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Pantheon Build Guide by terminated-eune

AD Offtank pantheon short and to the Point

AD Offtank pantheon short and to the Point

Updated on December 3, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author terminated-eune Build Guide By terminated-eune 2,517 Views 0 Comments
2,517 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author terminated-eune Pantheon Build Guide By terminated-eune Updated on December 3, 2014
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Hello everyone my name is Mike otherwise known as Terminated. I am currently a Platinum division 3 player who mains jungle. This is a short and to the point pantheon guide if you didn't already establish that from the title. Pantheon along with a few other key jungle champions (Elise, Khazix, Lee sin) have helped me dominate the jungle climbing my way out of Silver 5 in season 3 to where i am now. Playing jungle can help you snowball lanes or yourself to hard carry even entire games. Back to Pantheon, He is a Bruiser/Assassin that's right assassin. Very strong early game, HIGH kill potential, and not many jungle champions will want to duel pantheon early on. He also has great gank potential pre-6 and post-6 with his global ultimate which can devastate your enemies.
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Typically i run Flat AD marks and Quints because of pantheons high ad ratios. I find the seals of scaling health are much better than the 9 armor but either will work fine. My main glyphs i run are Scaling CDR it allows me to spam more Spear shot (Q) and really helps get off extra Aegis of Zeonia (W) to stun lock an enemy for the kill. If you need Magic resist trade out the Scaling CDR for Scaling magic resist.
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Always max Spear shot first it is your main damage spell also when ganking if possible start with spear shot then Aegis of Zeonia followed by an auto attack and spear shot for maximum damage output. The second spell i max is Heartseeker strike it allows for decent jungle clear.
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After spirit of the elder lizard and mobility boots i 90% of the time rush tiamat for the jungle clear it will really help you clear camps fast and efficiently if you cannot find a gank.
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Pros / Cons

Strong early game.
Great kill potential.
Snowballs hard.
decent clear times.
good baron/dragon steal with ult smite combo.
Global ultimate.
Can fall off badly if ganks go unsuccessful.
Mana dependent early on until you complete your Spirit of the elder lizard.
More to come.
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Team Work

There are a few different ways to build pantheon as stated above. Your job and how you should play him during team oriented fights differs with the build you have. If you are the TANK your job is to try and pull the enemy to focus you while crowd controlling high priority targets with your Aegis of Zeonia (W). Always make sure your team is fully committed to backing you up before you go full MAN-theon in. Bruiser sustained damage able to tank a few hits try to poke with your Spear shots (Q) until you can catch a higher priority target out of place or land a good ultimate. Dive oriented pantheon catch an enemy carry and BLOW THEM UP.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author terminated-eune
terminated-eune Pantheon Guide
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pantheon short and to the Point

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