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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ssyrak

Nocturne cis-Moll Opus post. - [with German comments]

Ssyrak Last updated on June 4, 2011
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Hey there. I'm Ssyrak and want to proudly present my guide to Nocturne. I started playing with him the day he was published and I'm just fascinated what a exciting and interesing character he is. Well, he isn't OP as many people say. He can't kill 2 or 3 enemy champions solo without any items as many people say. You need a brain to be good with him. But it's right that Nocturne can be a very annoying and strong champion. By the way, Evelynn and Teemo are much more annoying in my opinion.
This is my first guide and I'm sure I could improve a lot of things in here. So feel free to comment here and to give ideas how I could make my guide better. I would happy about your opinion. I will add German comments to every category to help people whose English isn't that good. But you should recognize that you won't be able to understand the whole guide by only reading those comments.

Hallo allerseits. Ich bin Shyrak und m�¶chte euch meinen Guide zu Nocturne vorstellen. Er ist nach Evelynn und Teemo einer der nervigsten Champions. Er ist ein sehr gef�¤hrlicher Champion, dennoch sind die Vorw�¼rfe vieler Spieler, er sei OP, einfach ungerechtfertigt. Ich werde am Ende jeder Kategorie eine kurze Zusammenf***ung auf Deutsch schreiben, um denjenigen zu helfen, deren Englisch nicht allzu gut ist. Ihr solltet jedoch wissen, dass ihr nicht alles verstehen werdet, wenn ihr nur die deutschen Abschnitte lest.

So far, I hope you will enjoy this. ;)

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Quick Reference


Summoner Abilities:

Skilling priority:

1.) or
2.) (preffered) or or
5.) finish
--- end of core build ---
in any order:

two of these: , , , , or / /

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In comparison to many other champions this passive is very strong. It helps you to stay in lane longer than others. But don't count on this to survive a fight.

Eine starke Passive, die dir vor allem hilft, l�¤nger in der Lane zu bleiben. Verlasse dich jedoch nicht zu sehr darauf.

Good damage and great effect. This will help to follow any enemy you want to.

Guter Schaden, guter Effekt. Damit entkommt dir niemand.

This spell is in my honest opinion one of the best in game. Wanna attack faster? Here you are. Wanna have god mode? Why not. You can block most abilities with this. Many champions will just become useless. Champions like Lux or Karthus will just start crying.

Diese Fertigkeit ist einfach unglaublich. Die h�¶here Angriffsgeschwindigkeit ist im Grunde nur eine gute Dreingabe. Viele Champions wie Lux und Karthus werden das Handtuch werfen, wenn du ihre Fertigkeiten das eine aufs andere Mal blockst.

You are already able to chase down any champion you want. So you don't really need it. But why not? Great to stop enemies from doing something. This can save your life or kill.

Gut, dir entkommt eigentlich so schon niemand, aber warum darauf verzichten? Kann dir einen Kill sichern... oder dein Leben.

Seriously, this is my favourite ultimate in game. It's just amazing. Everytime you use this enemy will know somebody is about to die. You could use this as well to hide you're about to destroy a tower. You even can use this to escape from a gank! If you find yourself in a gank and are about to die use it if there is another champion more distant on the map. Port to him and run for your life. Never ever waste this!

Das ist meiner Ansicht nach schlichtweg die beste Ulti im Spiel. Jedes Mal, wenn du sie aktivierst, werden deine Gegner wissen, dass jemand stirbt. Du kannst damit aber auch andere Dinge verbergen, beispielsweise, dass ihr einen Turm zerst�¶ren wollt. Du kannst sie sogar benutzen, um dein Leben zu retten. Wenn du dich selbst in einem Gank wiederfindest, benutze die Elite, wenn irgendwo auf der Map ein weiterer gegnerischer Champion ist. Teleportiere dich so zu ihm und verschwinde. Verschwende sie auf keinen Fall!

Comment to the recommended skilling order:
Duskbringer is a very important skill. You need it to deal a good amount of damage, to follow enemies and to escape. So this will be your first Spell. In addition to that it will be your first skill to maximaze. Your second ability will be Unspeakable Horror. Like Duskbringer it will help to play offensive as well as defensive. Well, it is enough to maximaze this at last because you won't need its damage and the other spells are more important. If you don't think you will play very aggressive in the beginning and/or you don't have any melees it is enough if you use our first point on Unspeakable Horror at level 5.
I don't want to say that this is the best way to skill Nocturne but it is the order that works best for me.

Ich empfehle, die F�¤higkeiten wie oben abgebildet in Gebrauch zu nehmen. Als Allzweck-F�¤higkeit wird D�¤mmerungsbringer als Erstes ausgew�¤hlt und maximiert. Unsagbarer Schrecker ist unsere Nummer 2, wird jedoch zuletzt maximiert, da uns nur die M�¶glichkeit interessiert, den Gegner au��er Gefecht zu setzen. Wenn ihr nicht denkt, dass ihr schon fr�¼h aggressiv spielen werdet oder ihr keine Nahk�¤mpfer in eurer Lane habt, reicht es auch, euren ersten Punkt in Unsagbarer Schrecken auf Level 5 zu investieren.

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Summoner Abilities

You should already know that there are not only 2 Summoner Abilities that are good for Nocturne. There are a few which work really good with him:

Recommended are:
great to finish enemies who are just running away on low health or got heal
nobody will be able to get away from you by using this


Both are great to chase down enemies or to save your life. Get that ability that fits most to your style.

I would not recommend any other abilities. Of course it is maybe not a such a bad idea to get Heal for example but usually you won't need it.

Ich w�¼rde je eine der beiden aufgez�¤hlten Beschw�¶rerzauber empfehlen. Alle andere k�¶nnten zwar eventuell n�¼tzlich sind, sind im Vergleich hierzu jedoch nicht der Rede wert.

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Masteries + Runes

Many people usually go on offense and defense or offense and utlity tree. But I disagree with these people. Sure, you can play that and you will still be very effective. But the truth is, that Nocturne just does not need any points on the offense tree. He causes a lot of damage anyway. So use your points better.
I go 0-21-9:

You just got a great defense with this that will help you a lot in early game but as well in mid and late game. It will help you to stay and lane, to farm gold and to be able to push more aggressive.
This guide will work as well, if you play another masteries build. I doesn't care. It's just my suggestions.

I won't tell you what Runes to get. There are many possibilities. Always a good idea are Runes for:
Attack Damage
Armor Penetration
Less Recharge
Movement Speed
Dodging attacks
maybe Health, Health regeneration or Mana Regeneration

Vielleicht nicht gerade g�¤ngig, daf�¼r exotisch und meiner Ansicht nach effektiver ist das oben abgebildete 0-21-9-Build f�¼r Meisterschaften. Nocturne verursacht auch so mehr als genug Schaden, weshalb es nur n�¼tzen kann, die Defensive zu st�¤rken, nicht nur, weil es auch aggressiveres Spielen erm�¶glicht. Dennoch steht es auch nat�¼rlich frei, zu spielen, was ihr wollt.
Es gibt keine allgemeing�¼ltige L�¶sung, welche Runen ihr verwenden wollt, n�¼tzlich sind defenitiv Runen f�¼r Angriffsschaden, R�¼stungsdurchdringung, verk�¼rzte Wiederaufladezeit, Bewegungsgeschwindigkeit, Ausweichen und eventuell Leben, Lebensregeneration oder Manaregeneration,.

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I think this is the point where most Nocturne players will be different from many others. I want you to notice that there is no one and only build for Nocturne. There are many different and you should look at suggestions from other guides too to decide what works best for you. I am playing very successful with my suggestions as it gives you everything you need with Nocturne.

1.) Starting item:
I recommend Doran's Blade or Doran's Shield depending on your style. Doran's Shield will help you to stay in lane pretty long. Doran's Blade will ensure you can play more aggressive as it works great with Nocturne's passive. If you are new to Nocturne and still feel unsave Doran's Shield would be a great choice.
I it also possible to play with Boots of Speed or Vampiric Scepter with some Health Pots.

2.) Your second item to get should be Boots. I recommend Ionian Boots of Lucidity as the skills of Nocturne got a quite long recharge. Against enemies with a lot of stuns and stuff you could also go for Mercury's Treads. Ninja Tabi also won't be a bad choice. Anyway I would recommend Ionian Boots of Lucidity.

3.) The Brutalizer should be your next choice. This will help to play more aggressive.

4.) Phantom Dancer is just to great on Nocturne. Don't forget it. With the additional movement speed you will be able to chase down every enemy you want. In addition to that you will be attacking like a berserking dervish.

5.) Finish your Youmuu's Ghostblade. Don't forget about it's active effect in combat!

6.) Time for some defense. If you're doing hard you could get this earlier. Depending on the enemies you are playing against you should get either Guardian Angel or Thornmail or Banshee's Veil.

Match should be almost over now. As well this is the end of my core build. The other items are always situational.

By following my guides you should do very well and get no money problems. Then you should go for Infinity Edge. Otherwise you are maybe thinking about The Bloodthirster or The Black Cleaver or Madred's Bloodrazor. Another Phantom Dancer also won't be too bad.
After this I get Stark's Fervor if nobody else has it. Otherwise you could use one of the offensive items I wrote before.

By buying all these items you will be able to deal a great amound of damage without neglecting your defense. Enemies will just hate you.

Ich empfehle euch, die Items in der angegebenen Reihenfolge zu kaufen. Sind mehrere angegeben, nehmt dieses, welches am besten zu eurem Spielstil bzw. der Situation passt. Nach 6.) habt ihr das Core-Build vervollst�¤ndigt. Alles Weitere ist situationsabh�¤ngig.

Frozen Mallet:
Some people would wonder why I don't use this item. My opinion is: Everything it does Phantom Dancer does better. It doesn't care if you can slow the enemy or increase your Movement Speed. But with Phantom Dancer you don't have to hit the enemy what also helps to escape. The increased damage of Frozen Mallet is just small. The offensive power of Phantom Dancer is just better. And if you are playing Nocturne right you won't need the additional health. Anyway, you can go for Frozen Mallet after finishing your core build.

Wieso kein Frosthammer? Ganz einfach, Schattenklingen sind besser. Wenn ihr unbedingt darauf besteht, k�¶nnt ihr nach Beendingung des Corebuilds dieses Item kaufen.

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Nocturne should be played like an assassin. Don't push too far if you are not sure you can kill your enemy. Don't waste your elite. Don't spam your skills.
These are the three things you should recognize.

Always be aware of the enemy champions around you who is low on health use your ulti. Than activate Shroud of Darkness, slow him with Unspeakable Horror. Use Duskbringer to follow and finish him. But don't jump when your enemy isn't alone...

Nocturne should be played like a ghost. Come out of nowhere and disappear suddenly! If you are in lane or pushing together be careful.

Use your Shroud of Darkness clever! Don't waste it. You can block almost every spell with it. It can save your life, help to escape or help to harass.

Your ulti should not only be used to kill people. Use it when your group is doing something the enemy should not know.

Nocturne as a jungler is a quite bad idea in my opinion. Of course he is able to but there are other champions who should be preffered as a jungler. Nocturne is much better in lane. Don't lose this advantage! So stay in lane.

Nocturne is the perfect champion to kill fast and to annoy. If you like that play Nocturne.

Nocturne spielt sich wie ein Assassine. Spiele daher vorsichtig, wenn du nicht sicher bist, dass du den Gegner kicken kannst. Komme aus dem Nichts und verschwinde wieder. Wenn du einen geschw�¤chten Gegner findest, benutze Paranoia und teleportiere dich zu ihm, aktiviere Tuch der Dunkelheit, dann Unsagbarer Schrecken. Mittels D�¤mmerungsbringer kannst du dem Gegner folgen und ihm den Rest geben. Achte dabei darauf, nicht in eine Gegnermasse zu springen. Nocturne ist meiner Ansicht nach nicht als Jungler zu spielen. Nat�¼rlich w�¤re er dazu in der Lage, in der Lane ist er aber einfach st�¤rker.
Nocturne ist nervig und t�¶tet schnell. Das gef�¤llt dir? Dann spiele Nocturne.

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Thanks for reading my guide. If you liked or disliked it feel free to comment. This is my first guide so I would be happy to improve it.

Danke f�¼r das Lesen meines Guides. Egal, ob er euch gefallen hat oder nicht, hinterlasst bitte einen Kommentar. Da dies mein erster Guide ist, bin ich f�¼r Vorschl�¤ge und Verbesserungshilfen stets offen.