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Not Updated For Current Season

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Brand Build Guide by Mast3rBlast3r

Ouch, That Burned.

Ouch, That Burned.

Updated on July 10, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mast3rBlast3r Build Guide By Mast3rBlast3r 3,766 Views 4 Comments
3,766 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Mast3rBlast3r Brand Build Guide By Mast3rBlast3r Updated on July 10, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite



What's up everyone this is my first guide. So be gentle. I find that my play style is a bit different than the usual Brand and it takes a little getting used to, so don't knock it until you try it! Before we start know one thing with Brand, you are playing a caster that deals massive damage... use the time you're alive to its fullest potential!
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Pros / Cons


  • Extremely High Damage Output
  • Great Combo Character
  • Good Farming Abilities
  • Versatile, can lane or Solo


  • Occasional Mana Issues
  • Piss enough people off, you WILL get focused
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Summoner Spells

Main Summoner Spells

Flash & Ignite Having Flash and Ignite are (to me) the two best Summoner Spells. Take into consideration you are getting improved flash from the Utility Tree while I explain why. Flash will give you the aggressiveness/escapes you can use to be so useful. Early game you can Flash in to either Ignite to get a kill or even Sear someone for a stun/kill. Now we all know how useful Flash is for escaping, running towards that wall or treeline to get a quick escape or even find yourself overextended and need to B in a hurry. These two are most useful to me and MY play style.


Optional Summoner Spells

To be honest the only other Summoner Spells I actually recommend are Ghost and or Clairvoyance I would only take one of these to accompany Ignite though. If you grab Ghost Make sure to switch your point in Utility to get the boost. However, getting Clairvoyance means you wont have any escape Spells which pretty much means you're dead in most cases.

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Generally if I play any caster Mark Magic Pen is the way to go, gives you a good Edge early on and will help throughout the entire game.

Greater Seal of Replenishment
Mana is going to be an issue at some points depending on how much you will be spamming your spells, this will help along with the utility points.

The way I build Brand and Rune him is for great effectiveness early having these will help get an early kill or even First Blood.

Again as I said before you will be dealing some great damage just at level one with these runes, helping you harass or get an early kill.
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Skill Sequence

Skill Sequencing

Now here is where the difference with my build to others. I prefer to max out Conflagration first I will explain why. Having you E at level one will be your main harassing ability, as soon as you can start using on your enemy you are focusing to start damaging them with the spell and with your passive. Next you will put your point into Pillar or Flame this move is great for farming we all know that, but what it is also great for is setting ablaze the minions in your lane; while doing this you can get your Conflagration to jump to all other minions and if you wait for the right moment when an enemy champion is close enough you'll hit them as well. Next point will go into Sear this is the move that makes all wishes come true. Being able to land a stun is great for killing, setting up, escaping, or anything else your heart desires. Whenever you get a chance to level up your Pyroclasm do it, it's amzaing. Make sure to keep leveling Conflagration until it is maxed, follow with Pillar of Flame leave Sear at level one just for the stun until all other moves are maxed and keep leveling your Pyroclasm when you can.


CCCCCombo-ing Skills

Single Targeting

--> -->
Here you will start with Conflagration to get the target blazed and a dot started. Follow with Sear to stun them in place, then Pillar of Flame since it will do 25% more damage to a blazed target.


Using these two while you're in your lane will piss off you opponent as much as possible. Being able to Pillar minions while Conflaging when the enemy champion is around and farm minions at the same time. If you become good enough to Conflagration then enemy and Pillar of Flame them for even more damage you can depending on if you know you will hit them.

Annihilation to whatever is in your path

--> --> -->
Using all four of your abilities in a row usually means something is going to die. Having the blaze effect on the target from Conflagration will make your Pillar of Flame hit harder, make Sear Stun, and Pyroclasm cleans up whatever is left over.

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Item Build

Out of the Base

Doran's Ring is the first item you'll be picking up. You'll be getting Health, Ability Power, and Mana Per 5 all in one item. Notice you have regen runes, utility tree regen, and this item to start, mana isn't a huge problem. Caution:You do NOT have health potions, means you will be taking damage and not popping a potion. You'll have to play smart.


Early-ish Game

On your first trip back you'll be grabbing Boots a slow Brand is a bad Brand. If you have enough to buy a Health Potion and Mana Potion pick up one of each.(If you got first blood or a kill you can get a Amplifying Tome as well.
Continue to do work come back and shop again, now grab Sorcerer's Shoes and one of each Health Potion and Mana Potion.
You have a choice here as well; depending on how your game is going and how much *** you're kicking you can opt for a Mejai's Soulstealer this entirely up to you if you are confident if continuing to kill without dying.


Mid Game-ish

You'll want to turn your Amplifying Tome a Rylai's Crystal Scepter so continue on to getting a Giant's Belt and Blasting Wand those two can be interchanged depending on if you are getting focused or just want to put out more damage.
Once you've finished Rylai's Crystal Scepter Move on towards grabbing Chain Vest and Needlessly Large Rod. You can take another path if you are not getting focused and run straight towards a Void Staff by getting an Amplifying Tome and Blasting Wand again this is up to you and how your game is going.


Late Game

Here's where babies are made. You'll either be close to having Void Staff or Zhonya's Hourglass depending on how you were building; if all was going great you could have finished one and started building the other. By this time with your items you'll have durability from Rylai's Crystal Scepter and Zhonya's Hourglass, plus you'll have decent AP and Magic Penetration from a Void Staff (if you built it).
If the game goes long enough you can invest in getting a Rabadon's Deathcap to continue lighting things on fire.


Optional Items

If there ever is a time where you really see that you NEED the Cd reduction you can also throw in a Elixir of Brilliance to get a slight edge on Cd's and AP.

In some cases you will have to go completely defensive which I don't do unless there is 3 or more enemy champions with CC or Nuking abilities. Building Banshee's Veil Will help survive against those annoying skill shots or casters in general. But will set you back in building that AP. Another item I have used before is Moonflair Spellblade buy this if you are going against those annoying opponents trying to CC you.

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Unique Skills


When having Zhonya's Hourglass I personally get out of some nasty situations. When you have it built bind it to a key of your choice and use it in some sticky situations. There will be times where you have a group focusing you great time to pop it and Flash away to safety. You can also have it at a time where you blow all of your moves and can just avoid taking damage, this is great for blowing up on someone and getting their attention being immune while letting your cool downs tick down and doing it all over again.

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Wrapping it up(Helps plan towards futures w/o babies also)

So this is pretty much how I play Brand. Some other things to note... This build took me a little while to get used to since you have to be aggressive at the right times and defensive at the right time. There is also some avenues you can go with the build just depending on the game, those are decisions you can make on your own, I attempted to lead you in the direction I take when playing, but to each there own.

Hope you can benefit from this! :D Good Luck!

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mast3rBlast3r
Mast3rBlast3r Brand Guide
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Ouch, That Burned.

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