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Veigar Build Guide by MysteryPower

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MysteryPower


MysteryPower Last updated on October 22, 2011
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Hi there an welcome to my Offtank Veigar build. The idea of this build is to deal very high nuke damage and still be able to take a lot of damage. This build is extremely lategame-based (even more then Veigar normally is). A friend of mine had this idea and I think it's pretty awesome
Idea of the Build

List of shortnings used in this guide:
CD = Cooldwon
CDR = Cooldown Reduction
AP = Ability Power
MRes = Magic Resistance
HP = Health Points
Q = Baleful Strike
W = Dark Matter
E/Cage = Event Horizon
R/Ult = Primordial Burst

Sorry if my english is bad, I'm still learning.

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Idea of the Build

The Idea of this build is based on Veigar's extra AP because of Baleful Strike. As you can see on Top, you'll be around 330 AP without Rabadon's Passice and any lasthits with Baleful Strike.
Lets say you have in lategame 8 kills and 100 lasthits with your Q. That are 140 extra AP.
Now add that to the AP of your items, that are 470 AP.
With the passive of Raban's you have 470*1,3=611 AP. Thats pretty nice and will grant you a high nuke damage, and enough to kill the enemy's carry with 1 Spellcombo.
But this build will allow you to use your Q and W again in a teamfight, because you don't die fast. You'll have 3700 health, more then 100 Armor and around 70 MRes PLUS your Guardian Angel passive. Thats a strong survivability for an AP carry and you won't be a good target to focus.
Or in other words: You will nuke your enemies down while they can't kill you.

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  • High Survivability
  • Still high nuke damage
  • Extremely strong lategame
  • Not as much burst damage as a full AP Veigar
  • Not as much survivability as a tank (but that's not the point)
  • Weak early/midgame
  • You depend on farming

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This spell deals damage. With every lasthit you do with this spell, you gain AP. Championkills grant you up to 5 AP, depending on the level of this spell, no matter how you kill the champion.
As I said before, this spell is the main key of this build. It will be one of your main AP-sources! In early and midgame this is only for farming, but in lategame this is also a pretty nice low-cooldown-nuke.

After a short delay this spell deals damage in a small area.
This spell is a very high nuke damage spell, but it's easy to dodge. Use it, while your enemy is stunned. You can also kill creeps from the jungle wich you can't reach with your Q, like the ghosts.

This spell summones a cage wich will stun enemies who walk against the walls of the cage.
This is one of the strongest CC in the game, as you can stun at least one Champion, often more or they are cought in the cage. Learn to land it good and it will grant you minimum 1 kill in lategame. You can Flash over the walls without touching them, so you wont be stunned!

Your ult dwals heavy burst damage to a single target. I scales with bith your and the enemies AP
This is maybe the highest nukedamage ingame. It sakles very well with your own AP and additional with the enemy's AP. But that doesn't mean that you can only use it against AP Carry's, it also hurt much against AD Carry's. In combination with your W and Q you'll get the kill.

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Now we're getting to the idea of this build.
- Deathfire Grasp
- Sorcerer's Shoes
- Rabadon's Deathcap


This item will be your main damage against HP stackers. Use it at the beginning of a fight, it deals %-damage of their current, not of their maximum, health.

Normal AP Carry Shoes for more damage - I don't think I have to explain that.

The passive stacks with the AP you get from your Q, thats pretty awesome. With this Item it should be no problem to have around 200 AP only from Baleful Strike, more isn't unrealistic! And don't forget The AP from the other items. A must-have.

Situational Items

It gives you some of the survivability this build grants you. Besides that it'll give you more AP and a nice slow. Good if you need some damage and some survivability.

If your enemies don't have %-damage or only a little bit, this is THE survivability item for you. Fully stacked it gives more then 1000 HP- Together with your Rylai's you should be around 4000 HP and you won't be a good fast nuked down target.

It gives you the Armor and some of the magic resistance you're lacking. It won't be that much, but it will reduce your damage, plus it gives you a second life with a second chance to nuke the enemies down. With this, you will always have the time to cast your spellcomco at least once.

Buy this if the enemies are dealing heavy magic damage. Most of the %-damage are magic (except Vayne, but that's true damage so Armor won't help you either), so if you are fighting against a Kog'Maw, it will be a good choice.

Always good; against initiates, against nukespells, against CC. The HP and MRes are pretty good, too.

I don't really like this item on Veigar, because you shouldn't stand in the middle of the enemies team, so the passive will be nearly useless, but the Armor and HP are good, so you can take it if you want to.

MRes, AP and Debuff Arua - Why not? Take this if you need some damage and play against a mainly magical damage dealing team.

Always good as it gives you a huge amount of AP besides the Armor and has a Really nice active, wich will keep you alive often.

As you can see, there are many viable choices to play Veigar, but I recommend you to buy always at least some survivability. Look who's dealing the most damage in the other team, look how much damage you deal and buy the items you need!

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MagicPen is always good for casters, they'll give you a nice damage boost. I don't like AP marks, because Marks don't give you that much AP. I don't think there is an other viable choice.

Greater Seal of Replenishment
You will go out of Mana, but with Manaregeneration runes it will take a longer time, so you can farm more and get more AP. In lategame you usually don't have mana problems, so i take flat Manaregrunes.

They give you more then 50 AP at Lvl 18, with Rabadon's 65. That's pretty much. If you want an Stronger earlygame, you can also take Greater Quintessence of Ability Power, but your earlygame will still be weak, so I prefer flat AP runes. Greater Glyph of Ability Power is no viable choice, because they are worse then per level runes as soon as you reach level 6.

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You want to take mid or solo top, bacause you need all lasthits you can get and a duolane isn't good for this, except your playing with a supporter who doesn't need ANY lasthits.
Early Game:
You don't do anything else then farming with Baleful Strike. Don't harass the enemy champion, you will need your mana! If your jungler can jungle without blue, ask if you can have it.
Mid Game:
You should still be farming. If you have the blue buff, you can make 1 or 2 kills because you can harass the enemy without getting mana problems. Your ult deals not that much, but quite a nice damage at this moment, so use it at the right time. Every kill grants you 5 AP, thats pretty much!
Late Game:
Run around and kill someone whenever your ult is up, but keep up farming with your Q whenever you can.

How to kill somebody with Veigar:
Safe Way:
Event Horizon--> Dark Matter--> Baleful Strike-->(if nessecary) Primordial Burst--> Baleful Strike
Maximum Damage
Baleful Strike--> Event Horizon--> Dark Matter--> Baleful Strike-->(if nessecary) Primordial Burst--> Baleful Strike

The first one is the safer way to kill somebody, because in the second variant they might escape your cage. But the damage out is higher in the second variant.

In teamfights of course you E and W as many peaple as you can, use your Q and R against the most squishy or the one with the highest damage output.
By the way, I think it's ok to killsteal with Veigar, the 5 extra AP are worth it :P

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I want to thank my friend who had the idea of this build and of course everyone of you who read this guide. Please leave a comment of waht you think is good or bad, no matter if you apvoted or downvoted. I hope this guide will help you.
Bye, MysteryPower