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Orianna Build Guide by Absolute.0

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Absolute.0

Orianna's Q & A - Ask me anything guide.

Absolute.0 Last updated on April 17, 2013
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About me.


My name is Absolute.0, author of:

AP Master Yi - The Need To Know Guide
Lux's Q & A - Ask me anything guide.

Been playing for around 2 years now,
currently placed at Silver I: Teemo's Scout with more than 1000 wins at my normal queue.


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Read Me!

For those of you who have read my Lux's Q & A - Ask me anything guide., you already know what this guide is and how it works.

For those who haven't, Please check it out.

Here's the deal,
This guide has NOTHING.

No Skill explanation,
No Item explanation,
No Mastery, Runes or Gameplay explanation.

The idea is for you to think of a question about Orianna,
then post it at the comment section.

You can ask me ANYTHING that comes to your mind.
and I'll post those comment together with answer at a section below.
I'll even PM you to let you know your question(s) got answered!!

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Read Me! 2.0

Before you pre-judge me and press that downvote button, here's my reason for doing this...

1) My Lux's Q & A - Ask me anything guide. had received good feedback from my viewers and currently stands at 65% rating, not that high, but not bad either.
So apparently it worked, if this second "Ask me anything guide" will have the same positive feedback then i might do this again with other champions.

Note: I will not do an "Ask me anything regarding Any champ" guide if that's what you're thinking, I will only tell you what to do if i know what i'm talking about. same with scouting guides, i only comment on those champions that i know.

2) I am currently working on an Orianna guide, a FULL guide. this will help me better understand what my viewer want to know about her aside from those normally appearing in a guide.
Questions that are ask here and not fully addressed at my full guide will be copy/paste to that said full guide so you'll still se it when that one got publish.
Note: With that in mind. Please note that since i am already 76% complete with the full guide, in probably weeks,


So there, those are my reasons.
I will be checking this every day so ask away!!! o_O


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Q & A

Aerzebeth wrote:

Ask you anything? Ok.

2 points in Tough Skin? As Orianna? Really? You do know this mastery only concerns the monster camps in the jungle, not the minion waves, right? What purpose would that serve?

4 points in Attack Speed? Are these not wasted? Her Passive encourages you to Auto-Attack, but come on, this doesn’t make Orianna an AS champion…Not that it's totally wrong, but it needs an explanation.

There is nothing precised about it, so I guess this is an AP Carry build : you gain no early Armor through Runes or Masteries, so you’re left with your base Armor value, which is of…8 : this is the 5th lowest base armor of the 112 champions, ex aequo with Lux : what if you are to face a Talon or a Zed mid?

Tough Skin is sheer stupidity on my part, im really sorry.

4 points in attack speed - why not? my reason is if i can get 1-2 more hits before my enemy is out of my range then that's another 20-40% of my current ap i took away from his HP, not counting my base AD and Clockwork Windup's base damage.

about the armor part - I set those runes and mastery with the idea that i'll most likely be facing AP in mid. if by chance i go up against Talon or Zed mid. my advice is to buy an early Seeker's Armguard and max Command: Protect over Command: Attack, it passively gives you armor and mres. plus a shield.


Satella wrote:

Why do you take Barrier, 22/8/0 masteries, MS quints, scaling MR seals (which are secondary runes), Tough Skin , and that skill order?

Barrier - personal preference. feel free to swap with Ignite or Teleport.

MS Quint - For better movement speed, I move a lot. again, preference.

Scaling Mres seals - even being secondary it's only .03 lower than the glyph version (primary), and it's better to use glyph for raw Ability power than Mres in my opinion.

Tough Skin - again, stupidity on my part.

skill order - I max Command: Dissonance for more damage output and better slow.
I max Command: Attack 2nd for lower CD enabling more often movement of The Ball which i deemed more needed over Command: Protect. But the skill order is not set in stone, I sometimes max Command: Protect over Command: Attack if i think i need bigger shield over moving The Ball.


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