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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Vayne Build Guide by B34STLYG4M3R

ADC OG Korean Triple Crit Vayne (1M Mastery)

ADC OG Korean Triple Crit Vayne (1M Mastery)

Updated on February 11, 2019
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League of Legends Build Guide Author B34STLYG4M3R Build Guide By B34STLYG4M3R 23 4 212,504 Views 6 Comments
23 4 212,504 Views 6 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author B34STLYG4M3R Vayne Build Guide By B34STLYG4M3R Updated on February 11, 2019
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Runes: Crit Rush (Fleet Footwork)

1 2
Fleet Footwork
Legend: Bloodline
Coup de Grace

Taste of Blood
Ravenous Hunter

+10% Attack Speed


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Dark Harvest Vayne (Runes)

Dark Harvest Vayne is pretty fun. I've been having some success with it. The idea is to scale up for late game and gain a ton of AD through Dark Harvest and Gathering Storm. NOTE: This build is absolutely horrible against tanks like Malphite or Nautilus. Only build this if the enemy team has 4 to 5 squishies, and you can get at the squishies without having to go through the enemy tank. In all other cases, get a Guinsoo's Rageblade as tanks can get build up to about 800 to 900 armor if they stack pure armor.

Dark Harvest: Dark Harvest allows you to collect soul essence and deal a massive amount of burst damage once you get 100+ of it. This works really well with Shiv+IE and Duskblade, letting you one shot the enemy carries late game.

Sudden Impact: Sudden Impact is kind of obvious. Who doesn't want ten lethality every time you Tumble? Once you put three points into your Q, you can have the lethality for the full duration of a teamfight.

Eyeball Collection: Eyeball Collection is the best between the other two as you wanna prioritize damage over vision. (Despite this, make sure you always have a pink ward on the map, as its gold efficiency makes it worth the cost.

Ravenous Hunter: Ravenous Hunter is the best for any ADC or AD dealing champion. After you get a few kills, you get permanent healing from dealing damage. This procs on your Silver Bolts and Tumble.

The Ultimate Hat: The Ultimate Hat is useful as without your ult, you are a lot weaker. Having this up more often allows for more stealth, letting you proc duskblade of drakthar more as well as all the other things Final Hour gives you.

Gathering Storm: Although Gathering Storm is quite strong late game, you will rarely reach late enough for it to matter (maybe 1/50 games). Despite this, every other mastery here is garbage on Vayne. Even Absolute Focus gives about the same amounts of AD early game, and gets outscaled by 30 minutes. However, if you do get late enough, this mastery gives you 72 AD. This synergizes really nicely with Dark Harvest, and Eyeball Collection for a lot of late game burst.
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About Me

My page:

Hello, this is my first guide and here's a little bit about me. I have been playing League of Legends since the Ekko release and now I'm a Plat 2 Vayne main with over 860 thousand total champion points into her. I first played Vayne back when sated devourer was OP on her. I played a lot of Sated Devourer Twisted Fate at the time and after hearing that Sated Devourer Vayne was even stronger, I tried her, and I immediately fell in love with her. Once devourer was nerfed, I started playing ADC Vayne, and realized she was nearly as strong without devourer. I soon learned all of her tricks and how to survive the laning phase. This guide is a compilation of my thoughts and notes about Vayne.

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Pros / Cons


    +Insane Mobility
    +Insane Damage
    +Melts Tanks
    +Has a Stun That's Not an Ult

Vayne is a high risk, high reward champion. She has a gapcloser, percent health true damage, a knockback/stun, and an ultimate that gives her a damage boost, movement speed, and stealth. This allows her to self peel very well, and makes her incredibly strong in all elos. Vayne is strongest mid to late game. She has high damage with several items, and can 3 shot most squishies late game. She is best in 1v1s and isn't bad in teamfights.


    -Weaker Early Game
    -Hard to Master
    -Low Range
    -3rd Squishiest Champion (2nd to Anivia, and 3rd to Kog)

To balance this, Vayne does have her fair share of weaknesses. Her early game is terrible, as she relies heavily on items and levels for damage. Most other ADCs outdamage her early game, even Twitch with their stronger base damage, or range advantages. She is also pretty hard to master as you need to master kiting, her powerspikes, and to be able to know when you can all in. That's the biggest difference between the top Vayne players and a great one: the top players can analyze that the enemy team lacks mana, or cooldowns and can go in to turn the fight around.

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When should I buy Bloodthirster and when should I buy Mercurial Scimitar?
Buy Mercurial Scimitar when you need a heavy CC cleanse. The cleanse is invaluable against engage like Maokai R, Leona Q, Malzahar R, etc. It could mean the difference between life and death and a dead ADC doesn't do any damage. Other than that, the flat AD boosts your damage and the lifesteal lets you survive DoTs like Ignite. This is a good item if you ever feel like, you're taking too much magic damage, and simultaneously, you need some lifesteal. Well, what about Bloodthirster?
Buy Bloodthirster in just about every other situation when you need lifesteal. It lets you heal up any amount of poke and keeps you in the fight for all of it. The shield is amazing. It soaks up 50-350 damage as well as heals you for massive amounts of damage, making you relatively tanky. I find it saves my life a lot from one shots. This item is better than Mercurial Scimitar when the enemy team has no critical cc. A lot of the time, versus a bursty assassin/mage like Syndra, I like building maw of malmortious and Bloodthirster.

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Farming? What's that?
As an adc, you should aim to get the most farm on the team. Farming is very important in this game. If you have no kills, but 200 farm while the enemy Jinx has 5 kills, but 100 farm, you are ahead of the enemy Jinx. 15 Farm equals about 1 kill.

How much should I have?
In the laning phase, try to get at least 80 farm by 10 minutes. This is a really good amount of cs and is really hard to do with Vayne, who has low auto attack range and no casting abilities { Piercing Light, Piltover Peacemaker) to kill minions. This means the enemy bot lane will try to shove you in and poke you every time you try to cs. A good zoning team (ie: Morgana + caitlin) will have double your cs by the time everyone groups. Plus, during that time, the enemy jungler and mid or top might try to make a play on you taking advantage of your weaker early game. If you do die, then you will be in even more trouble, probably by losing your tower and 1 to 2 waves of exp and farm.
If, however, you manage to get ahead, you do get a couple kills, however, try to push the wave into the tower before backing. This results in the tower killing all of your minions so the enemy ADC can't kill them.

color=#ff0000]NOTE: Do not do this if you don't know where the enemy jungler is or if you are below 50 percent health and mana. In these cases, back immediately even if the wave isn't pushed out.[/color]

What about after the laning phase?

After the laning phase ends, you and your team will probably start grouping mid and fighting and taking towers. As an ADC, it is important to group as you will have a lot of your team's damage. At the same time, you need to farm to maximize your gold.

"So what do I do? My team starts fighting while I'm trying to farm, so they 4v5 and then blame it on me."

If the waves are perfectly at the middle of the map, then you'll have to farm after and before each fight.
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Invades can be very beneficial to the team. It can result in huge advantage dearly in the game. In order for a successful invade, your team must meet two requirements:
    Must have CC to lock down the enemy team.
    Must have damage to kill the enemy team.
The lack of either of these results in a failed invade. You won't get the kill, or the enemy team could turn the fight around.

Strong champions for invading include Nautilus and Blitzcrank. They both have an ability to lock down the target. Vayne's invade isn't too bad herself. She can level up Tumble for more damage/gapclosing or Condemn for the CC.

If you get invaded yourself then you should back off as it will be a 3v5 most likely. If the rest of your team is there, then you could try to get a kill or two, if your team is stronger.
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Vayne's biggest powerspikes are from her items, but she does get some pretty big spikes from levels.

Lvl 2: You have both your Q and W. This is nothing to scoff at. You can outtrade several ADCs and can win all-ins if your support is good.

Lvl 3: You have your entire kit, which is pretty big if you land a good Condemn. You can also make quick trades with your Condemn, which I'll explain later.

Lvl 6: This is one of your biggest 1evel powerspikes. Your ult helps you a lot more than most other ADCs because of the huge damage boost to your all-ins (three Long Swords). People like Caitlin and Kog'Maw have finishing ultimates, which doesn't add much sustained damage.

Lvl 9: At this point, you have your first maxed skill. Q is stronger against squishies and W is stronger against tanks. Q also lets you Tumble more often and kite/dodge better. At this point, you should also have your Berserker's Greaves and Blade of the Ruined King by now.

Lvl 11: Your ultimate upgrades are very strong in general, increasing the duration of your stealth and the extra damage. At lvl 2 ult, it's an extra B.F. Sword of damage.

Lvl 13: Now you have both Q and W maxed. Your W will melt tanks with the 12% true damage, and your Q will crit for 1100 damage! That's more than half of an ADCs health.

Lvl 16: This is your lvl 3 ultimate upgrade. It gives you more AD than Infinity Edge and gives you 90 chasing movespeed. This damage is INSANE, you will 3 shot anyone and heal for hundreds of hp.

As for her items, Vayne gets huge powerpikes when she completes an item in general, however there are certain combos that synergize well together.

stattik shiv, Berserker's Greaves, Infinity Edge

This is a massive powerspike. You have an attack speed item coupled with a damage item. Your DPS is significantly higher now. You also have 50% crit chance and will crit every other auto.

Blade of the Ruined King, Berserker's Greaves, Phantom Dancer/ stattik shiv, Infinity Edge.

This is a massive powerspike. You have your Blade of the Ruined King for tank killing power and lifesteal. You also have your Zeal item + Infinity Edge powerspike as mentioned above.

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Some Cool Tricks to Impress Your Team

Vayne's kit allows her to mislead the enemy team and pull off some cool tricks. They involve using her stealth and her Condemn to reposition yourself and push away enemies in ways you might not have thought of.

Imagine a scene where you are being chased by several people and your ult is still up. When you come to a place where the path branches off, you can walk one way, then immediately ult tumble back towards the other path. Most of the time this will fool your enemies into thinking you went the first way and you should escape. Even Gosu managed to do this in high Diamond.

You can also do something similar in teamfights to help you kite by taking a step towards the enemy then ult tumbling away to fool then into thinking you went towards and past them.

To perform the Condemn tricks, you should try to memorize the distance Condemn goes and and who to Condemn. Who you Condemn can mean the difference between life and death.

The first and most well known Condemn trick is Flash + Condemning. This trick is helpful when you are chasing someone down. You can guarantee a CC on then most of the time even if they flash. This isn't necessary when the person you are dueling is not trying to run away from you where you can just Tumble + Condemn. To appear even more flashy, you can Condemn then Flash to have the same effect.

Another cool thing you can do with Condemn is to buffer it. What this means, is that you can condemn someone the instant he gets in range. This is helpful against an Alistair dash or Sejuani dash and makes Alistair completely useless.

The way you do this is by keeping your mouse over the enemy Alistair and spamming the Condemn key. At the same time, you have to click back to walk away after every E press otherwise you will follow Alistair until you Condemn him.
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Change Log

10/4/16: Edited Builds.

10/18/16: Improved "Matchups".

10/24/16: Created "Tricks" Section.

10/25/16: Edited builds.

11/23/16: Removed "Duskblade Rush Build". Adjusted items.

10/30/16: Added "Duskblade of Draktharr" to "Items" Section.

12/10/16: Updated "About Vayne" section. Adjusted Items.

3/27/17: Updated "About Me" section, "About Vayne" section, "Pros/Cons" section, "Spells" section, "Invades" section, and "Powerspikes" section. Edited builds.

7/24/17: Edited builds.

8/18/17: Edited builds.

11/8/17: Edited builds and runes for Season 8.

11/19/17: Created Runes section and edited builds.
League of Legends Build Guide Author B34STLYG4M3R
B34STLYG4M3R Vayne Guide
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OG Korean Triple Crit Vayne (1M Mastery)

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