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Galio Build Guide by Meiyjhe

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Meiyjhe

One man army - A sentinel story

Meiyjhe Last updated on January 4, 2013
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Opeth (7) | January 8, 2013 8:30pm
Voted +1
I think this is a good build for random 5on5 games to counter
hopelessly fed Yis, Leblances etc..
I prefer AP/Offtank-Galio but a full Tank-Galio is still viable.
Werepirelord (65) | January 2, 2013 3:13pm
Voted -1
Thornmail, isn't good in all situations.

Pretty meh guide.

EDIT: Evil trolls ruining your score.
Athan (18) | January 2, 2013 1:40pm
I'm sorry, but i'm just going to be brutally honest: This guide is so ****ing lazy. I mean really. You focused so hard on being entertaining that you forgot to add half of the stuff nedded for a proper guide.

Let me sum it up:
  • The runes. There are no runes outside the cheat-sheet. And the cheat-sheet says MPen/Mp5/ApLevel/FlatAP. So what, no armor on a MELEE mid? You know, the worst thing for a melee mid is auto attacks early on... you want that flat armor.
    Why no Magic resistance per level? They will BOTH ap and MR, so i think APLevel is kinda silly.

  • Why does the cheat-sheet say Thornmail before Warmog's Armor? You should NEVER get Thornmail as your first full item on... ANYONE. Thornmail requires a good healthpool to be useful; and it makes you so suspectible to magic damage. Health will defend you against both Physical and Magical damage, and paired with your Bulwark you are just a crazy tank from the moment you get your Warmog's Armor.

  • LOl@masteries. I mean, sure, i sometimes do 0-30-0 on Yorick when i'm the only tank on the team, but Galio doesn't need that. Legendary Armor is pretty bad (It's described in my Yorick Guide why - Under the FAW section and Perseverance is bad too.) You probably want to invest 9 points into offesnse to get the 8% Magic Penetration.
    And in your guide you don't even EXPLAIN your choice of masteries and runes! "Pick the most badass ones!" - Really, dude? Come on. You seem like a good guy and a decent writer: You can do better than that!

  • Under weaknesses: I REALLY suggest that you STRESS that Galio is NOT a full AP Carry! He does not do the same amounts of magical damage as, say, Ahri does, and is not an AP carry per se!
    It is a rookie mistake many makes, and i really, really think you should point it out more.

  • On Bulwark: You should stress more that it actually increases your damage CONSIDERABLY. Especially if skilled second.
    It's worth mentioning that this skill is actually the SECOND LARGEST Armor+MR increase in the game! Only outdone by Rammus Defensive Curl which is a Self-target only!
    If you put Bulwark on a bruiser like Riven or Jarvan IV they become ridiculous monsters of epic wrecking.

  • Galio is a good contender for Enchantment: Homeguard abuse. Pick teleport, go back, get the movespeed then teleport to botlane and do a super flash-ult gank with crazy movespeed. You should mention that somewhere :)

  • Banshee's Veil also blocks a CC that would've potentially stopped your ult. Just throwing it out there. I don't prefer either when i play Galio.

  • On escaping: You might wanna note that you don't actually have to use Q on the jungler, but rather use on the target that has the most CC.

  • No match-ups section :(?

  • What are you thoughts on Runic Bulwark - the currently highest MR item in the game?

  • How about Shard of True Ice? What are your thoughts on it?

  • Randuin's Omen - thoughts?

Otherwise a decent guide. It has pretty pictures and text, and i'm not much of a nitpicker on stuff like that; I honestly think people use too many colors and makes it overly hard to read just to make it look "cool" or "inviting" or whatever.

I'd give it around 6/10, because i think you were lazy when you made it. A lot of stuff is missing. The stuff that is in here already is good, but you could add SO much more.
xxIAMLEGENDxx (46) | January 2, 2013 5:25am
Voted +1
Thanks for visiting my review shop!

So moving on :
-I agree with most of the things you said :D
-There's nothing wrong with you're guide meaning it's awesome
-Really good effort
-has some good points and thorough explaining


Come visit again!
GrandmasterD (531) | January 1, 2013 3:13pm
Voted -1
The entire cheat sheet is so wrong that... wow.. I don't even want people to think it's even remotely viable.
Wendoson | January 1, 2013 3:06pm
Voted +1
nice guide.Galio is one of my favourite champions.
Wendoson | January 1, 2013 3:06pm
nice guide.Galio is one of my favourite champions.
Douleur (3) | December 28, 2012 3:31am
Voted +1
I've tried it and it works fine. Although Galio isn't really my champion because I miss my ult way too much.
Lucorian5 (65) | December 27, 2012 4:43pm
Voted +1
like the guide structure and the items, nice work.
I am Lord and Master (26) | December 27, 2012 3:45pm
Voted +1
Your spells drain mana like a pinguin drains fish

Lol, best line ever!

Please vote and rate, I want to reach the top after all!

So refreshingly honest that I should use this as my signature :)

PS: Don't like your items and the coding is meh. But that doesn't matter after all as you entertained me :P
MrOganad (3) | December 27, 2012 3:05pm
Voted +1
I really like this guide. Only thing i would love to see is some pictures or videos of Galio plays *.*

GG +1
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