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Orianna Build Guide by Smileh

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Smileh

[Orianna] - Catch 'Em All

Smileh Last updated on July 30, 2011
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In this guide you will find everything you need to master your Orianna gameplay to the highest level. Many people claim to be good with Orianna, the fact is, everyone can spam spells and still do good amounts of damage, but hey you, that's pretty far from being good.

Read up all the chapters to learn all about laning, tricks or your teamfight gameplay.

I hope you like it, and don't forget to rate if you did and it worked for you!


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Here's a short summary regading the whole guide:

- Runes: You need that mana reg. in order to succeed in the laning phase, due the fact that we are gonna be so aggresive. Lane sustain is always important.

- Masteries: Not much to say, basic AP Carry masteries.

- Items: Starting with Boots of Speed is needed to be aggresive. Doran's Ring are important for extra mana reg and survival. Rushing high end items is not good, unless you are playing on a low level.

- Skill Sequence: There's no other way around. You need the early Command: Protect as well.

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There are some people who likes to play with a full AP runepage. I won't tell you to don't do it, but it doesn't work as well with Orianna since Command: Dissonance wastes an insane amount of mana and a low mana caster is pretty much, a useless one.

That's why we are going to have those mana reg. seals to give us the lane sustain we need to harrash our enemy.

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The masteries are not a problem, I believe none of you need an explanation of a caster runepage. Pretty basic and simple, and if you don't have that knowledge, just follow this guide without any doubt.

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We want to start with Boots of Speed to be very aggresive on lane. If you are not aggresive you are not gonna reach your character's full potential. Orianna has something that not many casters do, which is a constant harrashment while being in a safe position, if you don't take advantage of this, there is no reason for you to play her.

After your first recall grab 1-2 Doran's Ring depending how much gold you got. In some games you could even consider grab another, depending how your laning is good. This item is just great for her.

The next step is grabbing yourself a Needlessly Large Rod and Sorcerer's Shoes. Complete Rabadon's Deathcap. Now you would have enough damage. Rylai's Crystal Scepter must be your next item for the survival, not only thanks to the extra health, but also having slow moving the ball around, which can save you in many cases. Some people would say to grab Rod of Ages but I don't see that working as good as Rylai's Crystal Scepter.

Once you got all of these items, by that time, your enemies might have some chunk of magic resist. Grab a Void Staff. If your enemies aren't grabbing that much magic resist, skip this item or you can switch your Sorcerer's Shoes for Ionian Boots of Lucidity but this depends on your playstyle. I like timming my abilities correctly and drop all my burst, since there is less time to react to your enemies than lowering your cds to have more spam.

To complete the build we need to keep in mind different things:

- If you are playing against a double AP Carry team, don't doubt it even once, grab yourself a Banshee's Veil

- If you are having troubles with their AD Carry doing a insane amount of damage Zhonya's Hourglass is your best shot, not only for the armor, but for the Active use, that can give your team some time to help you or Flash away to safety.

- In some very weird cases where their physical damage it's too much to handle, I would keep in mind items like Frozen Heart or Guardian Angel.

Just keep in mind that a dead champion can't do any damage. There's no point having 650 ap while having 1300 HP and you get easily killed, doesn't matter how good your positioning is.

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Skill Sequence

Our main spell is gonna be Command: Attack there's nothing to argue about it. Follow the guidelines on the Skill Sequence and good things will happen. Max. Command: Dissonance is not a good idea for two different reasons: First, it consumes ****loads of mana, and second and most important, you need to drop first your Command: Attack.

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Orianna is a very unique caster and has a completely different play style than many of the rest. To be a good Orianna you need to do more than simply spam your spells.


The most unique thing of this champion is the gameplay of her laning phase. As I mentioned before, the most important thing is being aggresive. During the laning phase you MUST always have your ball in front of you to zone out your enemy and give you the chance to free harrash him/her with Command: Attack while staying in a safe spot without getting some harrashment back to you.

While zoning this way, you force your opponent to play deffensive, giving you easy farming while you keep them away from farming, but the most important thing is that you can keep harrashing while farming, which is something just great.

If you manage to master this gamestyle you will do great things with Orianna.

Third person gameplay:

One of the best moves that makes the difference between a average or a good player is using the ball on your team mates, specially on your iniciator with Command: Protect, that will give your team two things: First, giving the iniciator a good shield, second, the chance to use Command: Dissonance or Command: Shockwave if he/she managed to get into a good spot between your enemy team, but this is pretty rare and shouldn't be your first choice.

Always remember that you won't always be on range to reach your enemies but some of your team mates with charges such as Bandage Toss ( Amumu), Audacious Charge ( Xin Zhao) and so on will give you the chance to pop up that slow ( Command: Dissonance) into them, allowing your team and more important, yourself, to reach them.

The Shockwave:

A perfect timming on your ultimate Command: Shockwave will make a amazing difference and could decide a teamfight. Basically you have two ways to tackle this:

You can use it the most common way, which is trying to lure as much as you can together and use Command: Shockwave followed by Command: Dissonance. In most of the cases this would be the most effective, giving your team the chance to put down some aoe damage into them as well as other kind of CC while they are stacked in the same spot.

You could use it as well if you manage to get someone out of position right before a teamfight starts, if you manage to do a good combo with Command: Attack > Command: Shockwave > Command: Dissonance and then using Ignite and throw another ball if needed you will probably win the teamfight due to being 4 v 5. (Note that this person must be a carry, especially a AD carry since they used to be more squizy to kill on your combo).

Melee range gameplay:

Never forget that if you didn't drop the ball with Command: Attack the ball is attached to your body, which means you can use your Command: Dissonance and Command: Shockwave on melee range. This is very useful as a defensive tool if some melee is on you, you can easily kite him just using yourself as a ball-location.

This can also be used as a offensive move, but the cases are very rare. If you ever find yourself in a situation where your teams are on your melee range, don't even doubt about it, because most of them will be so busy trying to dodge your ball that they won't expect it.

As usual you will find all these stuff out by yourself as the games go on; you will keep getting better at it. Keep playing with her, follow my tips and you will be a happy Orianna.

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