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Ornn Build Guide by spacegamerking

Jungle Ornn tank jg (a true friend)

Jungle Ornn tank jg (a true friend)

Updated on December 10, 2019
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League of Legends Build Guide Author spacegamerking Build Guide By spacegamerking 69 5 103,442 Views 5 Comments
69 5 103,442 Views 5 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author spacegamerking Ornn Build Guide By spacegamerking Updated on December 10, 2019
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Font of Life

Magical Footwear
Future's Market

+8 ability haste
+5 Armor
+15-90 HP (lvls 1-18)


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


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the point of this guide is not to make a extremely overpowered jg that can solo everyone, my take on Ornn in the jg is not to get kills myself, but to focus on heavy ganking, and making sure that my lains are always ahead, I will almost never take the kill when I gank, the reason I never try to take a kill is because I want my lain to get ahead, this makes Ornn extremely powerful, because if you team is ahead in early to mid-game, you are gonna have a really good time in late-game,

I use the most of the early game on farming, and get my jg item as fast as I can, but I once I hit lvl 6 I will go more inside the enemy jg and try to steal some camps, I want to use as much time in the enemy jg as I can, because if the enemy lainer over steps and I'm in the enemy jg, they have no way to get away from my ult, (unless I **** up totally or they have a million dashes). when we get in late game, you wanna use the most of your time supporting your time or getting objectives, you are the make or break champ in team fights so you always gotta be around for the fight
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core build items

my first item after the jg item is iceborn gauntlet, I rush this item so I can get it's on-hit passive, and it also makes me more tanky so that is just a win/win, and for the people saying that trinity force would be better, I just wanna point out, that Ornn's base dmg is pretty good, and I don't care about the extra dmg, I prioritize the extra armor and mana more then the dmg

now that you can have 2 of Ornn's master items, you also need a Frozen Fist

at this point, you are gonna lag some mobility, so I would recommend buying you boots at this point,

after that, I get an abyssal Mask to get some magic resistance, and it helps me have mana at all time

at last, I would go with a Locket of the Iron Solari, this is a very impotent part of your build, because it helps your team to stay alive in team fights, so you can hold then stunned and they can kill them without the risk of an assassin to one-shot them.

lastly, I take a Warmog's Armor to get a little bit more tanky and to get a ton of sustain.
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my runes are a bit different from others, I go a really defensive rune page, and I favor my tank stats over dmg.

first of all my first skill tree is Resolve

the first rune I take is Aftershock, I take this due to the fact that it extremely good with your kit duo to all your cc, this rune will activate when you immobilize an enemy, you will get a small Amor and MR buff and after 2.5 seconds you will deal Dmg in a small circle around you

the next rune I take Font of Life, the reason I take this is again because I want to make sure that my team can get a free heal in a team fight, if you hit an R on a full team and your ADC just go crazy on them you have a pretty good chance of winning the fight

for the third rune, I take Conditioning, there is a very simple reason I take this rune, it good at making your late game a lot better, thing this rune does is that after 10 min it buffs your Amor and Mr

for the last rune in this tree I take Overgrowth, don't take this if you are bad at farming, the only reason I take this is that I make sure that I at least get the 200 farm, if you want to focus less on farming just take, Revitalize

now for the other skill tree i go inspiration

and the first rune I take in this tree is futurist's market, the reason I take this is because it is broken with Ornn's passive, it let you buy items before you have enough gold, and duo to the fact that Ornn can buy all over the map

the last rune I take is [Magical Footwear], I take this for the very simple reason that I save some money on my boots, and it gives me the opportunity to rush some items faster

for the bonus runes you want to go for as much tank stats and hp as possible
therefore I go for
- CD rune
- AMOR rune
- HP rune

but this is totally up to you
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Creeping / Jungling how to start

you wanna go for the blue buff first, it supplies you with the mana you need for the jg clear, Hp is not gonna be a problem for you, because you are able to buy the second part of your jg item after the second camp

( you can only make a Lvl 2 gank on top if you start blue side, otherwise, you need to be Lvl 3)

when you hit Lvl 2 either go for an early gank on top or just keep farming

you wanna keep a lot of wards around the rivers, feel free to place a ward on topside riverbush to make sure you can get a safe gank some time later
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Farming camps

the way I clear the camps is, let's say red buff, I go up to the camp, hit it one time, then go a little back and use q, directly after I q (try to animation cancel if you can), then use a w for the dmg, and after that I E to dmg and stun the buff giving me a second more to hit it.

this is the way I find the best, I never really get hit while doing the combo and I du a ton of dmg

one of the things you wanna make sure you have a lot of control about is the drake.

With base knowledge of ward control you can easily take drake after a good gank on bot,

with you and a your botlane the most jg champs can't really counter you since you can zone them pretty hard

if it gets down to a fight, your job is to make the enemy stay away from your carrys , while still being sure to could smite the drake when it is low enough
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Pros and Cons

- you can turn the game in your favor, one good r is what it takes to win the game, but this also puts a lot of pressure on you
- you are tanky and can play a really safe front-line
- if you play Ornn jg you need to understand that not everything is about you, don't care if you get the kills or someone ks, you are a second support and you will get a lot better overall and have a lot more fun if you learn to look at your teammates as a team

- you are under a lot of pressure, you team WILL expect you to hit every single R and they will most likely get a bit mad if you don't hit it, you need to keep calm all game or you WILL lose

- you are not a carry, you are made for helping the carry, if you have a bad team or even a single troll or afk your game will most likely fall apart

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how to gank top

- if you start at blue site
the best thing you can do is to pull off a Lvl 2 gank on top, but you can only do this if, your top lainer have poked them a little bit down, and if the enemy is pushing,

after lvl 6
if the enemy is pushing then start by getting close to hit a slow, after you have hit you q, go for a E if they are close to the pillar, but if they got away try to use a W to get a posible knock-up, you wanna lock them down long enough for you lainer to kill them

if they are defending and are close to there tower, start by going to the bush at top lainer and use your R to let your top lainer get some free dmg in on them

- if you start red site
for this you wanna make sure that the river bush isn't warded, you need to be in the bush, wait for them to push there lain, then engage, try to land a W on the enemy and then use your ult to lookdown them,

a creative way you can gank from the red site is to go to the enemy jg and go to the bush beside the top tower, the almost never ward here, then engage with you R and surprise them
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ganking on mid and on bot

as I said before, you are gonna use the most of you time pre 6 at top site,

therefor I almost only gank mid and bot after lvl 6, of course, I will gank if it is a free kill or they are stupidly overextended

but the way I gank these lains, is that I will engage with my R and thereafter try to look down then with the passive from my R and my W Q E combo, but as I have said! I don't take the kills! let the lainer get them!
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Team Work

in team fights you need to be at the frontline all the time, you are tanky so shield your teammates, you also need to either be the one that starts the fight with an E stun or an R stun. or you can be the one that follow-up on any form of cc with you R

in fights, I take at least 1 kill if I can, but I never try to ks or anything, the more kills I can give to my team the better, and that is because Ornn is not a solo carry champ, he can't win a game just because he is feed, you need to have a good team that can follow you up, you are great at helping your team get free kills, but it is hard to carry a game alone

top is the place I will gange the most, I can't really describe it but it is the place I fell I get the most successful ganks
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fighting 1v1

when you are fighting someone 1v1, you key to winning is to land your W as often as you can, that way you can get a free knock-up, plus a lot of dmg, if you are up against an assassin, this is the way you almost always win,

but if you need to 1v1 a tanklike Dr. Mundo you need to land your W first and then right after use your e to get a stun more in, after that you want to go a little bit back and then use your q, you can most of the time repeat this until you win, safe my ult for when I have gotten the enemy on low health, and can make a full combo on him + my ult to secure the kill
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Ranked Play

in ranked flex, this can be game-breaking good, this is a really good champ to build a compo around, you can make some sick combos, but I would not really recommend playing this in solo/duo

you simply really to much on your team, and this is 10x better if you play with people you are talking with

thx for reading my guide <3 have a great day
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Ornn vs -


i wanna give you a look at the jg match-ups

it should be said that i don't judge him in 1v1, again this is not the point of my Ornn jg,
an example can be aatrox, if it was 1v1 he would defiantly be a HARD, but since Ornn counter him hard in teamfihts he is only a MEDIUM

MEDIUM Aatrox is really tricky to deal with, he has a really good in engage and he has a lot of life-steal, he is able to hold you down and he has enough heal to not care about you lock-down, you should never trade with him 1v1, especially not in the late-game, but this is the magic of this guide, you never want to 1v1, you are perfect at dealing with Aatrox in teamfights, aatrox can't life-steal if you focus all your lockdown on him while the 4 monkeys on your team burst him down

EASY Amumu is really easy to deal with, there is nothing he can do to you in 1v1, you have a more cc then him and more dmg (unless he is full ap)

he is a strong teamfight pick normally, but this is the 2 things that can happen

1. he use all his cc on you : in this case you can just tank it all and protent nothing happend at all, now he have no cc to stun your carry in teamfights

2: he uses his cc on a carry : now he is in a really awkward position, because now you can freely use your R to stun him or his backline, this is really good because he depend on a folow up from his team, you can make sure that never happens

HARD Camille can make your life hard all game long, in the early game she have a lot of dmg that easily can tear through your armor, and her true dmg dose not make this better at all

she is also a problem because she is so flashy, she can easily dodge your cc

but the real problem is in teamfights, she can isolate you or your carry's with her R Hextech Ultimatum

she can hit you with it and give her team a little bit of time to remove you from the fight
or she can use it on a carry and burst them down before you even have a chance to get back in the fight
she has enough dmg to kill almost any target before your R have connected to the fight after you have been knocked away

EASY Cho'Gath is not really a problem at all, he has a really weak early game and is not in the current meta good in late game
you become so tanky so his dmg doesn't really matters

he is most likely not going to target you since he know he can't kill you
he is going to try to burst your carry's down and eat them with his R Feast

you can deal with this really easily by buying a Locket of the Iron Solari
but you gotta learn to time it right,
use it to early and he will get a free kill
use it to late and he will get a free kill

but even if he has gotten your carry's low he still need to get to them

:enters Ornn and his lovely cc

HARD Diana diana is a big problem for your team, she has probably the best ''all in'' potential in the game, she is not gonna care about your cc because she can just R Lunar Rush, if you try to focus her she is jut going to R to another person that is isolated from you
if you are hugging you carrys you are gonna have to deal with all her burst dmg from her Q Crescent Strike and her passive Moonsilver Blade

if you wanna deal with a Diana i recommend that you try hitting an E right after her R
this way you can knock her up and give your team a little time to kill her

MEDIUM Dr. Mundo is not the biggest problem, he can be a pain in the ***, but as long as you don't fight him alone you are safe

Ornn is good vs Dr. Mundo in fights due to the fact that you can zone Dr. Mundo really hard, he will never get to your backline without burning a flash if you play it right, and he does not deal enough dmg to intensely kill your carrys, so even if he burns a flash you still have plenty of time to cc him

and if there team is heavy on the AD side you can buy a Thornmail facetank him while the monkeys kills him now that he have the de-buff from Grievous Wounds

HARD you are gonna have a really hard time vs Ekko, he can easily, steal camps from you if you don't ward right, and because of his leap from Phase Dive, he can just steal a camp or 2 and E over a wall and be safe

you are never going to connect your cc onto him because of his E Phase Dive and his R Chronobreak
he is really slippery and can dive your backline, oneshot a carry, and jut Chronobreak back to his team before you even get a chance to stun him

he also is one of the champs that have no problem at all killing you beside your tank stats, mostly due to his 3 hit passive Z-Drive Resonance
and if he has a Void Staff he is gonna rip you to pieces

if you wanna deal with Ekko try to hold on to your R Call of the Forge God until he have used

size=100 HARD

size=100 HARD

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