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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Upiorrek

Nocturne - Darkness awaits

Upiorrek Last updated on March 17, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello, this is my first guide, ill try to update it whenever i can and adjust it to gameplay.
Nocturne, DPS champion, mostly fast and deadly champion with lots of team play capabilities, not the best but most deadly jungler from all i ever seen, used good makes even a good ward worth more then it seems...
But to the point, im here to make a guide, not a poem :P

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Pros / Cons

Pros :
- Deadly Ganker
- Fearsome Ultimate
- Good Chasing capabilities
- "Sivir"-like AS Bubble
- Good Jungler

Cons :
- Low HP
- Low Mana
- Not the best Base Speed
- Without Team Play mostly unusable

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I use ArP/AS/Mp5/AS Setup for Jungling now asking why?
Here it is :
Greater Mark of Desolation - 15 ArP + 6 ArP from Sunder = 21 ArP - This is enough to jungle pretty fast and easy.
- 7% AS.
- 10% + 20% from Shroud of Darkness speeds up your jungling so much you can keep up with your Solo lane partner and other junglers.
- +1 Mp5 / 18 - Well, as other champions, Nocturne can burn out of mana really fast, getting some Mp5 is sometimes really worth it, can be changed with something you think more useful as additional AS, MR or CDR.

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I use 21/0/9 Masteries as he is DPS and its normal to set him like that, taking 2 points into Offensive Mastery to speed up jungling.

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Summoner Spells

+ - Great jungler combo.
- Everyone knows what is this, and its our key to fast jungling.
- Best running/chasing skill, bad Q ? Ghost up. Bad Gank ? Ghost up. Ganked ? E - wait for fear, Ghost and Q, Bye! ;*

Still, Ghost can be changed for other nice spells :

- Yep, i put that here as it can be life-saver more then you think, always 300 HP in Backpack.
- Flash always good, is there a Champion that doesn't like having Flash ?
- Standard anti-DPS.
- Anti-Soraka / Heal.
- This is EPIC. Enemy have a jungler ? Good Clairvoyance + Ulti destroyes, Gank but can't see your target ? shoot that bird up and next destroyed.

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Skill Sequence

1st skill in - Your bread and butter for Jungler, now Max out with 1 point at lvl 4 in , is a must when you can, last to max out is

WTF!? - AS boost last!? why!? :

Maxing AS is important yes, but loosing your power at beginning, waiting and thinking that game will take more then 30-40 minutes is a bad idea, remember that items you will buy will give you enough of AS for Early and Mid Game, and you don't want dinner to be waiting for you, right ? ;>

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Items, items, items, what you could do without them, getting and 5 for Nocturne is mostly a must, i didn't try starting with yet.

Now, getting , and here is where core build stops.

Now the rest is in the hands of game, your play style and co-operative play of your team, ill show my Solo Queue setup, but it works pretty well in team also.

Get and go for , this item will let you get enough damage through the game and still you will kill squishy and as a bonus tanks will fall too.

Now your target is , why? AS + Lifesteal is what makes Nocturne deadly, additional 20 armor reduction won't make happy faces on enemy squishies, and additional HRp5 is a nice addon.
After Stark's, enemy team should know what to do, Focus you, to make that "a little bit harder" take , this Hammer makes you more healthy, and from this moment your dinner is mostly always yours ;> Taking is also a good choice if not Mallet, but remember that your team NEEDS stun/slow/good CC to make you work.

After Mallet most of my games are over, but yours didn't end, take and go for , this baby will show your fangs, that you're angry and your dinner is cold ;<, ending with , go for win!

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Jungling / Ganking

Ok, basics of my jungling style, looks like Udyr style mostly.
Use potions whenever you can, Nocturne doesn't have any healing capabilities, only Umbra Strike, and it's not the heal that will hold you on feet.
Start at Small Golems, not the best start there is, but level 2 will help you at wraiths (Remember SMITE one of them).

Wraiths next, Q most of them, try to get all 4 in range of Umbra Strike, and slice them to death.

Wolves Q, Umbra, Death,

Ok, now the fun part, Blue Golem,
Be sure to have 2 health potions, and should be okay, start with Q, try to AVOID hitting little ones with Q cause they will do additional health regen from Umbra till they Die, pot 1 up as you get first hit and you can smite at the beggining or end how you like.

Ganking : whooo, everyone loves gank, dinner standing amongst some other delicious dishes, waiting to be eaten, remember to ask if someone wants a gank, if yes, go and start with Q, BUT U MUST HIT WITH Q!, E to stop dinner from running, and scream for more! :D (W usage is mostly not needed, but who knows?), when you're level 6, it's time for a different league, Remember, that enemies can, and, mostly will ward river and other areas around them to stop you from eating them, but, your ultimate has a "little" too big range, get your teammates to initiate and jump from long distance to get kills, starting not with Q when you land but with E to disrupt your "dinner".

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So this will be all for now, ill update Guide with more Team-oriented items, Champion Synergies and some pictures to make it more colorful, please ask what should i test on Nocturne, and/or what you would change in my build, i like to hear everyone's opinion :>

Now, go into battle champions, and get your dinner today! :D