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Elise Build Guide by TriangleDeCreepy

Jungle On-Hit Elise: The Arachnid Terror Descends

Jungle On-Hit Elise: The Arachnid Terror Descends

Updated on November 28, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author TriangleDeCreepy Build Guide By TriangleDeCreepy 59,872 Views 1 Comments
59,872 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author TriangleDeCreepy Elise Build Guide By TriangleDeCreepy Updated on November 28, 2015
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Possible changes (The on-hit queen is back bb (maybe))

I'm going to be trying out on-hit elise for the new season. If things go well, I'm going to be doing a revision of this build for the new season (it seems like hextech is much more viable for this build, and guinsoo's is going to be HILARIOUS!)
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Hello all! I am a humble league player who, upon trying out the new devourer, discovered a hidden treasure. The treasure I speak of is On-hit Elise.

This build works extremely well, especially since devourer's new change, and Elise's Rappel buff. This build turns Elise into a Basic attack styled Assassin. She can single target really well. She can escape, dodge, and gap close with her Rappel. She can win most 1v1's with her sustain and burst.

Alas, her weakness is just like that as any assassin or DPS. Crowd Control.

In this build I will discuss how to play on-hit Elise, when to use it, how to build it, and other fun facts about it. I have not yet designed my own rune page or masteries for her, so I would suggest any strong AP or AD jungler rune page. Also, my build is by no means perfect. While it has worked for me on 20-30 games now, I am still testing it, and there is bound to be someone better than me to either discredit it or make it stronger. However, I think it's a cool build, and might hold up in competitive games.

    Extremely high DPS
    hybrid damage
    Great all game
    fast clear speed
    good split pushing
    A Booty that is on par with Taric's

    weak to CC
    less spell burst than standard Elise
    rather squishy
    needs accommodation from team
    human form is not as powerful
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When should I pick on-hit Elise?

There are two huge problems with going for a glass cannon jungler. The first is that you are usually adding a 3rd carry to your team and taking away from your team's total health pool. The second is that a coordinated enemy team can easily focus you down during battles over objectives, taking away what is likely your team's only smite.

These need to be taken into consideration when picking on-hit Elise. If you do decide on going this route, make sure that you have enough tank on your team to protect you AND your other carry/carries. Beyond that, This build Relies on getting full stacks on devourer by at least 30 minutes. If you are facing a strong counter-jungler, you may want to reconsider your choice.
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How to play on-hit Elise.


No matter what Elise build you use, She has a strong lane presence starting at level 3. As such, you want to be ganking normally, helping take towers and snag kills. While going Godyr works to benefit yourself, you take away from your awesome Lane presence.

What to do early game

Other than ganking, your main goal is to get stacks on Devourer ASAP. For those who don't know, Devourer now doubles on-hits every second hit. So, your passive(health gain and damage), your BoRK, your 60 stacks of devourer, and your nashor's tooth all proc this effect. Dragon and scuttle control are imperative since they are naturally important, and killing them grant more stacks than normal big monsters and kills.

How to fight as on-hit Elise

On hit Elise is one of the best 1v1 fighters i've played. As long as she can stay on her target, she's basically won the fight. With her e,q,w,r(into spider),e,w,q combo, she gains the advantage before the enemy can strike back. I have successfully 1v1'd Darius, Garen, Volibear, Sejuani, Vi, Udyr, Renekton, and sometimes Nasus. The idea is to stick to your target and pulverize them into thew ground. However, since she is so reliant on her constantly attacking, CC really hurts her in teamfights. Also, a note on her 1v1, She is weak againsts assassins and anyone with mad jukes.

One more point to make. This build makes her human form autos really strong in comparison to regular Elise. While most of your time should be spent in spider form for the movement speed and the passive damage and heal, if the need for stutter-stepping arises, human form makes a good makeshift ranged attacker.
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Here, I'll go through each item and explain why I chose them.

Core Items

The reason why I choose this over red smite is because the idea of on-hit Elise is to have multiple forms of CC. Each CC ability makes it easier to chase down foes, especially those pesky adc's and juke masters. While Red smite offers more single target burst damage, You can't do much if you can't stick to your target.

Devourer is almost the bread and butter of this build. While On-Hit Elise is good without it, this smite enchantment is what makes this build amazing. at full stacks, you get 60 extra magic damage, double on-hits every other attack, and killer attack speed.

BoRK is SUCH a great item for this build. Not only does the %health damage help you shred tanks with devourer, but it's active slows, making your prey fall into your grasp much easier. Oh yeah. There is also the attack speed.

While this doesn't synergize as well as BoRK does, the extra magic damage on attacks makes this item extremely potent. Scaling along side Elise's passive, a rabadon's turns this into a deadly weapon.

or mercury treads Boots of swiftness gives Elise a huge enough speed boost to stick to almost anyone. Mercury is especially important if the enemy team has high CC, as tenacity will lessen the effects of CC.

Items to consider

This item gives pretty good stats and, with your attack speed, you can shred the enemy tanks armor down ridiculously fast. Works well if you need to spend more time in human form, as you can poke down their armor with ranged attacks.

This item makes chasing targets especially easy. This, combined with a nice health bonus and AD, helps you stick in the fight much longer

hextech Hextech gunblade gives great hybrid stat, and makes Elise's sustain skyrocket. On top of that, She gains a nice finisher ability

This item works wonders with this build. Elise get's extra healing (which makes BoRK and her passive much stronger), and gives her health and MR. Personally, it's a must have against strong AP carries
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Here, I'll go over each skill and what they do for this build

This is your opening damage ability. Since it deals more damage when the target has more health

This is Jeff. He goes flying in right before you use your ult to switch to spider form. He is also a very useful poke and bush check, since he will walk his cute little legs to the spot you choose before his short life ends.

This can go in during one of two spots in the combo. Directly before you switch forms, so you can have time to kangaroo hop onto another champion OR at the very beginning of your combo. when in team fights, you generally (but not always) go for the former. When ganking, you usually want to go for the latter, as it sets your lane up for the kill.

This is your toggle for going in between spider and human form. When in spider form, you become melee based, but gain nice buffs on speed and damage, as well as life gained on hit. Your damage and health booth scale off of AP. It's important to keep in mind that all six of her abilities cooldown individually. Most of your time should be spent in spider form.

A note about spiderlings: These little buggers are awesome. They do damage based on your AP and are relentless. This makes them perfect for finishing off enemies. More importantly, however, is they can block skillshots, making them life savers for you and allies.

This is a small gap closer, and a great execution ability. Does more damage based on the targets missing health. also inspires Jeff to leap to his beautiful death.

This gives a great boost to the attack speed of you and your spiderlings, I usually save this for after I use Rappel

This was recently buffed to increase the effects of your passive health gain and damage. When 1v1, you generally use this right before you use skittering frenzy. This is also an amazing gap closer (as it gives vision and can be used over walls), and a weaker version of Zhonya's, preventing you from being hit by most abilities while up above.
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On-hit Elise is a great twist on the general Elise build. It serves as a great objective control, split-pusher, and basic attack based assassin, as long as you can get some decent peel. This is certainly a hyper carry build. Just keep in mind that this build isn't suited for every team comp, and must be used wisely.

Thank you very much for reading my guide. If you like it, please up vote. If you have any item suggestions, interesting ideas to share, guide feedback, or anything to say in generally, feel free to do so in the comments section.

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