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Ekko Build Guide by The Mad Clancy

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League of Legends Build Guide Author The Mad Clancy

Never had luck...Never needed it---> AP Offtank Ekko Jung

The Mad Clancy Last updated on October 12, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Bounty Hunter
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Intro - THIS **** WORKS. TRY IT.

Hey there. I'm not pro. not super high ranked, just like to play ekko and wanted to get this build out there. works wonders for me. Allows for enough dmg to be dangerous, makes your cc stronger, gives you a few trick play gimmicks, enough hp/surviveability to last in extended teamfights. Also allows for a lot of variability in end game play just by changing the last item. Only real weakness is a small mana pool and relatively little mana regen. Here we lean on blue, 5% from kills and assists via masteries, and 150% mana regen in jungle via cinderhulk. Check it out.

Ending stats are around (depending on last item) 3.8k hp 120 mr and armor, 300ish ap, 25% CDR

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- Keeps Ekko relevant in all stages (early/mid/late) of a game.
- Staying power
- Enough damage to take down carries
- Versatile


- no significant source of mana/regen
- Not as much burst as other builds
- Not a true main tank
- weak against attack speed/lifesteal champs (yi, xin, etc..)

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Gameflow - What to expect from this build in early/mid/late + Jungle First


Early game Ekko jungle, as i'm sure you know if you have played it, is a bit of a struggle. This is the First Clear tactics i use to maximize remaining hp upon clearing your first jungle side. The following micro management will help preserve your small hp pool.

Blue Side:

Nothing fancy here. land stun, smite, aa to death. Ask bot for a hard leash

Stand where the red circle indicates on the image below and fire your Q through the wall to hit all three wolves. The correct trajectory is show by the blue vector on the map. Drop your W. Proc your passive on the main wolf and then both the small wolves. Your next Q should kill the small wolves, then just focus down big.


- Q from appropriate angle
- W
- Auto Big Wolf
- Auto each small wolf
- Next Q will kill small wolves

Nothing crazy here, but if you stand up against the wall on the farthest edge of the bush towards the Golem you can pull them too you with Q. From this angle once they engage you will be able to hit all 3 with Q

Red Side

Start with your W at 1:37, Once W stun is over use smite to proc second stun. Finish.

Similar to the wolves. If you engage the wraiths with a Q from the proper angle you can proc you passive twice on all 4 of the wraiths. Drop W and proceed to hit each wraith once to get the dmg from your passive. This will kill the small wraiths leaving you with big.


- Q to hit all 4 wraiths
- W
- auto attack big wraith once
- auto attack each small wraith once
- Next Q will kill all small wraiths

Nothing complicated. Engage, use abilities, kill.

After my first clear I usually go for river crawler then head to whichever lane is open for a gank. Getting first blood on Ekko can really jump start his below average first clear. Also your level 3 ganks are fairly strong especially if you land your stun.

Cinderhulk is your first item to target along with Boots of Swift, the added durability makes your clears much easier and boots of swift are clutch on ekko. Then start pushing for Rylais for your power spike.


Once you have build Rylais and started either Zhonyas or Visage you can start the up the aggression on your plays. Your slows are now punishing, use them to engage and disengage at will. Use your high mobility to set up ganks from unexpected angles. You can google multiple maps of all the walls Ekko can dash through.

Once you have zhonyas the fun really starts. Wtih your high hp and a bit of armor you can now start diving into groups of enemies to land your stun, zhonyas if you get in trouble, then use your ult to punish anyone who decided to stand around you while Zhonyas was activated. By then your ghost should be right next to your actual champion.

You still arn't really much of a real tank though, and Ekko is best played as a hit and run character. This build allows you to maintain contact longer and still provides enough dmg in mid game to be dangerous.

From any really tanky enemies. At this point you will not have the dmg to bring them down one on one. One of the only issues with this build in mid game.


One of my favorite things about the build is that it still performs highly in late game.

Once you have added Visage and Liandrys you will be sitting at 3.8k hp (approx), have a decent amount of MR and AR, and have the option of Zhonyas, as well as increased healing on your ult. These all combine to make you pretty damn tanky and franlky really annoying and hard to kill. Its awesome.

With about 300 AP you will have enough AP to still 1v1 most adc and ap carrys along with most fighters and light tanks. High lifesteal champs can sometimes out sustain you but proper use of stun, zhonyas, ult, and passive speed boost to kite can bring down almost anyone. You will also have 25% CDR which increase your rate of fire when it comes to your abilities.

You also now have pretty consistent sustained dmg as well. With Linadrys combined with rylais you will be doing a constant DoT and your auto attacks (due to your W passive ability) will be doing fair damage as well. This combined with even more hp, regen, and heal bonus from visage, along with a decent 25% CDR at this point, allows you to stand toe to toe in knock out fights with tanks.

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Thunderlords seems to work best wit the hit and run style of ekko. adds to your burst as it often gets timed the same as your passive dmg third strike and thats always nice.

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This build has won me lots of games and can be very versatile just by changing the last item. You will have enough survivability sitting at about 3.8k hp, over 100 in armor and MR, 300ish AP, 25% CDR and of course Zhonyas.

Boots of swiftness are great on ekko, take my word for it.

(if top) RoA is a great starting item for top ekko
(if jungle) Cinder over runic on echo but is the best option for this build. Mana regen in jungle is vital since we have no real mana items. The bonus HP from the health multiplier attribute synergizes well with the other hp items in the build in the end game, and it gives you enough hp early to make your early game clears and ganks easier. Ekko puts out a decent amount of damage early but is very squishy.

Rylais is a beast on ekko. It is the difference between getting one or two stacks of your passive on an enemy with one Q which allows you to follow with E + passive proc + thunderlords and move away.

I usually go zhonyas next unless enemy team is very ap heavy. Allows for more trick plays. Use it to land stuns in teamfights, use it to lure people close to you for ult, etc.

Visage for more hp, mr, and the heal buff

Liandry's is usually my last item. Helps to deal with enemy tanks and adds a bit more hp and mp. Synergizes well with Rylais and other slows.

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Creeping / Jungling

Ekko's initial clear can be a struggle make sure to ask for a good leash. I like to start red side for heal on smite and extra slow for gank. Then i hit the river crawler and head to whatever lane is open for a gank closest to me. I recommend trying to accumulate 1050g before recalling so that u can get stalkers, boots, and 2 pots.

Ekko has very good level 3 ganking potential and this can set you up for much better early game if you can get a first blood. On the other hand if you die it can set you back pretty far. Make sure you are confident of your ability to at least escape if he gank doesnt go well before engaging.

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Ekko can be a lot of fun when played right and this build favors a more aggressive play style. The large HP pool allows you to go deep into the back line to try to land that epic multi champ stun and rylais will help you both stick to champs like glue and disengage like a boss.

Some of my go to Ekko combos are as follows:

(note: there are many other tried and true Ekko combos but I am focusing on the ones that you cant really pull off with squishier builds)

To initiate a teamfight engage on an enemy champ that you think you will be able to proc your passive on (one that isnt overly mobile). Engage with E->Q then drop a W BEHIND you. Once your passive procs, use the speed boost to run away and try to time your ult into your W for a Stun as the enemy team chases.

Set your W deep in enemy lines and use E to get yourself there pronto. At this point the enemy team will collapse on you to keep you off their carries. Pop Zhonyas inside your W, get stun, then wreck havoc, by this time since you waited the time of Zhonyas your ult should have caught up with you. Press R to ruin peoples lives.

Rylais combined with the slow already incumbent in Ekkos Q makes for killer disengages. You can hit multiple enemy champs with a brutal slow as you back away from the fight. Keep an eye out for enemies that still chase even though they are low, if your Q lands two stacks of your passive, E in and finish them off and take advantage of the speed boost to escape their friends.

If the enemy team likes to dive your back line, drop your W there andrun through it while you feint that you are going for the enemy back line. Tell your carries to remain in the W and once they get dove time your ult to pop back and stun the enemy divers, proceed to wipe.