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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Faehorn

Nocturne The Op Ganker

Faehorn Last updated on March 21, 2011
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Hey this is my guide to nocturne, hope you enjoy it also try it before rating.

This is still work in progress so things will get updated.

Good Damage
Can get champions with low health easily
If fed unstoppable
Has a lot of utility

Can be countered easily
Can run out of mana early game

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Greater Mark Of Desolation Greater Mark of Desolation- arp is a must for ad carries
Greater Seal of Replenishment Greater Seal of Replenishment - helps with mana early game
Greater Glyph of Focus - cdr can help alot in a chase so its really useful
Greater Quintessence of Fortitude size - since nocturne is squishy every extra bit of hp helps

Also for jungling take Greater Seal of Evasion instead of mp5

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Summoner Spells

I preffer and althought some other choices are :

- helps if you are playing agains a champ with lifesteal also helps against running champs (ww, fiddlesticks]

- if you are going to jungle this is a must

- viable instead of ghost althought i find ghost better for chasing

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Skills and usage

Umbra Blades - helps when you jungle helps when laning really useful. When fighting or harrasing make sure you are near minions to get that lifesteal, it can save your life.

Duskbringer - used for chasing in combo with unspeakable horror

Shroud of Darkness - basically a free banshee that gives attack speed when used. Use it when you see someobodys skillshot or if you are playing against a cc champ.

Unspeakable Horror - helps chasing, make sure they dont breake it or they wont get feared.

Paranoia - you can get champs with low healt easily with this skill also can be used to set up ganks. Works great with twisted fates ulti and jarvans ulti.

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Core build yomumu's ghostblade
- i prefer that over doran's blade since you really wont notice tha 3% lifesteal and the shield gives more surviability. Another possibility are boots of speed which i still have to try.
or mercury threads if you are playing against a heavy cc team take mercury if not take berserker's

After that you have 2 choices either get catalyst the protector or brutalizer
If you are having problems surviving get catalyst the protector and if that is not enough get since it gives health and helps againt cc teams.
If have no problems then get and again if you are getting cced and have problems surviving get banhsee's veil

Then i usually take for as and crc.
After zeal you can upgrade to banshee's if you didnt do that already or if your hp isnt dropping fastget yomumu's ghostblade and then continue with .

Other possible choices
- for tanky teams
same as above with more damage
useful for late game when no team has an advantage and dying could mean loosing the game
useful agains champions with a big healthpool like mundo
fronzen mallet as i stated above if you have problems surviving and banshee's isn't enough
if you are totally dominating and the opposition cant counter you get this.
i don't like this on nocturne but if last whisperer isnt enough for tanks get this instead of bloodthirster or black cleaver if you don't like it. It also gives 20% lifesteal which helps laning but other than that its kinda useless.

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Laning vs Jungling

I find laning better since he is a good farmer and gets kills easily early game also jungling is somewhat harder for him than lets say ww.

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Take and 5 to start with then go to the 2 golems smite the 1st one and finish him then get the 2nd.

After golems go to wraiths get the blue wraith first then the small ones also make sure you use your passive well.

When you are done with wraiths go to wolves and get the big one first then the smaller ones.

After that get blue buff. Focus on the big golem attack him then smite then attack again then use unspeakable horror, auto again then duskbringer if he isnt dead yet.

Next go back to the 2 golems and after them get red buff, same thing like blue buff. After that get wraiths and wolves again and tele to base. Get mardred's razors and if you have enough money . Then you can go gank or if you want try jungling draong althought depending on luck with madred's help might be needed. After dragon go gank.

NOTE - jungling witouth runes is alot harder and leaves you as an easy target for a gank early game. Even with runes its harder to jungle with nocturme than for instance warwick.

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Good champion combos with Nocturne

- best combo with nocturne imo
1.use your ulti
2.jump on someone teleports behind them
- jarvan's ulti traps someone then you ulti so the guy inside is dead for sure. His teammates also can't help him or see that he is trapped.

- kinda same like tf except he deals less dmg but you get a nice shield
- another global ulti
Also getting a stealth champ to plant a ward in a bush and getting the rest of the team to teleport in a bush and then ulti someone could work too.

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Other ideas

Hybrid Nocturne
Since nocturne has 1:1 ap ratio on getting ap items like malady, nashor's and hextech gunblade might work. I still have to test this.