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Pantheon Build Guide by DontRunFromMeBro

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DontRunFromMeBro

Pantheon's To Fast For you Bro

DontRunFromMeBro Last updated on May 6, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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WARNING! FIRST GUIDE (May Be a lot of Reading and not many Pictures)

hello all its DontRunFromMeBro here to give my takes on . imo is a burst/tank champ in this guide ill show you how i build him and what role i use him for

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the runes i use are all intended to stack with my "Core" Build to ensure pree game farm that we all know Needs to get off to a good start or he falls off mid/end game and becomes quickly useless if not farmed well early

i would almost say these runes are a must have letting you farm/tank/escape/chase and best of all bully your enemy out of lane for very effective pree game where if done correctly can gain you a vary large lead on your enemy

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with my runes and core build 1-21-8 is a MUST! giving you that pree game Bully/escape/chase that makes the pree game power house that i have come to know and love

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and now for the items imo you can go very wrong very fast with items on so i stick to what will give him the "Most" for his money keeping with the pree game farm bully farm tactic i pick up a followed by a If your not to sure on your Combo skills i would have you take a befor you start making your however doing so will lower you damage because it will take you longer to start building up your Damage from its passive after having both your and its very important to farm them up mainly your becaus your will farm its self in team fights next i normaly get a and rounding out my tank/burst picking up and or first depen**** on who is on the enemy team and sometimes i find if your team is having trouble taking down a highly armored champion trading out your for a ONLY AFTER! completing your is a good trade off but in doing so you will lose the ability to stay in team fights for extended periods of time so at the end of a normal game your build should look something like this

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Item Sub's

also i find a need to sometimes sub out items for other items in some case's like the for a i mentioned befor some other items i do recommend subbing are For your in doing so you gain a good passive but lose your ability to take as much damage as a would let you take as well as your for another high risk high reward item like and as you will be able to catch more enemys and create openings your team would otherwise not had but in turn you lower your armor and auto attack damage Reduction and die faster when in a team fight

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Summoner Spells @ Combo

and are a MUST HAVE for my runes and masters build as they give you that much needed damage boost my runes and masterys do not the armor pen and AD boost from both spells along with the slow from give you the pree game power to finish off a fleeing champion or the dmg boost to out burst most other summoners who hold there till your already love on a side note NEVER EVER! hold your and as useing both BEFOR! you use your combo will give you a very large damage boost pree game first lower your enemys with then and and combo them follow up by rushing them while your ignite has them running for tower and them for that last critical hit

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most of the time farming is a after 2-3 auto attacks when you have your enemy bullied back to scared to farm anywhere but under his turret but some champions who can out poke pantheon anyone who you your self have trouble with will most likely stop you from getting that good farm you badly need so instead of maxing your i recommend you first max out your Heart Seeker Strike and bully them back each and every time they try to poke/farm with my runes/masterys you shouldent have much of a problem but if you do be sure to Heart Seeker Strike run back and for that little extra and repeat as needed

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Team Work

in team figths is were imo is a great champion for 3 good reasons first ofc is his useing it to save your carry target there carry or anyone on your team you can be the hero to anyone in danger with a well timed Second is his awsome Heart Seeker Strike Passive it not only helps you ensure kills dont escape when your in lane but in team figths it lets you pick up them kills that migth have gotten away otherwise helping you stay ahead once your gotten ahead carefull not to kill steal your team to uselessness we all need gold dont get to greedy and Third and my fav is his beloved this coupled with on top of the enemy teams carry will ensure a team figth every time but it takes some good teamwork from your team to no just when to go in and help you finish the job ( on a side note will hit anyone even if they left your circle as long as you have clicked them when they were inside }

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SnowBalling With Pantheon

iv seen many people stack after after atempting to snow ball to victory on only to end up dead and become useless as you get better and better with and feel that you can take down an enemy with little to no effort try useing however if you die off at any point in the game just like stacking you will become very useless and not have the damage to catch back up but unlike stacking you have a to protect your if done correctly you will down most befor even touching your and carry your team to victory