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Malzahar Build Guide by TundraEmleon

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TundraEmleon

Opp Series - AD Malz

TundraEmleon Last updated on February 26, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Offense: 21

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Defense: 9

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Hello and welcome to my build of AD Malzahar, why he is a plausible choice if you want to play for fun, but still woop ***.I'm Emleon and I just like to say that I will be making a whole load of these "Opposite" Builds, and that I'll be finding and showing you how to play champs in ways they were never made to played, and still deal out some hefty damage.

I have been playing League of legends for some time and have made a couple of builds that really didn't work out, I thought of this sort of approach since everyone does builds for the original gameplay, and I know I won't be able to beat the "Top Dogs" of the build making here on Mobafire. Hopefully this guide will be finished soon and more to come :D

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Reasons why AD Malzahar is an option

This will probably be the reason people look at this build, and ask why in the world should I play AD Malzahar?
Well, I believe that all champs have potential in any area on the Fields of Justice.These are the reasons why I chose Malz over the mages to be my first AD styled Mage :

+ Malzahar's MALEFIC VISIONS is like a free ignite, alongside another ignite while you are beating down an enemy, you can deal out heaps of damage in a short amount of time.

+ Malzahar's Passive also fights alongside him, while the pet is unreliable, it can help you out alot.

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Runes and Masteries

There isn't really much to go over here, my runes are just a general build that you can use for multiple champs, rather than having to go out and buying hundreds of runes for each champ.

My masteries are the real difference in my builds, and since I'll be playing Malzahar as a high DPS champ, much like a Master Yi or a Sivir, I put 21 into offense for the damage and extra attack speed, and 9 into Defense for the extra survivability since it will be hard to do an AD Malzahar Properly compared to the traditional AP Malzahar.

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Now this is probably the part most of you will skip to because you don't really care about the rest of the build, so I will get straight to the point.

  • First you want to start off with a and a for the extra damage and to be able to stay in lane longer.
  • You will then want to grab some and move into a
  • Now you should want to grab boots, now these can be anything, your preferred boots, or one that matches your enemies team, if you just want some general boots I'd grab for the extra attack speed since you are going to be mainly DPS.
  • You should now be needing damage, so you should grab for the damage, armor pierce and the attack speed.
  • Now you can grab a and a vampiric sceptre, it doesn't matter which order, just whichever you need at the time.
  • Finish off your and start to grab your
  • At this point it'll be really late game, you should buy anything that really suits the battle at this time, if they have plenty of magic champs, get something like banshee's viel, if they have heaps of DPS like yourself, grab a , and if not finish off your .
  • Now you can grab your earlier, if you are doing well, but otherwise don't bother getting it till last, because you want your black cleaver first, and the bloodthirster for lifesteal, both of which come over the needs of a Infinity Edge.

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Send me your picture links in the comments and I will upload them to here.

Here are some of my scores:

And here's one with proof since you guys might wonder if I do play with AD:

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Thank you note, and links to any other Builds I may make

Thank you for taking the time to read and even notice my build on Mobafire, if you liked it give it a +1 and comment on what you think, tell me if I should keep making these!

Written and designed by Emleon