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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Freely

Nidalee - Initiator in Disguise - Hybrid Build!

Freely Last updated on May 4, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 21

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Expanded Mind
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Utility: 9

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Nidalee has this amazing combo of skills for running away. Her heal making her health deceptive, her pounce allowing her to jump around dodging skill shots and her passive giving her incredible speed. This build gives her extra mobility and giving her tremendous presence in a team fight.

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OOM = Out of Mana
PS = Primal Surge
AotC = Aspect of the Cougar
BW = Bushwhack
AD = Attack Damage
AP = Ability Power
AS = Attack Speed
MS = Movement Speed

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Pros / Cons

1. Shes amazing bait.
2. Great damage output.
3. Relyable harassment.
4. Can carry.
5. Hard to gank.
6. Has Heal.

1. Very susceptible to crowd control.
2. May get focused if positioned incorectly.

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Javelin Toss

Javelin Toss is one of Nidalee's signature abilities. Most AP builds focus mainly on that ability as it has the unique potential of one-shotting people.

It's got this unique miltiplicative feature which makes the skill shot do up to 250% more damage proportionally to the distance of the target i.e:
THE CLOSER the target the LESS damage and,
THE FARTHER the target the MORE damage dealt.

In this build it's very important to know two facts about this skill:

1. It's Harder to dodge a skill shot when running away. Use it wisely and you can catch people running away easily.

2. It deals alot more damage if u have the 8 stacks on so make sure to throw some auto attacks at creeps before shooting.

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Bushwhack is Nidalee's ability that makes her ungankable or at the very least less gankable. Putting a BW either in top and bot riverside bushes in mid or at the riverside and enemy jungle in bot/top bushes gives you the map awareness that has saved many Nidalee lives.

Damage. While it deals insignificant damage it does help if u throw one in the middle of the team fight if you can spare the time. I have actually gotten kills with it either in a team fight or if someone is roaming trough the river or the jungle.

Funny trick ive done a couple of times. Make sure you have either Sheen or Trinity force . Go BW a top or bot riverside bush in mid but run up to the bush rather than at range. Most people would follow you and with a charged up auto attack hit them. It's good for harrassing or starting a fight with your mid counterpart.
Make sure you have the map awareness that you don't die running up to the bush, getting by a nasty .

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Primal Surge

This is this build's main ability as it gets scaling from both AP and AD.

AP: Self-explanatory. The more AP the more healing. The speed given doesn't get affected by your AP but that shouldn't affect you.

AD: It gives AS. The more AS the faster you'd do damage and hence the AD you have will be more efective.

Gives you a charge on icon = Sheen size=30]/ .
The faster you hit the faster your builds up which means that you get more AP so make sure to hit a Javelin Toss.

Primal Surge is the spell to cast on yourself before you commit to a fight.
1. Throw a Javelin Toss. Make sure you hit.
2. Put a PS on yourself no matter if you are full health or not.
3. Put AotC on and start killing.
Make sure to never do that if there is someone next to you that needs the heal otherwise it's a waste.

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Aspect of the Cougar

Cat form/ Kitty/ Running away stance. Whatever you call it, it's an amazing skill.

1. Movement speed.
You get 20 MS points and the amazing Pounce. That combined with and / allows amazing map mobility and running away skills. Using also your passive , allows you to run away from basicly anything.

Sidenote: if you have ran away and want to throw a PS make sure to account for the cooldown on AotC. Don't go out of it unless your ABSOLUTELY sure you can keep up the distance between you and your chasers.

2. Range.
Your range becomes melle.
You have to get into your enemy/mies to do damage and put yourself in danger. You need a differant possitioning tactic when you change aspects to be effective.
Tiamat , and Blessing of the Lizard Elder get the Melee effect not the ranged one.

3. New abilities.
Those abilities are what give the differant playstyle into the AotC.
- For Javelin Toss you get Takedown
- For Bushwhack you get Pounce
- For Primal Surge you get Swipe.

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Apart from the minor scaling of PS, Takedown is the only ability that scales with AD rather than AP.
It's an ability that when cast buffs your next auto attack to do more damage.

It also has a multiplyer like Javelin Toss.
For every per cent health your target is missing the Takedown buff gets up to 250% more damage.

Another thing to note is that / also get the 250% more damage multiplyer.

In this build this ability deals MOST damage and CAN crit for another 200% percent (250% with Infinity Edge )

If you can use that on someone in a team fight or its aftermath your pretty much guaranteed a kill as it's high damage can nuke down alot of people that are weakened by your teammates.

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A very small range leap that deals aoe damage where you land.
Few pointers to know :
1. Deals damage based on AP.
2. Gets you to where you want faster and charges up your .
3. Unlike where you port to your cursor, or which allows you to choose where you go, Nidalee's Pounce jumps you a couple o hundred range points away from where you are FACING. This makes it incredibly difficult to get used to. It takes practise and only practise. Alot of it.
4. The range is small but significant in the long run, however that means you can't jump over most walls. The walls you can jump trouch are obvious but you have to get to now the spots before using them freely in a ranked game for say. Do a custom to figure those out as it really helps.

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Multi target nuke dealing damage to targets infront of you in a very small cone.
Doesn't do as much damage as you aren't full AD but it's not to be ignored.
Put it on hold until you absolutely need to do some AoE damage otherwise position well and Pounce. However do note that it REALLY clears out minnions well and charges up / .

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Purely to help out early game harrasment and a little more damage later on.
Nidalee's Auto attacks are a killer if positioned correctly and with a full on build they are as good as any other carry's.
While it's harder to go OOM if harassing with Auto attacks, the extra mana is VERY welcome early game.
Health - Self-explanatory.

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The reason for this is to rush your semi-survivablity items first and than go on to center damage items. The life steal/ spell vamp in the end is to help you conserve mana from heals and just have the extra refill after someone pokes you before a team fight.

- The MS you will Definetly enjoy having.
- Another good Hybrid Item. Great Synergy with Takedown and also gives MS.
- The reason your AP scaling skills aren't completely useless in this build.
- Amazing synergy with every item but and also Takedown.
- Another good Hybrid item that Slows and gives you some Life steal/ Spell vamp. Can be considered replacing it by or

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How to Play

Alright now this is the most important part.
Personaly I go mid with this build. Your stategy is to ignore your spear for now and keep it at rank one. Keep farming creeps until you see your oponent getting comfortable in decent range of you. Throw one auto attack first and than move in closer. You will take some beating from the creeps so throw your heal and keep going at him with Auto attacks as you now have more AS. As he starts fleeing dont go further than his caster creeps and just shoot an easy spear. Allways keep the bushes trapped and keep in mind that if alot of creeps start to puddle up you can put a trap down in the middle to clear them out a bit. Nidalee in this build pushes alot so make sure to gank while your oponent tries to clear his lane. While ganking make sure to go trough brush to move faster and allways save your spear for when they start running as it will be easier to hit them. And dont forget to throw a heal or two on your way back.

Make sure to allways have blue buff. It helps.
One thing to know with Nidalee is that Bushwhack is your best skill. ALLWAYS have the jungle trapped up and be the cv of the team in a way. Run around the jungle (either yours or theirs depending on if your winning or losing) when you have the time. Nidalee is great with long skill champions like Nocturne, Lux, Ezreal etc. and can easiliy support/carry them trough the end/midgame. Always stay with your damage dealer.
Your role is to lead them to your initiator and spread them apart.
Go in close proximity of their fog of war and bait them to a Bushwhacked brush. Sometimes you might have to go in really close so be prepared to Flash/Ghost/Cleanse.
While running allways use brush to your advantage. By now you should have Boots of Swiftness and Trinity force to give you that immense speed and with Pounce and Flash/Ghost you should be impossible to catch but know that if you are too fast they will give up. Slow down, throw a heal and a Bushwhack if you have to. Give them the impression that they can catch you. You must allways ***es you oponent(s) before baiting him.

Weather its early/mid/endgame you never want to be a kitty inside the team fight. When everyone has their stuns/ultimates you have to have a more passive role. Stay back, keep auto attacking, throw heals and be ready to Aspect/Pounce away since your very squishy.
As the team fight starts breaking up your ready to shine. Get in cougar form and chase evryone to death. The immense speed can be used offensively and you have Trinity force and/or Hextech gunblade and Red buff to slow. Catch up with Flash/Ghost if you have to.

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Notes and Edits

Created May 3rd 2011
May 3rd 2011 - 1st edit - Typos
May 5th 2011 - 2nd edit - Full revamp with alot of icons added.
May ?th 2011 - 3rd edit - Pictures to be added.

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I appriciate everyone who devoted the time to check out and maybe try out my guide.
Thank you.

If you'd like to check a 5v5 team composition that features this Nidalee build make sure to check out: (also made by me)