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Singed Build Guide by peterritus

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League of Legends Build Guide Author peterritus

Never chase Singed | AP solo top

peterritus Last updated on April 8, 2012
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Why I make this solo top Singed guide?
I love Singed and I want more peple to play Singed!!! He is the only champion that kills nearly everyone with just running away and his fling deals in lategame over 1000 dmg!!! He is one of the best farming champions and often 2 level higher than evryone else. And even if you play nearly just ap he is still very tanky. Singed needs good mobility, so movement speed is core on him. You will notice this later in my guide :P
Only problem with singed: His ulti is very powerfull so I just try get a kill after lvl 6. But playing defensive until lvl 6 is no problem because you often get a kill/fb or at least your opponents have to use flash/heal or something like this. I think there are not many this great ultis in early game.

I am sorry, but in the stats displayed on the cheat sheet the AP buff from Rabadon's Deathcap and masteries and the health boost from Empowered Bulwark are not displayed. His actual stats are ~700 AP and ~3280 health.

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Pros / Cons


- Totally sick skillset
- Amazing AoE damage with Poison Trail
- He has one of the best slows in the game and Fling to disrupt enemy positioning
- Huge stat boost from his ultimate, with a good duration as well
- Quite durable even with AP items
- Gets **** fed on assists


- Needs to be in very close range
- Weak early game, until you hit level 6
- Expensive build
- best skin is not avadible in shop I think :) (riot squad)

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Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power:: I know per lvl aren't liked, but you will reach level 18 early, because of the great lanestaying abilities Catalyst the Protector gives you.

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration: You are dealing only magic damage, so magic resistance can make you really angry.

Greater Seal of Defense & Greater Seal of Scaling Magic Resist: For a bit more defense & tankyness.

Greater Quint of Swiftness: You often run away or after champions, so you need high movemenst speed to get your Poison Trail ticking or Fling them.

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The Offense Tree gives us superb damage with increased Ability Power, Magic Penetration, and general damage ( Havoc , Executioner ), as well as the improved Ghost.

The Utility Tree gives us mana, synergising well with Singed's passive, and increased movement speed.

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Doran's Ring gives you some good damage, health, and mana regeneration, since Poison Trail costs a lot of mana. You can sell it late game for a better item.
Catalyst the Protector gives you great lane sustain.
Boots of Swiftness are used for the much increased movement speed.
You can use Mercury's Treads instead if there are a lot of hard CC.
Rod of Ages make you a more tanky, and gives 80 ability power.
Rylai's Crystal Scepter slows your enemies so you can escape better, plus some more HP and AP. I think now you can run enough :D
Zhonya's Hourglass helps you survivr with its active, and gives a lot of AP. Also the amor is usefull to increase your defense, along with all the health you have.
Abyssal Mask reduces their magic resistance, so your enemies take a lot more damage. Carries without MRes items take true damage! Plus, your magic ressistance is increased, so now you are very tanky.
Rabadon's Deathcap gives you a huge damage boost, since it increases your ability power to very high levels.

You should buy these elixirs if you have a full itembuild:
Elixir of Brilliance gives you a little AP and CDR
Elixir of Fortitude gives you a little more health.
Your great framing abilities make it easy to get enough gold.
Oracle's Elixir is very good, because Singed has great survivability so he won't lose it. It gives you vision in units like Vision Wards, Noxius Traps, and Teemos.

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Empowered Bulwark gives you a quiet good health boost.

Poison Trail deals much dmg to champions and minions. This means great farming ablilties and alsough easy downs carries, who are chasing you. Because it is important for farming and your only longranged atack I prefer to max this skill very early. So if you play vs Singed do not forget:

Never chase Singed ;)

Mega Adhesive is great it is usefull if you really want to escape and not just to down the enemy champions with your poisontrail :P
It is alsough good for getting champions this slow is quiet good at lvl 1 (35% slow down) and very heavy at lvl 5 (75% slow down)

Fling is very nice in early game you can throw your opponents into your tower and in late game it deals 300 + 100% of your abilitypower as dmg. This equals during your ulti 1000 dmg.

Insanity Potion is an overpowerd ulti it gives you 35/50/65 armor, magic resistance, movement speed, mana & health regeneration per 5 sec and 10%/15%/20% crowd control reduction for 25 sec.
much faster = noone can escape you & you escape everyone :D
much more armor & magic resistance = nearly a tank :P
mana & health regeneration per 5 sec = you have more health and mana after your ulti = litte more lane staying :)
crowd control reduction = a stun wont kill you :D

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Summoner Spells

Ghost is perfect for Singed because I like to run :P
noone escapes you if you have ghost and this runes, masteries and/or your ulti.
Heal is because you have 150-200 magic resistance with you ulti so people die because you get a big healthboost and you can get them.
Teleport Is used by most solo top champions; helps Singed get in the middle of the action to help his teammates from anywhere on the map. I think ghost alows you to get fast back to lane and helps you to escape or chase a champion. Teleport do not help with this.
Flash is usefull to escape, but your poison is very important for dealing dmg while getting chased, but will not
Ignite is very similar with your poison. You may like it, but i think it is no use
Exhaust is nice to get a champion or vs ad, but not good to escape many champions or helps you to get back to you lane. If you have problems with AP you may chose it
Cleanse is nice vs much CC but you ulti helps you enough and if there is hard CC you change your boots from Boots of Swiftness to Mercury's Treads

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Farming is really easy after you get some AP and a few ranks in Poison Trail. Early game, don't rely on Poison Trail for minion kills, but try to last hit with autoattacks. Later, all you have to do is put poison in front of the minions as the come down the lane, and it will be enough to kill them, giving you gold and experience.

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Fighting tipps

Singed I very fun to play. You are killing your enemys just running away, u can fling them in to tower and slow them down. But after you played him you will make your own decisions and customise him.
I play singed very offensive. At low level you often gain fb because you fling them into tower.
My tipp:
Singed ulti is really strong you can often get a kill at 6/11/16. Also, just spread out your poison to get as many people as possible, and don't waste time autoattacking. If fighting against a melee opponent, get out of their range.

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I found video for every skin I Singed has, pls post which you like most :)

Singed has three skins avaidible in shop.
Hextech Singed:

Mad Scientist Singed:

Surfer Singed:

and the no more avadible Riot Squad

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So if you want to be a higher level than anyone else and deal huge damage to many people by just running around, and a tanky, nearly always escaping champion killing enemies that stop chasing you when it's too late, Singed is the choice for you!

Special thanks to Anastasios. He helped me to improve my guide alot and alsough has a great Singed guide. Without his help my guide would be unable to read :P