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Fiddlesticks Build Guide by ladyvalmar

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ladyvalmar

Old -incomplete build

ladyvalmar Last updated on February 10, 2013
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My Personal Note:

If you are a serious die hard League of Legends Summoner and doing this for money or something else I do NOT recommend my guide. I don't care for "elitist" behavior and I enjoy this game simply for fun!

For those who are new to the game, uneasy about guides and want just a basic idea of how to play Fiddlesticks I offer what knowledge I've gained from my Level 30 friends and from my own experience playing Fiddlesticks.

I have tried other builds even ones rated with 90% and I found didn't favor them. This build is made for beginner players and seasoned ones. I keep it basic and to the point. The main focus is not tanking or jungling. And tanking with Fiddlesticks is like signing a death warrant anyways. This is purely for laning and can be used for pvp as well. The Stick is geared in this guide to be a support.

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Pros / Cons


Disables, supportive ganking, ultimate combined with other abilites makes for a nasty combo on enemies.


He's squishy and not very fast. DO NOT over commit! And if facing an enemy fiddlesticks wait for the enemy to use his silence then rush in and use yours while terrifying him and ulting him. But beware of enemy champions supporting him and make sure you keep an eye on your health.

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Boots Start:

For faster champion bots or pvp players (such as Brand , Malaphite malaphite, Cait , Nocturne

Tome Start:

For slower champion bots or pvp players (such as Annie , Sona etc)

Ultimately you don't really need health pots because of Fiddlesticks Drain ability. But with boots I like to get at least one health pot since he has such low health and its easy to die.

Early Game:

After laning for a bit, doesn't matter the lane unless your mid and then you may depending on who your fighting against have to return to home base more often. Once you have enough gold return to pick up either the boots you didn't get or the tome you didn't get.

Also select Chalice of Harmony and set up for it before returning. Just makes things easier I've found.

Then return to purchase Chalice of Harmony once you have enough. If you can delay until you have enough for Fiendish codex as well that's good. If you can't delay due to vicious bots or pvp players then go back for each.

Essential Items:

Finally when you have enough get Ryali's Crystal Scepter.

From there upgrade your boots and get alacrity enchantment. If you prefer another enchantment its fine but I recommend alacrity as it helps with speed.


Next get Athenes

Late Mid-Game:

From there get either Will of Ancients or Mejai Soulstealer first. And then get Liandry's Torment.

Late Game:

After that I recommend Rabadon's death cap.

Final Word:

I cannot recommend Doran's ring or the Flask start as they have never proved helpful enough to me when I'm laning.

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Skill Sequence


1 point in Drain. This is Fiddlesticks main ability. Terrify is not really useful until later on.

And Dark Wind is useful but when your low health in the beginning its better to have drain so you can target the canon minions to gain health back.

Next put a 1 point in Dark Wind.

And after that, 1 point in Terrify.

Once you have opened up all your abilites you should focus on maxing Drain.

When you are finally able to access your ultimate put 1 point in it and continue maxing Drain if it isn't already.

Next max out Dark wind

Then max out Terrify.

Continuing to put points in your ultimate whenever it comes up.

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It is very helpful for giving the stick health and it later on can become a little boost to assisting ganking and sometimes you can even gank on your own from bushes if your feeling up to ganking.

Keep in mind Fiddlesticks is support so he is squishy and does not take a lot hits like:
Malaphite Malaphite, Alistar combine any of those with:
Lux , Morgana , Amumu or Caitlyn and your unlikely to survive unless you play defensively.

Dark Wind:

is your second most useful ability. Use this early game to help with minion killing and stopping bots or pvp players from ganking in lanes. This ability later on is useful when assisting in ganking or just plain pursuit of low enemy champions. Once again do not over commit to kill a champion if you don't have the mana for it, there are other disabling champions or you have no support.


is honestly a specific case by case basis use. Which is why I say max it last. You can use this on enemies you are trying to help gank. It helps just add another disable so that your team mates can take them out. Its also helpful when your being chased down by say Nocturne , Caitlyn etc.

Any fast champions is a major concern so play it smart and don't underestimate your opponent. But if you do in a pinch applying fear and silence then flashing out of there is your best bet.


This is an awesome ability. I've seen many bots and pvp players use this to slaughter whatever champion I've been on. The key thing with this is make sure you don't overcommit. This ultimate will after a short loading bar take you right next to the enemy champion and if your near other champions or a turret your likely to die.

During crowstorm I recommend keeping an eye on your health also bust out dark wind and terrify the enemy champion too during it.

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All in all fiddlesticks is sometimes a hated enemy champion because of his disables and his ultimate. Get caught in the middle of his crowstorm plus being silenced by Dark Wind and feared by Terrify and your more than likely dead.

Learn from previous experiences on facing him and apply it to yourself when you play this champion.