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Teemo General Guide by devdevil

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League of Legends Build Guide Author devdevil

On Scout Duty

devdevil Last updated on December 10, 2012
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Didn't know people still looked at it, my fault I guess.
Just wanted to clarify that my Lulu guide is way better, I made this Teemo guide before I knew a thing about BBC Codes n all, but I'll have it all completed sometime this week (I hope).

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Hello, this is my first guide!
About This Guide
This isn't meant to be a competitive guide nor a troll guide, but more of a guide to use if you just want to have fun/ward every inch of the map.
Before (or instead of) down voting this please tell me why because I would like to improve upon my guides. Thank you and I hope you enjoy using my guide!

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Music Time!

This is what Teemo listens to when he's on duty ;D

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Pros / Cons


Is really fast
Can close gaps
Stealth is really effective (if you don't forget it)
Poison can sometimes get those last health points on a enemy that runs away
Shrooms ftw!


Really squishy
Destroyed if focused
(For those it may concern)Really high pitched obnoxious voice
Shrooms useless against oracles

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Most of these items I put here I did because they
1. Increase your speed
2. Help you ward
3. Give you more gold early game
Remeber to place wards and shrooms eveyrwhere on the map to help your team out! If you have an idea of other items that might help more with this, please say the item(s).

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Ward or Shroom Placement

This shows you the critical place to put your wards, and after you've got those down you can..well...go crazy and spam those wards and shrooms! Also, put the wards (not shrooms) in a place you think would be behind your opponent when they try to retreat. Don't put your wards or shrooms near turrets thougth! Turrets will show the enemy the ward or shroom next to it! Oh, make sure to ward the baron or dragon, along with the other buffs in the jungle! This probably only applies if the enemy team has a jungler, but just in case (you never know).

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In Case of Emergency

Enemies destroying your wards and shrooms? Your vision on your map getting dark?
Have no fear! Oracles only last until they die, so your solution is to TAKE THEM DOWN.
If they keep buying oracles, well, they'll be wasting their money if they keep dying and those oracles go to waste. So just keep making that health bar dissapear!
What was that? It's vision wards instead? Counter those wards with an oracle or other vision wards and face your fears my friends! Now get back on your scout duty!

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Summoner Spells

The summoner spells, of course, get you to places faster.
Ghost along with Shurelya's Reverie really give you the boost along with teemo's w passive.
Teleport is really critical in this. Place a ward on one side of the map, go to the other, see something you need to do on the other side of the map, use teleport! It can get you to your wards, shrooms, and wriggle's lantern ward.

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Team Work

Ask your team where they would like the wards or when they would like you to teleport. Get their feedback! Good communication can help a lot more than you know! How much do you know...Anyway, if they ask to put it around this area, put it there! If they ask to put it in that area put it there! Good boy. Just kidding (hehehe). But really, listen to your teamates and help out your team (that's partially what this guide is for)!

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Thinking of farming? Feel free to switch out Ionic Spark or Wriggle's Lantern for a Tiamat! Not many use the Tiamat (that I'm aware of), but it can be very useful for farming minions and just maybe attacking a group of enemy champions in teamfights! It can even help you harass more than you know! Plus you can always stack it!

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Probably the best position for Teemo if you don't really stay in one lane. Blue buff helps him put down more shrooms, whereas red buff improves your damage and slows your enemies! When ganking, make sure the enemy hasn't warded the area where they're at! Ask your team, or get yourself an oracle. And remember, if you're gonna jungle, make sure to gank!

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Thanks for reading!
Thumbs up if you liked it, and if you didn't tell me what you think I should change!

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Change Log

December 10, 2012 - Items and runes changed


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