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Shaco Build Guide by kobicus5808

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author kobicus5808

op shaco crit guide

kobicus5808 Last updated on March 21, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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LADYS AND GENTELMAN WELCOME TO THE OP CRIT Shaco GUIDE may not be the best written but if you use this build and play it right i am sure u will do great =) this is my 1st guide please vote me up and ill take ur comments in consideration just comment ur opinion have fun fellow Lol players Shaco Shaco Shaco Shaco

I apologize for the misspells I'm on a IPhone lol
More updates coming SOON

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You should go bot and just put a box in bush when you can and use deceive to harass and then they will start running I'm possitive just keep AA him cause your back stab will increase the DMV bye then he should be pretty low and throw a shiv at him that should do some massive damage all together he should be dead or about dead that us how you should lane shaco if your mid or top needs a gank do it when ur level six and your guaranteed a kill or the teammate IF your a exsperienced shaco player

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three greater quintessence of desolation. nine greater mark of desolation.

nine greater seal of resilence. nine Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

sorry if this isnt the best guide its my first but how i play shaco and with this build u dominate especialy if u can get some early game kills =)

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ok the items.. first get Boots of Speed and 3 hp potions then get a Zeal then Boots of Mobility
then B.F sword then get Infinity Edge and then after u get Infinity Edge get Phantom Dancer
after that get a vampire scepter then get banshees vial or Sunfire Cape depending on enemy team
after that u should get The Bloodthirster and finaly a The Black Cleaver...
that is my shaco build hope u like it =)

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Skill Sequence

ok i know most people get jack in the boxes first well not me i get Deceive first then at lvl 2 get Two-Shiv Poison then get ur jack in the boxes and load ur bushes then max out your Deceive 1st then max out Two-Shiv Poison and then jack in the boxes.... that is my sequence hope it helpes =)... the reason you max deceive] first is so that since ur ad crit shaco the extra crit from [[deceive will help tons just Deceive from a bush hit them in the back and usualy knocks them half hp

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Summoner Spells

i usualy get Ignite and Heal i know most people say Heal is noob but it well really help when u 1vs1 and i love how it annoys ppl haha Heal has saved me many times but mid/late game u wont need to much u will have more health from ur banshees vial or Sunfire Cape and you will have your The Bloodthirster for lifesteal but if u dont use Heal then Flash or Ghost would be good alternative Ignite is good for deceiving in to a turret when there weak and ignite them early game and run into the bush and then let Ignite do the work ive gotten plenty of kills like that.... that is the summoner spells hope they help.... =)

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for farming early it will be a little hard what i do is place a jack in the box that does half the dmg and then u get last hit but once u get zeal it will be a bit easier but when u get infinity edge and phantom dancer u will farm very well..... that is my farming.... hope it helps... =) Shaco ftw