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Nocturn - DPS Nightmare [Updated : 01.04.11]

Nocturn - DPS Nightmare [Updated : 01.04.11]

Updated on April 2, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author BentusiII Build Guide By BentusiII 36,040 Views 4 Comments
36,040 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author BentusiII Build Guide By BentusiII Updated on April 2, 2011
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Changelog and Patchchanges

This section will be filled be changes regarding Nocturne.

[01.04.2011] Worked in some Ideas by ZoDie. Build on my Item section and a little on Playstyle mid-game.
[21.03.2011] I changed Ghostblade into Guardian Angel since I get the feeling Ghostblade is overkill and I can wage more if I have Guardian Angel in teamfights.
Also note that I changed the Runes from Life to Dodge.
Also changed Mastery Tree to fit the Runes.
[18.03.2011] This Guide is opened to the public
[17.03.2011] I started playing Nocturne (thank for help to farm IP)
[16.03.2011] Nocturne is released.

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Hello Community,

I recently descovered Mobafire.com and was helped here in learning how to play any champion i could afford.
I want to give something back to the community who assisted me in good and in bad times.
To do so I decided to post a guide made my humbly self.

Note that this guide is but an early atempt for me to create an amazing amount of fun for those using this guide.

Note also that English is not my mother-tounge and therefore this guide WILL hold many mistakes in "speeling" and "GrAmAtIc".

I would be quite pleased if you would take your time to test my guide and give me your opinion, critics and/or your suggestions.

If you find this guide helpfull please Vote or if you think it's horrible don't, but please tell me why.
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Yesterday evening the new Champion was released.
His name - Nocturne
His Mission - To rape all those little Carrys and what else stands in his way (no, pls not ur Allies)

Nocturne has great potential for ganking, jungling and creating havok.
In this guide i will focus on a DPS laning Nocturn (who would have guessed whith this title ^^).


+ great deal of damage
+ many kills
+ works well without stacks (means constant performance)
+ fast in, fast out
+ candy for the eye
+ lifesteal
+ crits
+ fast attacks
+ can use fear
+ strong early game due to your lifesteal provided by your passive skill
+ strong late game


- weak mid game
- bad against CCs
- more Team dependent than say ... Caitlyn (not as important as if u play Kassadin though)
- it's very likeable that you get lot of attention from the enemy, means u are focused
- no defense exept for livesteal and runing, as well as, of course, your skill
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Summoner Spells


I now go for Seal of Evasion becourse the Dodgerate seams a greater gain for me regarding long games. Life is nice early game.


My favorite, but you can change it if u want.


Greater Mark of Desolation
You need some Armor Penetration since you don't get it from your items!


Greater Quintessence of Desolation
Same as with Marks, you need them.

If you exchange the items with others the runes can change drasticly!
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I now go for Seal of Evasion becourse the Dodgerate seams a greater gain for me regarding long games. Life is nice early game.


My favorite, but you can change it if u want.


Greater Mark of Desolation
You need some Armor Penetration since you don't get it from your items!


Greater Quintessence of Desolation
Same as with Marks, you need them.

If you exchange the items with others the runes can change drasticly!
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Your Skills

Nocturns Skills are mainly focused on killing and slaughtering your enemy.

You passive is going to save your ***es hundreds of times.
Since my items focus on heavy attackspeed you will have much fun with this Skill.
Early Games it'll make you lane enemy want to surrender if he sees how the damage done by him vanishes with 1 or 2 times using this skill.

Your Q skill is very usefull for both, offense and defense.
In the offense you are able to harass or maybe even zone your enemy, not only are u denying your enemy Gold and Xp but you also get many creephits which is good for both, your Money and your Umbra Blades.
It makes you an amazing chaser since it gives a nice bonus on tempo as well as does nice damage.

Your W skill is one of the best defensive skills in the entire game.
Just imagine:
You just ripped apart Karthus and he turns to a ****ty Ghost, while you laugh at his suffering (pls, do it in the /all channel) he rages hard, you escape most skills he throws at you.
You are called sucker by him and suddenly you see a strange red light over your poor little Nightmare and a buff on your char which let's others rage just by seeing it.

... well just don't think about it, push your W button and again laugh in the /all channel as his ulti fires and leaves you unhurt.

Kind of reminds me of Sivir's Spell Shield.

Shroud of Darkness is very usefull for defense as well as offense.
In defense you absorb spells which enables you two times the attackspeed bonus you normally get your of your Shroud of Darkness.

My first Skill since you need AS for you passive to kick in.

This, my friend, is your E skill.
It's a Dot as well as a Fear if the enemy is still in range when the Dot runs out.
Used correctly it will help you chase all kind of enemys and in Teamfights to put annoying champions to rest.

Your ultimativ makes you the badass assassin you are and brings out your full potential.
Not only does it couse havoc yet unknown by Summoners but also does nice damage and let's you move quickly to an enemy champion in your range.
Use it to Chase, to speed up your movement and to help your allies gank.
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Most of my Masteries are selfexplaining.
Just take what helps you damage your enemy and / or let you survive longer as well as what buffs your Summoner Spells.

I go 21/9/0 now.
I decided to go for defense becourse of my Seals that give me Dodge against Physical Damagedealers.

I didn't put a point on Ghost becourse I think Nocturne is already fast enough and beside I would not now from where I sould take away that point.
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Skill Sequence

In the first 3 Levels you should take your Q,W,E once and then focus on Q and after getting Q to level 5 on W and E together.

in short ---> W,Q,E then Q> W+E


Your Duskbringer is important for you since he enables you to harass and dominate you lane as well as running away from your enemy.

If the enemy has anoying casters, such as Kassadin/Karthus/Veigar I try to quickly skill Shroud of Darkness to shorten it's Cooldown.
Especially if you fight Karthus you should always be ready to shield yourself with W.

Of course always skill Paranoia if you can. 6/11/16 Are filled with it.
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Here comes the hardest part.
You can use many usefull Items and I will try to show you why i decided to get the ones shown in this build.

1. You need attackspeed. It's your damage and your life.

2. You need to get Armorpenetration to some degree. I try to get most of what I need through runes, but if your enemy is a heavy tank team you should change the Item list according.

3. You should not get focused if you play correctly, means you don't have to get much defense. (I hardly get it at all)

4. Cooldownreduction is nice, but if your attacks don't deal much damage, or getting Cooldownreduction hurts you attackspeed then screw it. You can also ignore it when you have mana starvation.

5. You need attackdamage. I get it from Crits and Normal damage together. Without attackdamage you don't deal damage (simple isn't it), means you don't get kills, means you are a failure as Nocturne (not if you are Soraka though).

Soooo now let's get to busniss:

You sould start with Boots and 3 Pots of your choice. I get 2 Mana and one HP Pot since at the beginning I try to Zone my enemy with Duskbringer, means I earn my freedom to act. It's important to make them think: "Omigosh, That Nocturn is hungry and I don't like it!" so that they will learn to stay away from you and your prey (Creeps THIS time).

Next I go for Berserker's Greaves so that I get more out of my passive which brings you life and lasthits.

If you want to boost your mid-game The Brutalizer could be something for you, it compensates your laking dmg. (THX at ZoDie for the tipp)

After I got my shoes I rush to get Phantom Dancer starting with getting Zeal.
This will bring you a huge damage boost, makes you faster and nearly destroys all your early need for regeneration. When your team mainly consists of physical dmg dealer you can build Zeke's Harbinger before Phantom Dancer to help you and your allies ganking in mid and early game. (Again THX at ZoDie)

At this point of time I prepare for a long laning phase, since I won't let the enemy holding his lane give the oportunity to run off to gank or if I took out his tower going to assist other lanes. To do so I try to get Zeke's Harbinger beginning with Emblem of Valor since it's less expensive then Recursive Bow, if you have money go get Recursive Bow first.

Now you will see that you are epic at pushing and earning creepmoney, but you gradually lose your bite since you can't compare to enemy DPSers.
To compensate I now go for Infinity Edge starting with the most expesive Item I can afford. I go for Infinity Edge instant of say ... Black Cleaver becouse it can make use out of the critchance givin by Phantom Dancer.

If you got your Infinity Edge you are free to variate.
I go for Black Cleaver to boost my damage even further. If you die often or you just aren't that good with Nocrutne yet you should get a defensiv Item.

The last item is your item of choice. I get Youmuu's Ghostblade to rape my enemy damage dealers. If you want to go against a heavy tank team i would recommend getting armorpenetration or Madred's Bloodrazor.
I often take Guardian Angel in games with much Teamfights.

If your enemy is heavy with CCs or you just can't get your shields timing right use Banshee's Veil

Note that sometimes getting a defensive item can boost your score and damageoutput.
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Playstyle - Foreword & CCs

I trust my own ability to give tipps regarding Nocturne's playstile, but be aware that he's a new champion and what I am telling you is not so thrustworthy just yet.
Despite that I'll try to help you guys (god am i kind today :D ).

With this build you have one archenemy - Crowd Controlls

CCs can rape you pretty hard, so look out for them. You have to look if your enemy has his CCs ready or if you can take them with your shield.

If you succsed in making him waste his CCs you have nearly won the fight.

Note that some CC Skills such as veigars stun are only needed to deactivate ONCE by your Shield, you won't get stuned if you run in and out after that.
Most Veigars don't know that and THAT is their deathsentence.
(PLEASE correct me if I'm wrong (I got that inpression by using Sivirs Shield))
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Playstyle - Early game

first thing first.

Choosing ones laning partner

Note that the more impressiv your partner is the easier it is to get lane domination.
The enemy has to fear you.

I recommend going with annoying, nuking or stealth champions.

Nukers are what makes the enemy run (Le Blanc, Kassadin, Akali, ...)

Annoyers are what makes the enemy unable to come near you (for example Maokai).

Stealthers are the reason your enemy won't calm down and stay far away from you so that they aren't getting owned (Twitch, Teemo, ...)

Impressers will make the enemy aware of your damage potential (Jarvan, for example, makes the enemy want to keep away from the frontline)

Be aware that it is hard for you to go agains 2 enemys and still get lane domination. You won't get crushed but it takes more skill to handle the enemy and you shouldn't expect many kills early on.

How to etablish a lane domination

I try to dominate my lane right from the beginning.
You can try to go for firstblood if your partner can hold some damage (Jarvan, Maokai).

To etablish domination you should harrass the enemy with you Duskbringer and positing yourself between the enemy creeps in range of the 2. enemy magecreep, which will make you get the enemy away from you and brings you in good position for you passive.
You should tell your partner to stick close to you to boost your domination, exept when he is stealthing or going even further then you (Sivir going to the end of the enemy bush, or below the Towertrees to get Boomeranghits).

If you need, spam your Duskbringer, even if you have to use up your ManaPots early.

You shouldn't go fo kills right now, exept you see a golden opporturnity.
(If you do get a kill please write /all please don't feed the troll.)

If the enemy is pushed back to his tower try to use you Duskbringer to deny him lasthits on creeps.

You shouldn't towerdive right now as you are not fast enough to get away from the tower.

If you can dominate long enough expect Backup for the enemy.
A jungler or another champion who is free right now could try to sneak up on you.
To counteract you should buy one or two wards and put them in places where you can see upcoming champions.

If you can destroy the tower push 1 more wave and then GET GOING! the Mid game just started for you!
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Playstyle - Mid game

You are now free to assist the ally of your choice.
But don't forget to defend you lane if the enemy decids that you should also lose a tower.

I start by getting buffs. You should try getting Golem first and then the Redbuff.
If you don't have the time to get it becourse your Ashe is failing her lane right now go gank up on her enemys or defend her tower if she needs to reg and/or buy.

Only go in fights if you know you can kill the enemy, since your mid-game is laking the damage output.

Use your Paranoia wisely, not becourse it has a long cooldown but becourse it makes you feeded if correctly used.

With Buffs and lifesteal items you are able to take down the dragon (maybe with one ally).

If the games goes well for you take some wards to help your team.
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Playstyle - Late game

Quite some towers and houndreds of creeps as well as a nice number of enemy champions have fallen at this point of time.
Your Equip is gradually growing and you damageoutput is feared by your enemy.

Now it's time to rape the enemy or, if you have total domination to play as long as you can to get much IP.

You shouldn't run alone past your teams jungle right now if you don't know the wearabouts of you enemy.

There are mainly two chances to win this fight.
Ganking till you team is OP and you can just march into the enemy base to finish the job.
Or to destroy the remaining towers while changing lokations often to buy time for that.

Either way you must not get Overconfident, as well shouldn't your team.
It'll make your teammembers act alone course "they are imba", which is the tide of the game becourse they'll be raped by the enemy.

Note that at this point of time you deal insane damage with your AS>2 and are able to take down towers in seconds despite not being able to crit on them.
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Notes and Tipps

This section will be updated from time to time so come back to look.

It's always helpfull to absorb the heaviest spells with your Shield. Karthus ulti is the best example.

Some AOEs wont affect you if you absorbed them once (Veigars stun).

The range of your Duskbringer makes you able to throw at towers despite the enemy not seeing you (stand behind Treeline).

You have to guess where you enemy is going to run to to hit with Duskbringer.

Use fear to disable a Nuker while you kill his hurt partner.

Don't port back just to regenerate, most of the time you can get by by atacking creeps (carefull about the enemy).

When fighting creeps stand between them to hit many with your Umbra Blades

To be continued...
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Summary for the lazy

U need AS, AD, Armorpen., Buffy, Lifesteal.

Skill WQE then Q > W+E and R whenever you can.

Dominate you lane.
Harras the enemy.
Don't focus on kills early game.

Choose the right laning partner (nuke, stealth, annoyingones, burst, ...)

You are squishy!
Don't be an hero, neither should your team.

Get away or absorb CCs.

Be carefull midgame.

Have fun while playing ^^.

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