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Pantheon Build Guide by JPSGamer

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League of Legends Build Guide Author JPSGamer

Pantheon OF Tank

JPSGamer Last updated on December 9, 2012
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thank you for reading my Pantheon Guide.
After playing many succesful games with Pantheon I decided to write a guide. I tried to find a balance between offense and defense. You will not be as tanky as other top lane bruisers endgame, but you will deal tons of damage with as much durability as possible. So you can do your job in team fights properly: jump on a carry and destroy him within seconds.

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Pros / Cons


- Great Damage and fun to play
- Good harrass with Spear Shot
- Big range Grand Skyfall Perfect to protect a turret ,smash into a teamfight or catch up to a fleeing enemy
- Great Farm with Heartseeker Strike
- Nice shield through Aegis Protection
- Great Flash + Aegis of Zeonia Combo

- You need practice to aim Grand Skyfall, because of the 3,5 sec delay.
- You have no escape mechanism except flash
- You need good farm early game
- It's important to have an eye on your mana don't overuse your Spear Early Game.

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Summoner Spells

The following summoner spells are viable for Pantheon in my experience:

- Flash . Must have skill for Pantheon, because this will be your only escape mechanism, besides running into the bush and ulti away. Also Flash + Aegis of Zeonia is a great combo. Or you can flash to a low life enemy just to give him the last critical autoattack due to your 100% crit chance when the enemy champion is under 15% life.

- Ignite. My favourite second summoner spell. Gives that little bit of damage to get the kill. Very nice to bring an enemy champion under 15% HP so that the Passive of your Heartseeker Strike can trigger.

- Exhaust. I used this summoner spell before I switched to Ignite. Can help to catch a fleeing enemy with your Aegis of Zeonia or to shut down a feeded enemy.

- Ghost. Ghost is a nice spell and would work with Pantheon, but the choice is Flash or Ghost and I stick with Flash as Summoner Spell.

These are in my opinion the four Summoner spells you could use for Pantheon.

The other spells don't fit on Pantheon in my opinion:

- Clarity. Yes you need much mana for your spears, but don't throw spear after spear think if the spear is really worth his mana. If you do this you shouldn't have any mana problems early game.

- Teleport. You don't need a teleport. As long as you are not getting totally destroyed pre level 6 you don't need it. When you are facing a hard lane pre lvl 6 just play defensively, retreat on lvl 6, buy new stuff and go back to your lane with your ultimate to deny free farm and tower attacks.

- Cleanse. Can be helpful against tons of CC, but you can better buy Quicksilver Sash than using a summoner spell for this.

- Clairvoyance. You are not the supporter.

- Heal. This is not needed! You have your healing pots. Don't overextend when you are on low HP and after playing Panth for a while you will know when to engage for a kill and when you should back off if you're not suicidal. So no surprising "oh **** I need a heal".

I think I don't need to mention the other Summoner Spells

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- Aegis Protection: This passive restores an shield after 4 auto attacks which will block the next incoming normal attack that deals more than 40 damage. Excellent passive to block Parrrley , Mystic Shot or turret shots.

- Spear Shot (Q): This is your biggest damage source early game so try to harrass the enemy as much as possible every creep he tries to kill should hurt him. Remember Spear Shot also benefits from the passive of Heartseeker Strike, but the spear just makes a minicrit for 150% damage other than the normal 200% critical strike damage.

- Aegis of Zeonia (W): Ideal gapcloser. The stun last just 1 second, but this should still be enough time to penetrate your enemy with a max damage Heartseeker Strike.
Another important point is that using Aegis of Zeonia will trigger your passive. Like a real Spartan you never go into battle without your shield.

- Heartseeker Strike (E): Not so strong early game, but it will destroy squishy enemies in the mid and late game. Use this skill always directly after your stun for the full effect.

- Grand Skyfall (R): The channeling of this spell is very long and the giant red circle on the ground is not very unsuspicious. So try to use it more as a teleport skill to defend your tower or to cut the way of fleeing enemies.
When you want to use it in a teamfight: hide in the bushes so the enemies can't see you channeling your Ultimate. Start it as soon as the fight begins, because it will take a few seconds until you smash on the ground, ideally hitting all enemies, because they are CC'd.
Another tip: The channeling of your Ultimate is two phases long.The first phase on the ground before jump-off where all your skills are disabled and the phase when Pantheon is in the air during the second phase you can already use Aegis of Zeonia and while in air your stun becomes increased range and you jump on the target immediately after the landing, giving the enemy team nearly no time to stun you.

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Warding and Positioning

The following image shows you where to put your wards and on which path the enemy jungler can gank you:
Green: This are the bushes which are your hiding place when you are getting ganked. Run in and jump with Aegis of Zeonia out of the bush and get under your tower as fast as possible.

Blue: This is were you should place your Sight Ward.It's the bush at the beginning of the river.
After this you are relatively safe, depending on the jungler. A Fiddlesticks, Shaco, Evelynn are very dangerous because the can surprise you with stealth or when facing Fiddle with an Ultimate from behind the wall.
Always remember you are warding one way to your lane but there are 3 other ways, so don't overextend.

I marked the other ways with orange. The enemy jungler can choose way 1 or 2 to avoid your wards and gank you from the tri bush ( no 1) or he hides in the bushes on your lane (no 2). It is even possible that the jungler will gank you through your own jungle (no 3). In most cases from this position the lane enemy and jungler will try to tower dive you so take care that skills like Bandage Toss from Amumu won't hit you.

Always look out for 'ss' or 'mia' calls of your team mates. Try to follow the enemy jungler on the map aswell. If he is ganking botlane you are relatively safe so try to provoke a fight and maybe catch a kill. Now, when following the minimap, you see the enemy jungler ganking mid. If needed you can gank the gank with your Ultimate.
So and after the mid gank you can be sure the jungler will come top for the next gank.
Just think what you would do next as jungler. Is your lane pushed till the enemy tower? You are most likely the next gank victim!.

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Pantheon is extremely fun to play. Rocking Toplane with this Build is always very nice to play.
Upvote if you like the guide and when you downvote it please inform me
. I want to make this guide better and I'm open for criticism.

Feel free to test this guide in my opinion Pantheon is even after more than 300 played games with him always fun.