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Bard Build Guide by NewTeff

Support gold


By NewTeff | Updated on November 11, 2020
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Cheap Shot
Eyeball Collection
Relentless Hunter

Nimbus Cloak

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Support Role
Ranked #6 in
Support Role
Win 52%
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Champion Build Guide


By NewTeff
DISCLAIMER, this build is not the best Bard build, but it is certainly one of the most fun ones, it works best while already having a bit of experience on Bard to know what and how to do stuff, also VAPORADARK IS BACK ON MOBAFIRE! He's one of the best guide writers, if not the best one on the entire site so if you need help regarding some other champions, i advise you to use his!
Bard is able to proc Electrocute by auto attacking once with his passive and his Q, no other rune is so good on Bard because of the quick harassment he's able to put on the enemy ADC.
Cheap Shot let's you harass your enemy ADC even harder, when you collect chimes all over the map your passive Traveler's Call will not only deal damage, it will also slow the enemy.
Ghost Poro provides additional wards for your Pepega teammates, maybe they will live to see another day or they'll ignore the minimap and die anyway.
Relentless Hunter it's good, makes your roams even faster, you get punished less for roams and you get more chimes
Celerity gives you a LOT of movement speed, which is what we want, roam a lot, get your team some kills, get some for yourself so it's easier for you to prepare kills for your team, be a 5Head
Scorch gives a lot of early poke dmg but falls of later in the game, can be swapped for either Waterwalking or Gathering Storm depending on what you need or what you prefer.
Your Q deals lots of damage, has decent scaling and is crucial for AP Bard, leveling it up quickly provides you with more than enough damage to destroy the enemy botlane, the better you are at skillshots the more rewarding your Cosmic Binding will get.
Caretaker's Shrine doesn't heal for a whole lot but the heal/movement speed from it can often save your adc or your own skin, place 3 shrines under tower or in safe place, if you use another Caretaker's Shrine directly on yourself or your ally it won't count as 'over the limit' and will not replace a shrine you already placed.
Magical Journey is your only mobility spell, the mana cost is low and it saves you time to travel around with it, but be careful, while in Magical Journey you cannot change directions or sidestep, making you an easy target for spells like Final Spark.
Tempered Fate very powerful ability that can turn any game around, use it often to try and get experience and the feeling when to use it and how, on whom.
ITEMS Back to Top
Relic Shield is a very interesting choice, it gives you the ability to help your adc push the wave and go for a roam and collect your chimes
Mobility Boots not as cheap as it was before, but still very good and overall the best choice, makes your roams faster and allows you to miss less XP.
Luden's Tempest gives you 20%CDR, 600 mana, 90 ability power and a passive effect upon reaching 100 charges while walking, the effect is to deal 100magic dmg (+10% of your ap) to up to 4 enemies on attack, your passive meep Traveler's Call procs it when it explodes on your enemy synergizing with it well.
Nashor's Tooth i like this item, it gives me enough attack speed to use the meeps faster than they spawn and allows me to trade faster minimizing the damage i take
Rapid Firecannon gives you the ability to either poke a bit or start a fight from a safer place, your meeps are going to slow the target you just hit so you'll have an easier time hitting your ultimate on a slowed target
as last item you should take something that depends purely on your own playstyle or whatever your team needs, like Morellonomicon, Shurelya's Battlesong, Zhonya's Hourglass, Twin Shadows
THREATS Back to Top
pretty much every heavy cc tank support like Thresh, Leona, Pyke etc. can punish you very hard since you're squishy when trying to play aggressive, try to play safe as much as possible and only go for trades when you know their spells are not up yet, when they're going for cs and/or make them as short as possible, wait for your jungler to gank you and only once you feel confident enough you can try to fight the enemy botlane without your jungler, this can feel annoying at times but that's the magic of this build, it's sometimes annoying to play but once you're able to oneshot the enemy adc it's very satisfying to see the enemy adc use allchat and tilt.
most adc's can outtrade you the longer you fight them, for example Draven, Lucian, Varus etc. this build is especially good for short trades that the enemy adc often can't react to, try to auto attack them with your Traveler's Call to punish them for going for cs.
lux syndrome supports like Lux, Brand, Zyra etc. are annoying to play against because of their high range skillshots that have high damage, try to play safely and punish when their abilities are on cooldown.
adc's like Kalista, Jhin, Twitch are kinda easy to play against because of your quick trades, but dont underestimate their damage, you need to have experience with this build to be able to tell when it's safe to trade and when not, with Jhin you should also wait until he uses his abilities and with Kalista you should have it in head that she still has her E which will punish you greatly if you go just even in the trade without her even using it
GOOD SYNERGY your favorite adc's to play with are adc's that can follow up on your engages well, like Tristana, Varus, Lucian etc. the follow-up these champions have when you stun the enemy adc is just as insane as the dmg you have.

BAD SYNERGY Ezreal, Kalista and Kog'Maw are the worst adc's to play with, while the dmg and all is fine, you need minions to hit your Cosmic Binding easier and Ezreal most probably won't be able to use his full potential because of the minions blocking his abilities, the ult of Kalista Fate's Call is mostly used to engage, hence it's not the best adc to play with, she makes you put yourself in danger while being squishy, Kog'Maw is not a bad adc at all, but it's bad with you, you don't buy items to protect him and he's too squishy to be able to do something on his own, all you have to protect him with is your spells and that's not enough.
League of Legends Build Guide Author NewTeff
NewTeff Bard Guide
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