on October 24, 2013
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Before you judge...

I know it's not conventional but let's look at the facts. He has a hook ability, same as 2 of the what is considered best supports in the game. He has an AOE slow, an AOE knock-up ult (if you use it right) and his auto attack on hit roots. He is not a kill lane like a Ksyle or Lux, he is 100% support.

The rest of this guide will be dedicated to the little tricks I've learned playing here and there but is not made for first time players of the champion or of the support role.
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The Pick.

Before picking Nautilus you need to be aware of what kind of lane you will be in. Your ADC can not be some one super passive or relies heavily on poke. His hook, unlike blitz and thresh, instantly pulls him forward and can move him into poor positioning, players who enjoy Leona would also enjoy nautilus. ADC's like Caitlyn and Varus do not work particularly well because they are normally farther back and need to move more distance to close the gap to the enemy you create with your hook.

For who you play against there are a few counters you need to watch for. Biltz's hook has a slightly shorter ranged than nautiluses so that's not a big concern (if he has a shot, you have it first) Thresh on the other hand, has a much longer ranged on his hook, making it difficult to get a good hook when laning against him. ADC's with high mobility such as Ezreal and Corki are generally good counters to champions with pulls because they can easily slip away right after the pull its self. If you do decide to lane with nautilus against champions like this, be sure to wait for your hook untill after they use there "escape".
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The game.

The game play is really up to you. Generally you want to be that more aggressive support as a Nautilus. Things to remember are:
- Hooking to a wall reduces the cool down on the ability by 1/2, don't be afraid to use it to get away.
- His auto attacks are slow, so right after the hook try to lane a basic attack before using your "E" ("E" animation interrupts auto attacks)
- His ult takes time to travel, try to time it so it doesn't hit long after your target has gotten behind the turret.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Buphy
Buphy Nautilus Guide
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Nautilus - The Other Other Hook Support.

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