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Nidalee Build Guide by Briggs223

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Briggs223

Nidalee: Top With No Counter (RANKED)

Briggs223 Last updated on March 12, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Introduction: About My Past With Nidalee

You may have tried a super nuke Nidalee build with devastating spears, you may have tried a full Attack Damage build with a Outrageous Cougar Form, and you may have tried some ******ed hybrid build that just didn't really help you team much. I have done all these builds and have been successful in them, but over my time of playing Nidalee I have finally found her true build.

This build consists of a Tanky, High-output, Un-gankable, and unout-runable build. (a mouth full I know) The only way this build will work for you is if you are 100 plus games in with the champion Nidalee. I not the following chapters will not make sense to you. LEAVE NOW.

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Preparing for War: Starting your Ranked Game Top lane. IMPORTANT**

First place trap In tri-bush (closer to the river side, preferable not on the wall), then carefully place a trap in the lane bush near your tower, but in the section closest to the other bush. Then place another trap in the "enemy's lane bush" closest to your bush. The final trap with go in the bush near the river. By the time you have all 4 traps set the minions will be walking down your lane.
You Have Now Successfully warded your whole lane, without losing farm or gold and made yourself Un-gankable for the next 4 minutes. Congratulations!!

Note: Continue this process through-out your laning phase, do not place extra (due to mana cost) unless you are getting ganked frequently, if so place 2 traps near the opening to the river from the enemy's buff golem camp.

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Farming: How to win the farm war without taking damage or missing creeps.

In Top Lane you mustn't miss a single minion, but it will not be the end of the world if you do.
Using the side bush to activate Nidalee's Passive. Using this, lets call it "bouncing method", to quickly get to all of your creeps you must also punish your enemy for over extending. This is important to do while they are walking towards a low creep. They will be more focused on that low creep gold than you "bouncing" out of the bush to land a few auto attacks. If you have any Hp missing this would be a good time to heal. Reasoning for this is to ensure you get a couple extra tags in on that over extending enemy. Over the course of this Bouncing Method farming/ poking you will have more farm then you enemy and probably caused them to either pop all of their pots or go back to base.

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Level 6: You and your Couger

By this time you have Gone back and bought yourself a fancy new sheen, that you will later build into a IBG. Anyway when you hit 6 you will be doing outrageous damage and you need to get the first kill of your lane. Allow you enemy to push you near the tower. Watch for the enemy jungle, when the enemy jungler ganks a different lane, that means its go time for you. Start by using your W to Pounce in front* of your enemy. Follow with Auto Attack (For Sheen), then E, Q, Auto Attacks while waiting for CD's. By this time your enemy may be running away, or has flashed. stay with them by flashing, pouncing or walking Thru the bushes. Follow up with W, E, Q, Transform Back to Human Auto Attacking, E for heal/Atk Spd. Finish with Ignite and Spear. Wait out the Spear for more power. *note this is where the 100+ games come in. If your enemy doesn't die within this time period it is becuase you Ducked up and missed you Shizz.

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Avoiding Ganks: You are Untouchable

Most important part of this is to TRAP TRAP TRAP. After you have follow that pro tip follow these: Don't push your lane LAST HITS ONLY KIDS, Don't over extend past river unless you are securing a kill, and use the bushes to your advantage Bros and Chica's. If you are being ganked get to the bush and face yourself toward your tower, wait for them to get into the bush and Pounce out and if needed flash after you land your pounce with her passive still running you are home free. Under safety of your tower start trapping surround area, in case they are pushing for a dive. As Nidalee you will hold your ground and get a double kill.

For Getting Chased or Chasing use the brush to your advantage and always travel in cougar for movement speed buff and Pounce.

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Runes and Masteries

Runes and Masteries Focusing in High Defense. Nidalee does enough damage from her base stat. Tanky will keep you alive and farming.

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Starting with Boots and a hp pot and a mana pot allows you to out move your enemy with the use of the her brush passive. Only 1 hp pot because your heal isn't that potent at lower levels and 2 mana pots to ensure your lane is heavily trapped at all times.

Your first back to base should be after you get a kill, or your enemy goes back due to low hp, low mana, or because they are ready to buy. Hopefully you don't get back to go back because of a death. Buy your Sheen and at least 2 mana pots and if you have enough get a 1 or 2 more. Shouldn't need anymore hp pots at this point because you are leveling your E.

Next return Finish your boots and get as close to the IBG as possible. The reasoning for the IBG is Nidalee uses a lot of abilities that will proc the IBG and the slower your enemy's are the more time you will have to kill them. Along with doing even more Aoe damage to enemies and creeps IBG is the best item for Nidalee mid to late game. At this time you should be able to fight off gankers, kill you laning opponent a few more times and even harrass/gank other lanes or jungle in between killing your laning opponent.

Finishing your core build with the warmogs you are going god mode tanky at this point no more items are really important, build what you think you need. I suggest your remaining items like Blood Thirster, Frozen Mallet and Maw of Malmortius will help keep you alive and well through-out the course of your enemy's defeat. Just remember this game is not entirely bases upon your items, the game is based on you teams efforts to work together and the skills you bring to the table for your team.

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This Chapter should be short and easy to explain. I run Flash Exhaust. Flash to chase or escape. Exhaust is to chase down/gank, or dueling. Should not be wasted on escaping, but if all else fails its there. I do not recommend anything else.

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Pros / Cons

High Out Put
Yet to find a Counter Top to this playing style/build
High Mobility and easy escapes
Effective and dealing damage at all ranges
And can pounce over most walls (I recommend going into custom and practicing this)


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Trap your lane
Rape at Level 6, kill your laning enemy
Activate IceBorn Gauntlet all day and build your Core Items. (boots, iceborn gauntlet, and warmogs)
Pounce and Bounce in your brush to activate passive to harass, farm, chase and escape

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Thank You Summoners

Getting started on these builds, vote and leave suggestions. New at this website, but 3 years into League of Legends. I know my stuff and own every champion. Leave suggestions for other champion build. I have them in my mind, but will put them on this website for everyone that is interested.

And Thank you for your time, hope this improves your Nidalee Ranked Games. Votes and Comment PEACE!!