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Nidalee Build Guide by Blind#91913

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Blind#91913

Nidalee [The new Metagame]

Blind#91913 Last updated on September 15, 2011
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Hello everyone,

With the recent changes to Nidalee, I have found a more aggressive take on her to be advantageous. Not so much reliant on healing she takes on offensive role and dominates throughout the game.

Because of this, she is build in the mindset of a hybrid AP nuker, this is what I have found to work well and hopefully you will too.

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First off is Meki Pendant I know Dorans ring is tempting, some games I might even suggest it first, but its simply a matter of: I need mana now and DR is just too slow on mana regen. The hp would be nice but if its what must be, then so be it. Since we aren't taking Primal Surge first some hp regen might be needed, besides to get the same heal from an hp pot at rank one you expend 240 mana which is 5 lost spear throws, provided you hit each time thats 275 base damage, not including the distance amplification you'd receive.

Grab your boots and finish Tear of the Goddessshould be able to get these both in your first return to base, gathering tear's stacks are amazingly easy in cougar form considering pounce has a 4sec CD and its free, you will always gain mana of that alone. So traversing the map is profitable now! Finish up your Sorcerer's Shoes merc treads are viable but try to grab sorce's for the added magic pen on those spears of pain.

Now we start getting serious with Hextech Revolver spear throws will start to hurt quite a bit, and the added regen on spells is nice. Not the most amazing item ever but what we are after is the king of hybrid items the hallowed Hextech gunblade!

Bilgewater Cutlass Adds much needed damage to passive attacks and now a form of passive regen through auto attacks. Between your spell vamp, this, and allbiet weak heals you should have no problem staying in lane.

Finally Hextech Gunblade!!! Read the description and use it in game to see why its a choice here. Its not amazing at anything but it is THE hybrid item, nothing can compare for this much utility and just one item slot.

I just love Rod of Ages I honestly feel like its difficult to get away from with many champs. Just another great item for getting multiple things covered in game. Mana/AP/HP great for adding lane staying power, damage, and to add some meat to those squishy bones. The goal is to at least make you look like an ugly target at times, with your regen too you can be surprisingly survivable when low.

Finish off with Rabadon's Deathcap for more AP, spears will hurt, extremely.
Archangel's Staff Turn all that mana into something useful...more AP! More mana regen never hurt too.
Finally, Void Staff OR Abyssal Mask Situational at times but void staff is typically the safer bet with the range of your spears surpassing Abyssal Scepters passive and it punches through those pesky tanks that seem to be the only ones able to survive your spears.

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Pros / Cons

Plenty of Mana
More survivable than typical Nid
Comperable AP
Great ganker with cougar chase and spear throw
Great map awareness with well placed wards
Farm can be lacking until rank 6
Slower AP than rabadons rush
Likes to be focused
Spear is slow

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Greater Mark of Magic Penetration Magic penetration to melt faces.

Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration Much needed mana regen throughout the game, particularly early game when your mana pool is low, though the scaling variety is always better in this case, level 6 and it surpasses the flats.

greater seal of vitality We aren't taking Dorans Ring so some added HP never hurt, getting more mana regen runes is not neccessary, if you feel that Tear gives you enough mana regen then feel free to replace them with more vitality runes, or armor/magic res runes. I prefer HP.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction Spammity spam spam, more spears = more damage. These runes make a larger impact than AP glyphs for Nid in my humble opinion.

Greater Quintessence of Health Honestly these are throw away runes, I grab HP for early game survivability though you can switch this with more CDR, AP, or defensive runes if you so desire. Again I just prefer HP especially without Doran's Ring.

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Hope you give it a shot and like it. I won't tell you how to play Nidalee since honestly the best way to learn these champs is to read their abilities, and play them multiple times.

Some tips I can offer is don't be afraid to fire off spears, this build is tailored to spamming spears, for something of a continuous nuker. Landing shots can be hard at times but don't discouraged, it takes time to get used to it and learning your opponents patterns or reactions is key.

Remember to place yourself passively, hang back and last hit minions but spear throw very aggressively. By doing this you prevent gank opportunities on yourself while still pushing enemy champs back and denying farm. After a few painful hits they will learn to stay away or face the diminishing hp bar.

Best of luck,