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Pantheon - Ghost of Stanpar

Pantheon - Ghost of Stanpar

Updated on February 22, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tbore Build Guide By Tbore 161 54 288,191 Views 116 Comments
161 54 288,191 Views 116 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Tbore Build Guide By Tbore Updated on February 22, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


Chapter 1

Ok first of all this build is a mixture of guides and builds i have found and used, all of which have had their good points and bad points. But like any champion you will find a build that works for your play style. I am open to suggestions and comments and urge people to try everything before knocking it. So here we go.

Basic pregame

As anyone who had played Pantheon before will know, he hasent got the survivability of most champions, he had no real stong escape mechanic outside of summoner spells. So i have taken the advice from Riots champion spotlight and built my runes and mastries around this fact. Giving myself dodge and magic resist has helped hugely in laning phases.


For my marks i take 9 Greater mark of desolation

For my seals i take 9

For my glyphs i take 9

and for my Quintessences i take 3 Greater Quintessence of desolation

Giveing you a total of;

+25 Armor Pen
+13 Magic Resist
+6.8% dodge

This gives you a head start with your damage on any champion while also playing well into your mastries and adding that bit more survivability.


Playing a 21-9-0 on Pantheon is no new thing, and with this build it plays very nicely into your rune build adding more magic resist and dodge while giving all of the offence you need.

Summoner Spells

For my two summoner spells i take;

- Ghost is an all round great spell to have on any champion, it gives you an escape mechanic and a chasing one aswell.


- Flash is what i have recently been using with this build, it has the advantage of being able to jump through walls and just a fair distance head or towards chasers and runners. However it dose have the disadvantage of being a 1 shot thing, if you do not get away with this then theres no second chances. So it is really down to prefrence on which one you would rarther use.


- I recently changed from Ignite to Exhaust and i love it, it can ensure a kill when ignite can not. This is because with ignite you rely on the damage it dose however, with Exhaust you do your own damage which i can promise is much higher and can get you that 1st blood. It also has several other applications such as slowing runners, and disabling the enemys highest dps at the start of a team fight.

Start Game

First of all i buy myself a Meki Pendant on my way to a Manamune and 2 health potions and grab Spear Shot as my first ability, as every guide should already say this ability will be you major tool early game, and from this build it will be your bread and butter throughout the game. There are very few champions that will be able to soak the damage from a SS between level 1 - 6 without having back off a little. With a pendant and good use of SS by the time you get to level 3 and have all 3 abilitys ready you should still be above 75% if you havent already gone for a first blood. Depending who your laning with its always worth waiting and getting a bit more harrasment in before going for a gank. If you are able to catch both enemy champions on your Heartseeker Strike then it will cause atleast one of them to turn and run.

Mid Game

I found that very little will change between now and the start of the game for you. This is unless team fight have broken out early. Between level 6 and level 15 - 17 is when i found Pantheon to be at his deadliest. Unless the other team has been fed then Skyfalling in on a single champion or in the middle of a team fight will always cause them to scatter.

Late/End Game

Some people may disagree with me here but Pantheon is not an End Game champion, is basic hp at 18 is 1999, so ulting into a group of champions at 18 without your tank intionting will be your demise. As most squichy champions in team fights just stay behind the tank and try and catch as many people in your HSS as possible and Spamming SS at their most frail champion, saving Aegis for any runners or if needs be an interupt.

Item Build

The manamune has been a great upgrade from Chalice since it gives you more mana and ofcourse the AD. With this item alot of the time i will rush the tear and leave it at that for a while, grab a couple of BF swords before upgrading it to a full Manamune. This is because you do not get the full benifit from this item untill you have maxxed out the mana cap with the tear thus gaining the AD.

In most games i will always choose the Mercury Treads, reducing all kinds of crowd control is vital for running, last hitting getting out of Ultis and many more. However if their team has only 1 stun mechanic i will usually got for either the Ninja Tabi or Boots of Swiftness depending on what is needed.

The last Whisper has been the lastest of my item build, i am still in the process of testing viability. But it has everything Pantheon needs, AD, ArP and AS theres no downside to it. However it is also the least vital of all your items, so alot of the time i swap this out for a Frozen Mallet or Banshee's Veil if i need the survivability. The only other items i could seriously suggest for this slot if a Phantom Dancer Zeke's Harbinger. But it is down to game situation and prefrence.

This is the latest item i have been trying out and it has been working prefectly, however with this item i will require you to build a Black Cleaver insted of a 3rd Blood Thirster. That is a sacrifice well made that being that the use effect of this can be devistating, an instant 30 ArP and your attacks cannot be dodged is nothing but good news. It may cost and extra few hundered gold but you are buying 20% more attack speed a potential gain of ArP against low armour targets and the best item in the game to have when playing against a Jax. Plus you do an extra 100dmg every 4th attack which with a 60% AS increase will be happening alot more often. In most games i will choose a Sword of the Divine over a Last Whisper unless there are several high armour champs against me. And like most items its down to prefrence.

The most improtant thing i can suggest about your BF swords is the same thing DEWOs Pantheon guide says:

"Do not make anything out of em. Untill you get 3 of them. NEVER! Alaways save cash to buy another and another and another. It is the best investment in AD per gold."

Having the 150 base damage before upgrading has been the biggest influence in my game. Doing this also gives you the freedom to choose between a Black Cleaver or Blood Thirster. A small side note would be that if you do decide to grab a Last Whisper then a Black Cleaver is not vital. You can easily swap this out for another BT.

There are 2 main other itmes that i see alot of guides use and i will explain why i do no use either of them. First is the Sword of the Occult, the main reason i do not use this is because of Pantheons frailness. You are very easily jumped and killed and losing 1/3 of your stacks on death just seems more like a risk than going for a soild base amount of damage. The second item is an Infinity Edge, i belive that even thoe this has high AD the increased crit dmg is a waste. This is not a crit based guide and you are only guranteed a crit when the target is below 15% hp. Even tanks will stuggle to survive a crit when they are already blow 15% hp so the increased dmg on it just dosent seem worth the gold it cost to make.

So to recap he is the item order i go for in most situations;


Rushing your last whisper/Sword of the Divine after your first BF sword early game is completely viable and works great if you can get the gold quick enough (another tip from Eugenides). And deciding which when to upgrade your BF swords is completely situational. Somtimes its worth getting 1 of 2 BTs before grabbing Last Whisper. But like i say it is completey up to the user and situation.

Ok this is a small update to shed some more light on my build order as it is very clear which order i build everything, so here we go.

I always start with a mekis and on my first trip back i always make sure i can afford basic boots of speed ontop of what i can afford to get already. So if i manage to get a few early kills in and have 1850 gold i will stick around and get that extra 350 just to get my boots. However if i dont have anywhere near that amount i will get the tear ASAP to max its effect out as soon as i can, i dont normally upgrade my boots untill my 2nd or 3rd trip back depending how badly i need em. After the tear and basic boots comes the 1st BF sword or 2nd if i got one early on, now depending how much dmg im doing i will either get a recurseve bow to get the kills quicker or upgrade tear to the manamune to add another nice chunck of dmg ontop. It is normally around this point i full upgrade my boots i havent done so already, then comes your last BF sword. Now at this point you can either start upgrading your BFs to BTs or you can finish off your choosen AS item. I would normally get 1 BT just so i can stay in a push a bit longer and keep my HP up durning prefight harrasment and ofcourse upping my dmg a bit. Then comes sword or the devine / Last Whisper whatever you fancy that game. Last but not least is finishing your upgrades to your BFs whether it is 3 BTs or 2 BTs and a BC, whatever feels suitable for that game.

Hopefully this has cleared up any issues on build order.

Side Notes and Random Tips

First of all using your Grand Skyfall outside of your spawn point early to mid game is illadvised. At rank 1 it will cost 250 mana to use and 350 and rank 3, this will drain near all your mana and not giving the chasing power you need to pick up a kill. However if used on the spawn point you will regain pretty much all of your mana before the cast is finished.

Another thing to concider is that if you are active at a team fight then your ulti becomes nul and void most of the time, by the time you finish casting either your team will be dead or you would have been intertupted. This is where skype/TS/Vent any chat program becomes invaluable. Being able to tell your team roughly where the skyfall is landing and when the engage will happen is going to make it alot more viable. So never be afraid to stay at base or in a lane while you wait for a team fight to start.

With your early item build i usualy create boots and the manamune at the same time so your not falling behind without boots but your also keeping yourself high on mana and having that extra bit of damage.

Another point out of DEWOs guide is that if you have enough gold on your first trip home for a BF sword, skip everything else. If you can rush a BF sword, DO IT! Having +50 AD early in the game and you will see champions dropping like flies.

I have recently changed one of my summoner spells from Ignite to Exhaust. This is thanks to Eugenides for suggesting it to me and i now understand why so many people use. With ignite you are relying on the damage that ignite itself dose, however with Exhaust it slows them and makes their auto attacks 100% miss chance. Also you are relying on the damage you know you can do, so being able to slow them and get that last spear shot on them gets the kill instead of ignite just missing it out. Also with this change it has greatly improved my masteries being that you have the 1 point spare on the 1st line in your offensive tree which now prefectly fits into improved Exhaust. So once again thank you to Eugenides for tip.

For those who are intrested i am going to be creating a Skyfall tutorial video to help people who are new to Panth to get a basic understanding on what it can be used for and how it can be used. This is not me saying 'hey im great you should all do what i do' its just a simple guide to give this build a bit more depth and to teach people who are not familiar with its mechanics. I will post a link once it is done.

I know there are a few things i have missed out but this is my first guide and i would like to hear what you all think of this.

I would like to thank everyone who has voted and commented so far on this build it has helped my greatly in developing this build and the way i play Pantheon. I just wanted to add a link to my friends first build for Shaco, just in case anyone is interested in playing shaco please check out his build.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Tbore
Tbore Guide
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