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Olaf Build Guide by Zrkbblade

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zrkbblade

Olaf-Deep Penetration

Zrkbblade Last updated on November 22, 2011
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Hey guys, my name is Zrkbblade. Welcome to my first guide on Mobafire--hero mode Olaf deep penetration.(LOL)Use this build for the penetration. In this guide i'm going show you how to use olaf and penetrate their carry 24/7. If you have any questions just PM me. Please leave a comment when you vote, and please try it out before you vote.

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Pros / Cons

Great damage
Great build-in life steal, damage steriod
Great aoe slow on a 0.1 CD
True damage ftw
Can't be CCed
Passive armour pen

Need farm
Need the kills to be unkillable late game
Not that tanky
Q is hard to master
Have mana issues

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Armour Pen Marks:
Those are the best marks for Olaf. It make your axe hurts A LOT. It also helps a ton for late game damage.

Flat Armour Seals:
Essential for jungling. Also make you very tanky, make solo top or 1 vs 2 easy as a piece of cake.

Flat MR Glyphs:
Cheap early MR helps to keeps those early bursters. (eg. Rumble, Akali , Annie)

Scaling MR Glyphs:
A better option if you are Jungling. I always love to have 100 MR with just Mercury's Treads.

Armour Pen Quintessence:
In my opinion, a must for the first build. It works so good with your uti. It also make you deal true damage to most champipns early game.

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Summoner Spells

This is one of the best spells in game, it slows , it reduce damage, it make mages weaker by 35%, with masteries it even reduce armour and MR. Is there a reason not to get it???

This spell have so much utility, it helps chasing, esaping, getting to places faster... It may not be as useful as flash since flash can jump walls, but ghost have a way shorter cooldown.

This spell does what it says, personaly I don't use flash that much. But I know there's a lot of flash fans out there.

A must for any jungler, only use this while jungling. Swap with Exhaust while jungling

Good spell when your uti is down, removes all cc, but I don't use it that often. Use this when the oppsite team have more than 4 hard cc.

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just 9/0/21. :)

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Skill Sequence

I always max Q first for the damage and increased slow. It also helps a ton at farming. 2 Q and a whole minion wave is gone. So you can basically you can clear a whole wave in 2 secs.
Put a point in W at lv4 for the boosted damage and a bit of lifesteal. (lv 2 while jungling)
Max E second for beast True damage.
Take Uti when ever possible.

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Items (deep penetration)

This build is good when you want to rape the oppsite's carry instantly. Add Wirggle's as your 1st item when jungling.
3x : I always found that boots and 3 pots give you a good early game. The pots make you stay in the lane till your Brutalizer. It make olaf go in and take those last hits without taking much damage, combined with movement speed masteries you will be moving at 381 ms at lv 1, it's even better with ghost.
: A great early game item. It give you attack damage, armour pen and cooldown reduction. Makes your Q hit harder, easier last hits and you can spam more skills.
: Early magic resist , cc reduction works well when your uti's down.
: A bit lifesteal is always good.
: One of the best item in game. It gives 20% attack speed to yourself, and an aura that gives 20% attack speed and 20% life steal to every one in your team.
Build your Brutalizer in to this, more damage, more armour pen and a bit crit on the top. The active is just amazing, works well with your uti and ghost.
: More hp for more damage on your W and a on hit slow. No one can escape you now.
: Perfect for your large health pool. Works well with your W , it give you around 60 damage with this build and the armour and crit chance aren't bad either.
: More damage, more attack speed, the best part is the armour reduction, instant beast with this item.

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Creeping / Jungling

The jungling route i use is take vampiric scepter and start at wolves, wraiths smite the big one, double golems and go back buy cloth armor and 2 health pots. Then blue, wolves,wraith, red, double golems and back or gank.
You should get red buff most of the times if your ad carry is not taking it. You will need blue early, but give it to your ap carry mid-late game.

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Role in teamfights

In a teamfight, your role is to be an anti-carry. How this build works is that it focus on early-mid control. With the runes and masteries, you will get 28 armor pen, with your uti, you will get another 20 armor pen at lv11, with ghostblade and stark's you will get another 40 armor pen. So you will have 87 armour pen at lv11. That means you will deal true damage to most carries and rape the **** out of them. In a teamfight, you should go in after the tank, wait for a few major spell are used, pop ghost,pop ghostblade, pop uti, and just run in use all your skills and rape them. But make sure the ap carry can't burst you down and target the ap carry first then the ad carry. You should carry well in to late game and beast in late late game.

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Farming is easy with olaf. Q twice and a whole minion wave is gone.

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I think that's it guys,please try it and have fun, remember to up vote my guide.