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Orianna Build Guide by lolepicfails

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author lolepicfails

Orianna: I Know What Makes Them Tick...

lolepicfails Last updated on August 18, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi Guys, this is my first build on the site. I play Orianna regularly with this build and it has never failed me yet. This guide will show you how to get the most out of Orianna and how she can potentially be the best champion in the game. Enjoy!!!!

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is a champion who strongly relies on her ball and it's positioning. For anyone who plays Orianna you should know that her throw range is shorter than the leash range. This is used great for scouting because the ball works as its own ward. Orianna has an extremely short cooldown on her ball having almost constant AoE damage if used right. The reasoning for my build with Orianna is attack speed is for 1 of 2 reasons. The ball alone won't keep a heavy melee champion or ad off of you even if you are fed. Secondly because while this build gives her enough ap to do Orianna's ball damage, it also gives her constant DPS while controlling the ball basically making her 2 champions. Orianna, and the ball.
If it wasn't for her Passive Clockwork Windup then this build would not be viable.

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Pros / Cons

Normal damage as an AP caster early game
Great DPS Late game
Chases like a beast using Command: Dissonance, runs away even faster
Ball grants vision and acts as a ward
Great utility spells
Not as focused as an ad carry (to their mistake you do a **** ton as well)
Thornmail won't affect her because her passive and her items deal magic damage so rip through those bastards.

If you happen to be focused all the time. if you go straight ap or my build you are dead
The Time it takes the ball to get from point A to point B can be lengthy
If Command: Shockwave is used improperly you can bring your enemies closer.
Ball needs to be positioned correctly do deal damage.
She will never love anyone but the ball because she is a robot. Not even Mordekaiser can tap that

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Abilities: Commanding the Ball

Command: Attack
This is what I start with sequentially leveling it up at levels 1,3,5,7, and 9 It scales very well and is the front of her attack. The positioning of her ball is important. Most Oriannas will send the ball directly at someone's face... there is NO POINT IN THAT. The ball does damage as it goes through people, sub sequentially it will do less each target but still, its aoe on a short cd! placing the ball behind the enemy champ leading with Command:Dissonance will lead into a chase that is much easier than if you through it at their face, because now they can flash away.

FYI: Do not send the ball flying past them so far if they are in your face, that is just non-sense. Just enough to place it behind them to get your damage is what you need

Command: Dissonance
For obvious reasons this is a great utility. It is a speed for teammates if on them or if they simply run over it, and it is a slow for those opponents who walk over it. It can block pathways and it can help you escape, or chase. Extremely useful and also on a short cooldown, do not be shy with it.

Command: Protect
As stated earlier the ball should be thrown past the enemy so that when using this ability, with the right positioning whether it would be the ball returning to you or a champion that would make the balls return hit someone in its path. This ability basically makes any champion have their own shield, speed boost / slow, pull, and armor / magic resist source. It's extremely smart to keep it on yourself if you are being focused. When in team fights, whomever gets focused the most on your team should receive this. (big obvious)

Command: Shockwave
This ability will send targets flying over the ball in the direction that they are positioned to it. If your ball is placed between you and the enemy and you want them near you, using this will send them to you, and the opposite, if the champion is between you and the ball, this will send them backwards allowing you to escape

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Summoner Spells

Flash for any champ playing mid aside of Kassadin and LeBlanc should need it. It is a utility to chase in pursuit along with Command: Dissonance or to get away using the same ability. Although Orianna is given plenty of advantages of escaping if her abilities are used properly, she is still squishy and the escape mechanism helps

Ignite is useful for your game-play mid because it can help secure kills, or stop annoying people like Swain from healing himself so powerfully when you're trying to knock his health down.

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Doran's Ring is a standard in my book. It will let Orianna stand middle without being too squishy because without it she does nearly no damage and cannot sit on someone too long.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity is next because with the masteries and runes she has no CDR which is extremely vital to an Orianna. This and Nashor's Tooth gives her about 35% CDR and with blue or an elixir it will be topped off.

Nashor's Tooth:
A vital piece for this build because of the cdr, the attack speed and the ability power on it. Clockwork Windup gets increased ratios due to ability power.

Malady: This item is grabbed because there is ability power and attack speed again. The passive allowing her to shred her targets and deal additional damage makes for a nice additional burst due to her passive. This also reduces their magic resist each hit. By the end of the game Orianna will have 2.5 attack speed, so this comes in handy.

Wit's End: Wit's end is where Orianna gets some resistance and additionally doing more damage with her auto attacks which scales with Clockwork Windup, Malady, and the additional damage that is being dealt from having Wit's End

Madred's Blood Razor: I include this item because it is frustrating when you have a champion come up to you basing on your face and all you have is that ball to send flying around. When you have consistent dps this madred's bloodrazor now stacks with malady, wits end, and her passive, they shouldn't be able to stay on you for too long because while you are simply auto attacking you have complete control of the ball, keep that in mind!!!!!

Rabadon's Deathcap
: By the end of the day Orianna is still an AP caster and as such her ball strength should be increased for those moments you cannot close in on your opponents. Using this increases the damage Dealt with her ball, with her passive, overall increasing both aspects of her dps.



Frozen Mallet This Item is also another alternate to Rabadon's Deathcap Some people may feel it is more ideal that since this orianna build is built off of attack speed, that Frozen Mallet will provide much more help. Since you are already attack at 2.5 attack speed late game, this will help keep people from running while giving you a big boost in health which is needed. Some others may argue and suggest that Rylai's Crystal Scepter is better simply because the AP boost increases damage on Clockwork Windup

Rylai's Crystal Scepter This item is an alternate to Rabadon's Deathcap. The reason being is that it provides slow to your abilities. It is a source of health and more ability power. Taking this gives Orianna more survivability especially into the late game where it is needed to keep up with everyone's late game builds.

Note To Self:
If for some reason their team is squishy DO NOT GET Madred's Bloodrazor because it is over kill. Get Guinsoo's Rageblade instead. This increases her damage decently but takes slightly longer to build up than just instantly being at 2.5 attack speed.

Orianna's early game, unless she is extremely farmed and is further in her build, is very Mage like. She doesn't display any difference from a regular AP caster Orianna build until she builds Malady.

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Because of the item build she is using, Orianna doesn't build for CDR in her mastery page. Instead she goes for attack speed which is the primary focus of her damage. Getting Havoc increases her damage slightly. Her masteries do however support her movement speed and her AP ratios which is very important to Orianna.

I take Weapon Expertise over Arcane Knowledge because the items that I've selected for this build already provide you with CDR to make up for this. So grabbing weapons expertise gives her stats that are not in her item build.

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Greater Mark of Insight: Orianna is a mage caster type. Just because my build focuses on her passive most doesn't mean magic pen isn't needed. It's actually very helpful! With all of her items dealing magic damage including her passive Clockwork Windup it is very important so that you leave a dent when you're in those fights.

Greater Seal of Replenishment
Greater Seal of Replenishment: Orianna early in early game desperately is mana hungry. Although her passive: Clockwork Windup helps her farm easier. She still wants to be able to harass with that ball until she gets some items. This allows her to initially have better sustain in lane. Once she gets Fiendish Codex she will be much better in case your jungle cannot provide you a Blue Buff

greater glyph of force: I prefer this glyph because it allows Orianna to gradually build ability power into late game and increasing her damage even more-so as she gets her items. Every little bit counts.

Greater quintessence of Potency: This helps Orianna with her early game giving her that more mage caster feel.

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Keep in mind that this build is reliant on her items. Since most of her damage is coming from on-hit effects it is vital to keep your farm up. Last hitting and clearing minion waves should always be a priority. Command: Attack is beneficial for getting that last minion hit and harassing the opponent at the same time. If for some reason you are being out-laned mid whether it be to ganks or a strong mid. You might want to consider Kage's Lucky Pick Which will help keep your damage up while you work on farming.

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Team Work

In a team fight I can only stress this enough, let others engage and you help them by doing so with the ball. Yes you can dish out damage, but not when you're dead. This build does give Orianna some defenses but she is still a squishy one. When in a team fight though you shred tanks and people with a lot of health to pieces, the ad carry or ap carry should be priority or whomever is fed!

If there is a Tanky DPS who is shredding everyone this would be the Perfect target for Orianna. They won't have much of a chance to do anything without having to run out of the fight. Usually try to save Command: Shockwave when champions start running away. Using it to initiate can be a waste unless it is used while the ball is placed on the initiator. Otherwise you can just juggle them for fun and will be useless.

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Bid You Farwell

I hope this guide will be somewhat useful and enjoyable as you try her out with this build. It truly amazes me the damage that she deals and the potency she has once she reaches full build. All in all, Orianna is a great champion, But just because this is a build that I found works, doesn't mean it will work for everyone. Everyone has their own play style, and not everyone can play every champion. Where a regular Orianna may fall off a bit lategame an Orianna using this build is meant to last.

~Best of Luck
IGN:Lord Tubbington

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Believe it or not this build still works for Orianna :) I have been doing numbers and they just seem to have made this build better for her. I am even seeing more ADC Oriannas taking on a full AD build which I can create if we are all interested