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Ezreal Build Guide by iOvERdoSE

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League of Legends Build Guide Author iOvERdoSE

OD's guide to AD Ezreal

iOvERdoSE Last updated on December 15, 2012
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Who is this guy?

Hello Mobafire users, I am OD, a N/A League of Legends player. I've been playing for a few months now, but have a good grasp of the game. I main most ADC's botlane, such as Corki, Ezreal, and Vayne, and this would probably be my strongest position. I don't play ranked because I can't carry the trolls who feed hard enough, thus I'm waiting to make a premade before starting ranked in a serious manner.

Before up/downvoting this guide, please be sure to leave reasons/critiques on what may need improvement.

I plan on improving the guide overtime to other builds I decide to test.

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Introduction to Ezreal!

Ezreal is one of the most played AD Carries in League of Legends when you reach higher ELO/level 30 in normals. Although Ezreal has been plenty stronger in the past, before nerfs, he is still one of the best ad carries to play due to his Arcane Shift, which gives him great mobility & potential for positioning.

If you're not too familiar with the champion Ezreal, he's all about the skillshots. 3 out of 4 skills of Ezreal are skillshots, thus making Ez one of the harder champions. It will take time and practice in order to master him, but stick with it and you'll be able to carry hard soon.

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Pros / Cons


- Very mobile champion with Arcane Shift
- High damage output all game.
- Easy to get into position position with Arcane Shift.
- Can poke like no other with Mystic Shot
- One of the most fun champions.
- High skillcap


- Somewhat squishy
- Can take a while to master
- Prone to CC (as is everyone else)
- Expensive Build

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You want to start boots & 3 potions, simply because it gives you more sustainability than a doran's blade. Even if your support is someone with a heal, them spamming heals on you to get you to a comfortable health will drain their mana and have them have to leave lane earlier than they should. Thus, the bonus movement speed + 450 health from 3 potions is better than the 3% lifesteal granted by a Doran's blade. It also saves you 350 gold you'd have to spend in the future for boots.

It's better to dive straight into a Bloodthirster, because you'll need to farm the 30 minions in order for it to be full, and it's better to have that as early as possible, as opposed to buying it late game and have to avoid team fights in order to farm & gain Bloodthirster stacks.

Afterwards, build into your trinity force for the on-hit slow, as well as the extra damage after using abilities. Although it's an expensive item, it's a very useful item that grants you sustainability so you aren't nuked down in one combo.

Here's where I like to build my Infinity Edge, as the other ADC should be up to par with you (unless you've completely shut them down), and the bonus critical damage & strike rate, will allow you to kill faster. Essentially what you're doing is building damage, damage, and more damage. Since laning phase is most likely over, you really want to be trying to get as many kills/assists in teamfights or just singling out people trying to farm to build your items faster.

You will need Armor Penetration sometime during the game because the enemy tanks/bruisers probably already have tons of armor built, and you're doing very minuscule damage to them. I like to build a Black Cleaver, because it not only reduces their armor for you, but for your teammates as well, as opposed to Last Whisperer ONLY reducing armor for you.
tl;dr(that paragraph), Black Cleaver benefits team > Last Whisperer.

Now you have 5 of 6 items built, and I like to go with the Phantom Dancer as the last time built. Simply because if you buy a Guardian's Angel, once it's activated, you'll be targeted & CC'd down by the enemy team as soon as you come up, thus Phantom Dancer > GA.
GA isn't a bad item to build, but look at the amount of CC your enemy team has & how bad are they targeting you in team fights.

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Simply enough, your runes really only help you early game, thus I like to go flat AD/armor/magic resist, to rid of a little squishiness early game.

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Masteries should be self explanatory, in my opinion they're the standard AD masteries for S3.

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Thank You

Thank you for taking the time to test/try this guide, feel free to email me pictures of games you've played following this build. I always use this build, but haven't played Ezreal recently so I'll be sure to update with games of my own.

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Contact me via the following...

AIM: dex
Summoner's Name (NA): O D

Thanks guys.