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Orianna Build Guide by KillaTheNinja

Orianna-「☆iRavage」-Complete + Detailed Guide

Orianna-「☆iRavage」-Complete + Detailed Guide

Updated on February 1, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author KillaTheNinja Build Guide By KillaTheNinja 225 42 905,741 Views 131 Comments
225 42 905,741 Views 131 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author KillaTheNinja Orianna Build Guide By KillaTheNinja Updated on February 1, 2012
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Hola, Killa the baddest Ninja of them all here...with my first build. Please excuse the typos that you will undoubtedly come across. I bought Orianna day 1 and fell in love instantly. Great animations, charm, and she offers SO much to any team. Have played more than a few games with her and this is just a basic build that I usually go with, and I usually do pretty well. Would love some constructive feedback after you've given it a try!
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Pros / Cons-

    Excellent harasser.
    Great range.
    Great chaser.
    Decent health scaling.
    VERY useful in teamfights.
    Tons of AOE.
    Very maneuverable
    Great at scouting.
    :3 Amazing charm.

    Squishy during laning phase.
    Damage falls off a bit late game.
    Mana intensive early game.
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Great on any ability power using champion. Orianna especially due to her being able to spam her attacks for decent damage over time and great early game bursts.
Also great on any mana intensive champion. Mana problems will stay at a minimum by mid game.
Great on any caster champion and highly recommended for Orianna.
15AP right off the bat. Great for any caster.


To help with her squishyness in the laning phase. I recommend with AP quints , since you shouldn't be taking that much damage thanks to your range.
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A spell good on just about any champion. A great escape and gap closer.
Works very well with your combos and finishing off your prey.
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NOTE: Mobafire doesn't calculate the extra damage from the passive of Rabadon's Deathcap. Your final AP should be around 650, with a ton of magic penetration.

Starting Items

and 3x

and 2x

I highly recommend starting with boots + 3 pots.

**NOTE: Do NOT start Doran's Ring. Preferably you want to start with boots since you'll be going mid and facing champions with a lot of skill shots. Boot's gives you both an easier time dodging them and sustaining in case you do take damage.

Early game goals

+ + OR

Stay in your lane and farm as long as you can. During your first shop you're going to want to have a Catalyst The Protector catalyst the protector and some boots . If you've farmed really well, then go ahead and get Sorcerer's Shoes to go with your Catalyst.

***If you're not doing so well then I recommend you get a two Doran's Ring on your first trip back. This gives you a nice chunk of early AP, HP, and mana regen. It's a cheap alternative just to give you a little push.

NOTE: The CD boots work great on her as well, it's all about preference. If the team has a decent amount of CC then get Merc Treads !!!

Continue to farm, harass, get kills/assists, gank if needed. By the end of the early-game phase you should have your Sorcerer's Shoes and Rod of Ages in your inventory. If you're doing really well, then maybe even a blasting wand. If the tides are on your side, then I suggest you hold off on the Blasting Wand and save for a Needlessly Large Rod instead.

Mid game goals

By now hopefully you've gotten a kill or two, held steady in your lane, farmed well, and you're working towards your Rabadon's Deathcap . You should be farming your lane or wolves/wraith camp if your jungler doesn't mind, and if not that then roaming around for possible ganks for more money.

This is the point where you want to stay on top of blue buff. Orianna is great at controlling team-fights along with pushing and pokes, and your team should be aware and taking advantage of this. You guys should always be making something happen when Orianna has blue-buff. Of course you shouldn't just rush at the enemy team with no thought, but a good Orianna with blue-buff definitely puts the positive outcome in their teams favor.

Late game goals


If the match is not over by now, then these are great picks to give Orianna some defense and damage output. They're pretty straight forward...MR, Health, Mana, Armor,and a ton of AP.

Zhonya's Hourglass gives 100AP and 50AR to yourself. Great mid-late game item, and it's active ability (activated by clicking the item in your inventor, or pressing the number key depending on which slot it's in) can be a life saver...whether it's to give your team time to draw the enemy going for you away, to counter a Karthus ultimate, avoiding damage after a snare...etc. It comes in handy in a lot of different situations.
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How To Play Orianna


As Carry Orianna, you most definitely are going to want to take mid. Your range, abilities, and passive all make you an extremely good mid choice. You should be able to easily out-farm and out-harass almost any other mid champion. Like any other carry, your main focus early should be about farming. A farmed Orianna is one of the biggest fears in the game, so farm your *** off. Whenever your possible, you should get blue from your jungler. It helps a ton with your farming and harass, and Orianna is pretty mana hungry early game. Try to keep your ball behind the minions and poke your enemy every now and again with Command:Attack and sometimes your Command:Attack + Command:Dissonance combo to soften them up for a jungler gank, or for yourself to kill. Keeping the ball behind enemy minions means that when you use your Command:Attack to poke the enemy champion, your ball wont be going through the minions, thus it does more damage.

Jungler ganks with Orianna work extremely well due to her Command:Dissonance slowing them, and your Command:Shockwave which pull them towards your ball depending on its position, making sure they don't escape. Be aware if the enemy has flash up or don't want you and your jungler using your ultimates only to have the enemy flash and escape, and it all be a waste. I suggest you have your jungler fake a gank to get them to burn flash, and a bit later you both can go in for an assured kill.

A mid Orianna should also gank other lanes every so often. The chances of you getting a kill/assist from ganking with Orianna is largely in your favor thanks to her have a slow , passive vision from her ball, and your ultimate which makes sure your prey does not escape.

Cliffs; During laning you should be farming, harassing, and getting jungler ganks to pick up kills/assists. Gank occasionally for more kills/assists. Farming, kills, and assists all equal money, and Orianna needs money. Get blue buff from your jungler whenever you can.

Mid to Late-Game

This is the time when Orianna is at her best. You ALWAYS want to have blue buff, and you want to ALWAYS be doing something...never just stand around. Scout with your Q and farm your jungle constantly for gold and experience. If not that, then make sure to keep your lanes clean of enemy minion waves. Thanks to your awesome W ability, you can get across the map very quickly, and with your Q ability to ward bushes...safely. You're very mobile and wipe out minions quickly, so there is no excuse for you to miss a team fight!


Team fights are what Orianna do best. Make sure you stay in the back like any smart ranged character should.

A general rule in team-fights is to constantly keep Ball moving around! Every time Ball moves and comes into contact with an enemy then damage will be done.

Another General rule is shield your carry with your E which also gives magic resist AND armor! Don't forget that your W acts as a slow and speed boost for both chasing and escaping!

Another general rule is do not forget you have Rylai's! Make sure your teams main target does not escape.

Orianna's ult WILL quickly turn the tides of a team-fight. What you want to do is wait for the right positioning of your enemies. When they're all as close as you think they're gonna get (don't wait too late), and the fighting has already begun, use your Q to position Ball near the middle of the enemy group,your ult for a *very good burst* of damage and a mild knock up+stun,and then your W for another burst and to slow while they're all in the middle. Trust me...your team will love your for this.
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Tips to remember-

Tip 1:Use your best judgement for when it's time to get a kill. Use your range, speed of Ball, and deceptiveness of your ults range to your advantage!!! Remember, harassing with auto-attack during laning phase isn't bad at all!

Tip 2: Remember that when you use your Q to throw your ball outwards, the E to bring it back also does some nice damage! You can use your Q to throw into minions, W to kill off the caster minions, and E to shield yourself and kill the melee minions along the way back.

Tip 3: Remember with your ult you want to get as many enemies as possible! Don't use it too early, but don't wait too late either. Your ult turns the tides of team fights. Remember to position the ball with Q , use your ult when you think the time is right, then burst damage with W . Next use E to shield whoever on your team is dealing damage, or someone else if their low on health and being targeted.
Tip 4: KEEP THE BALL MOVING AT ALL TIMES IN TEAM FIGHTS! If you're not, you're playing Orianna terribly wrong. The more Ball moves, the more damage done!

Tip 5: Orianna is a GREAT farmer and money shouldn't be a problem if your constantly doing something and not just standing around. Make sure to buy wards whenever you can!

Tip 6: Remember that even after the shield from your E is gone, whoever the ball is protecting gets constant armor and magic resist from the passive on your E .

Tip 7: In the mid lane try to keep your ball behind the enemy minions and poke your enemy every now and again with Command:Attack . Since it's not going through minions to hit your opponent it'll be doing more damage...and those pokes really hurt.

Tip 8: ALWAYS take the mid-lane. The farm and level-advantage makes you so extremely beastly, and it gives you an advantage towards more and successful ganks.

Before ganking (with or without your jungler), you should quickly clear out the entire minion wave. After, use your Command:Dissonance to get to the lane your ganking quickly before mid has a chance to notice the mia. Maybe get your jungler to cover mid while you're gone so they'll think you recalled. Gank, hopefully get a kill, and profit! :]

Tip 9: You want to ALWAYS get blue-buff whenever possible. Always see if your jungler can afford to give you blue during his routes, and your lane will be a complete breeze. I can't stress enough, when you see a chance to get blue-buff then TAKE IT!
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:] Thanks for reading! Thumbs up if you like, and if you decide to thumbs down then please leave a comment as to why so that I can re-evaluate. I'm sure I'll find some better things that work the more I play her, so the guide may be changed in time.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author KillaTheNinja
KillaTheNinja Orianna Guide
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Orianna-「☆iRavage」-Complete + Detailed Guide

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