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Pantheon Build Guide by Alfredounit7

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Alfredounit7

Pantheon, All of 300 in the heart of one.

Alfredounit7 Last updated on January 11, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Pantheon, In-Depth Ranked Guide

This guide is to help any players learning to play Pantheon in a ranked game effectively as Solo Top. This is my person build, although you can tweak some certain things depending on the game scenario. I have around 70% win loss ration in 45 games with him currently, which is pretty damn good. Hopefully this can help you become a better Pantheon.

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As for items I always start with a Doran's Blade This provides me with some more starting health and damage which is essential for a Solo Top in a Ranked game.

Next when we get enough gold either by level 6 or if you get first blood top, go back to base and buy either Boots of Speed and a Sight Ward or you might be able to buy your Berserker's Greaves in 1 go. Go back into lane and proceed laning. Put your ward in the bush to prevent ganks, and continue harassing with spears until they are low and go in for the kill with maybe a flash stun combo if they are keeping their distance, followed up by a heart seeker strike and a spear as they run away for the kill. This should ensure your are doing your best top lane.

Now back on topic, follow up your berserker's greaves with a Long Sword. You can build this into a Phage for a Trinity Force later, or on the certain circumstance, you are not low on health but not doing enough damage as your laning partner top has bought armor for your current armor pen already, build a The Brutalizer for even more armor pen, some CD reduc, and more AD. This can be built into a Youmuu's Ghostblade but is not sudgested as you will want to sell your boots for something of higher quality without losing too much move speed, which is why I normally go with the Phage for Trinity Force.

After the Berserker greaves and longsword for some bonus temporary damage, we buy a B. F. Sword which can be purchased immediately after the Berserker Greaves if you have the money for it, but you want to build this BF sword into a The Bloodthirster immediately. The life steal keeps you in lane longer and allows you to farm more. You can stack the 40 minions into more AD which is a bonus for your Heartseeker strike early game, as it does more damage then your auto attack will for now.

If you haven't built your Phage/Brutalizer yet, do that now. Next We build an Infinity Edge This is a ton of damage output + more crit and crit damage, which is a huge plus for your auto attacks now.

Now at this time, the enemy team may want to surrender, but if you have persistent enemies, then build a Phantom Dancer This will give you mass attack speed and Crit chance. Your auto attacks should be on par with your spells now and you can just flip flop in between both. Your spells will be better AoE damage but your auto attacks can sustain you with your life steal.

At this point in the game the enemy team sees you as the biggest threat, or one of. You should build some health at this time and maybe invest in your Warmog's Armor or even a temporary Giant's Belt.

Now that you have some health, time to finish the Phage into a Trinity Force. This should make you more tanky and burst alot more damage with the sheen affect, more crit from zeal and attack speed as well. You may want to sell your boots before buying the Trinity force or after, it's all up to you if you want to build it quicker, or have more move speed for a while.

Finally we end our build with another The Bloodthirster More lifesteal with health to sustain it, + More Attack damage for your spells and auto attack, if you ever reach this "Final Build" you literally should be unstoppable. I normally don't make it to the Trinity Force stage while playing ranked games, as the game usually ends before then.

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Team Work

Team work is essential with Pantheon. Although you may be dominating top, your team may not be doing good in ranked and we all know that you can't do it alone, even if you've been mecha fed. The perfect way to help your teammates out from afar is by using Pantheons ulti to initiate a team fight or a small gank. You want to place your ulti a little bit behind the enemy champion depending on whether or not they have a move like LeBlanc or Fizz who can easily back up away from your ulti. Predict this and try to stun before you hit the ground with your ulti as well. This will allow your Ulti to deal more damage to your opponent, as they should be closer to the center because you stunned them before they left your red ring of death. Pantheons ulti is also a great thing to bring him back into lane after going back for items, more health, etc. It can also provide you with a free kill if they aren't quick enough.