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Heimerdinger Build Guide by Fuggernought

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Fuggernought

Oh No...HeimerThinGGa is deffing Bottom! :(

Fuggernought Last updated on September 24, 2011
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How to WIN with HeimerThinGGa easypeasy Step-by-Step:

I cant stress it out enough, winning Dominion with Heimerdinger is easy, when your teammates aren't complete idiots...

Winning the easy way:

1.Start LoL
2.Start Dominion
3.pick Heimerdinger
4.tell your teammates what you are up to
5.get Chalice of Harmony and pots or Hextech Revolver
6.go bot
7.capture bot turrets what Heimer does best: counterpush/deff all game long for VICTORY

This way 4 of your Teammates can push top and capture while the enemy cannot push bot with only one or 2 you force them to come with 3 or more to win your bot point and this way they will loose the entire other map locations.

Winning cant be easier!

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

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How to get 5000 Letters:

I just copy/paste the same text i wrote for my PWNDO build:

There was that dude at the busstop, he told me he plays mundo with 6 Warmogs and is undefeated. So i listened to that dude. Strangely, i noticed he had a long beard and smells like catpiss(dont ask me how i know how it) and was holding that coffee cup in his hand with coins in it. Well, abit drunk he was too, but i didnt care. All i wanted to know was how to build the perfect mundo. After some research in the science lab based on that wise busstop dude i finaly found the way to let mundo evovle to PWNDO. It was like in pokemon, where pokemons evolve after having enough XP or eating ****loads of those cheater bonbons. Of course i knew how to cheat in pokemon gold and cloned my dragorans with masterballs and cheater bonbons so i can become the greatest trainer in the world! So i just transfered all my Pokemon knowledge to LoL, lol, and cheated mundo to become pwndo. Now pwndo not only goes where he pleases, he also eats who he pleases or takes a teebreak whenever he pleases. Yes, i made pwndo become 10.000times stronger than mundo, the UP baseversion of our neverdying freind here. Whenever he is about to kill someone, he transforms into cho'gath, his best buddy besides that pissrat he knows for so long and NomNoms his prey away. ******** im such a rapper. Shady records wanted me back then, but i refused the offer, saying my passion belongs to that game that is gonna be born soon. thats why shady had to let 50Cent sign that damn contract. man, i regret that desicion now, u cow. See? i'm the perfect rapper. Back to the serious stuff, wasting time etc. So Pwndo cant be taken down in any 1v1 or 2v1, or 9v1, when ur teammates are sick and tired of u stealing all the kills for victory and decide to teamup with the badboys. his 150 armor and magic resis block 60-70% of incoming damage, the truedamage u recive is like the HP u regen without ult. So OP Pwndo can be! See, i did it again!OuPe and Be rhymes, u know. So Pwndo can solo baron in the loading screen already. In fact, he kills baron everytime the game starts, thats why baron wont spawn untill 14 minutes into the game. Even our beloved watersnake nashor has to recover from the shock that Pwndo is so OP. thats why baron has to go to the rehabilitationclinic to recover. so pwndo could just insta kill everyone with his pwn cleavers, that usualy do 100% of the targets current health as truedamage, but he wants the others to have that glimpse of hope in them, before he ripps em apart, so he decided to deal only measily 25% damage as magic damage. As the game goes on people will realize that resistance is futile, they'll start to play spawn race or aram in the jungle to hide from Pwndo. Of course they cant hide from Pwndo and Pwndo insta kills the nexus when the game comes to this stage. Or he just plays a round of backgammon with them. Pwndo loves Backgammon! Chess too. Because other tahn mundo, Pwndo has extreme intellect, even more than tha bighead alien yordle u see from time to time dancing like a maniac in his zhonyas hourglass state. I hate that yordle. Even mroe than his best friend Captain Temmo on Crack Duty.

Well i hope, you all get the point and play Pwndo more often, but Pwndo only appears when u get all 6 items.....which is like.....never with the little bit of skill you have. But luckely i am a hacker and hacked riots server so that he already appears when you have your first Warmogs.... Which is like.....ah never mind, go and play already.

Leave a comment, rate up, whatever

God, its freakin hard to get those letters...well, i just played a normal game with this build and i went like 15/4/24, 4 deaths were when i got my first warmogs and this build is at its weakest, but after those PWNDO is unstopable. Always Focus those with Bloodrazors first, then nall the Kog'maws and AD Carries after, just ignore the AP Carries, for they do no damage to PWNDO. With the Amount of Defense at PWNDOS disposal, and the healthregen and HP he has, its unlikely to think that someone can kill him. And with his ultimate, PWNDO lives through all teamfights and only has to bluepill, when he decides to drink a coke or sth. PWNDO can keep his W skill on all day when this build is complete and still regenerate ****loads of HP and the lower PWNDO gets, the mader he becomes, with Sadochism he hits like a truck! Its like driving that truck already mentioned into a kindergarden and go allout rambo with that M60 you just stole. To own corporate mundo is a necessity and it makes enemies mad when you let off those awsome jokes and taunts while they try to beat PWNDO down, which we all know is not possible. Soon the enemies will reach the same conclusion and just dance right next to you.

...Hey just noticed i got my 5000 letters...well, noone reads this **** anyways.............but if you do...GO ****IN PLAY PWNDO ALREADY!