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Jhin Build Guide by doctorgami

ADC [patch 13.22] jhin guide complete updated builds gold ->platine elo

ADC [patch 13.22] jhin guide complete updated builds gold ->platine elo

Updated on November 13, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author doctorgami Build Guide By doctorgami 6,665 Views 2 Comments
6,665 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author doctorgami Jhin Build Guide By doctorgami Updated on November 13, 2023
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Runes: for safety

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Fleet Footwork
Presence of Mind
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Gathering Storm

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
most comon
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


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Champion Build Guide

[patch 13.22] jhin guide complete updated builds gold ->platine elo

By doctorgami
about me?

am a platine player who play all roles but exceed in mid and bot lane what does it mean ?
it mean i am more experienced in mid and bot lane and have way better stats than other lanes

why play jhin

why play jhin? if u are a psycopath who love the number 2 or 4 welcome to jhin guilde and u are a artiste who see art as one shoting peoples

enought joking now for real. jhin is one of the adc with highest damage ever and the thing is this saison crit got highly buffed so the best role right now to climb solo q is adc as long as u use infinity edge

i will not go throught everything and all basic i will point out the most important parts in this guide about jhin

jhin passive

i have to do a hole chapter about jhin passive sorry but peoples have hard time understanding it. sooo the 4rd bullet is a crit it alway crit at 4rd bullet.jhin have a gun that shoot 4 bullet to reload and shooot again the shoot speed and reload speed stay same all game no matter how many attack speed items u have. that why jhin do poorly against tank. however his 4rd bullet do 15% of the target missing health as dmg.
now how does the dmg work on auto the more u have crit or attack speed the more dmg jhin have 30% crit and 25% attack speed bonus +(4-44%)depending on level . and when a bullet crit jhin have a boost in move speed depending on attack speed i think it s 40% attack speed. jhin crit bullet dmg is reduced by 14%
well now what peoples see is a bunch of big numbers here and there sooo most peoples eather build all items attack speed and crit or others just build move speed items and items to energise bullets. the problem is and that the mistake of many peoples is no matter how mutch attack speed u have jhin will shoot bullets at same speed 4 bullet then reload. soo what should we do in late game peoples gona kill u way befor u have time to shoot ur 3rd bullet . that why jhin players should try do a build that make them kill most enemy with only one or 2 bullets.. soo here i have a rule for the dmg on jhin to forget all the bunch of numbers.
crit then dmg then attack speed. this mean u favorise items that give u crit and good big dmg rather than items witch attack speed. soo that u can kill enemy with 2 shots in late game. ur late game ad with elixire should be more than 1000+ except if u going lethality

runes and builds

my favorite rune is press the attack on jhin cause it give bonus dmg on 4rd shot on same target but jhin is a champ and like any champ if u want climb ranked u take eatch rune for eatch team comp. if enemy have many tanks go press on attack if they all squichy go dark harvest . if they are all assasins u need something to survive right? soo vs assassin go fleet foot. fleet foot is a surviving rune peoples use it to survive lane phase if u know u gona lose lane and most enemy are squichy then take fleet foot to survive laning. first shot is also a rune obtion but i never tried it soo idk know it have adantage and down side the advantage is the good damage the down side is it have long couldown compared to dark harvest in late game. use it when u confident in ur dmg but u can t stack dark harvest early game soo first shot be best in that situation.


just look at ur play style what u most confortable with. and also depend on enemy team i go galeforce usually + press on attack cause that rune make me kill tanks late game even without kraken or infinity edge soo yh very good rune late game however if enemy are squichy dark harvest + galeforce + collector do the work. if enemy have heavy tanks press on attack rune + kraken + inifinity edge . if u fighting close range like samira or kenen. fleet foot good to stay far from them with items like storm galefore and rapid canon just to hit then ruunnnnnn.
now if u feel like the tank is only problem in enemy team u can rather than going galeforce u go infinity edge for more dmg vs tank.

if u go dark harvest i highly suggest using collector first item

important things about jhin

first of all the q u all know how to land a q as jhin but do u know how important is jhin q early game. let me explain. jhin q mostly is used to poke enemy early game but keep in mind . if ur q kill a target it bonce then and the other target that it bonce to receive +35% of initial dmg mean if ur q kill 3 target the 4rd receive +105% of initial dmg and one more thing if u q a minion and at same time u auto and kill it it count +35% that why when u trade in lane sometimes peoples q then auto to secure the target kill. keep in mind ur next q will not have additional damage it s only when ur q kill and bonce the bouncing bullet is the one that have additional dmg i hope this is clear for everyone

jhin ult

: it have many uses but most peoples use jhin ult only to kill. sooo how can we use it better. first of all the easiest part u can clear wave with jhin ult. now peoples think why should i waste my ult on a wave. because it s situational if u are full hp under tower bot there is no suport with u and the enemy team as 3 or 4 peoples come to kill u under tower soo what u should do in most cases peoples die. in my case i use jhin ult clear the wave fast giving my suport and team mate enought time to come help me turning a 1 vs 4 to a 4vs 4 under tower.
the second tip is very hard and very situational but i use it a lote u can use jhin ult to slow enemy from far. u can also kill enemy mid laner when u are just from the river scuttle position soo u don t need to move. most importantly u can trap enemy. soo if there is enemy but they arent that low bot lane soo u may kill one but not two u ult and u wait soo they can t back to tower while ur suport for exemple nautilus have time to walk to them and hook one of them soo u cancel ult .walk .kill both i even use it sometimes when going gank another lane making peoples not go under tower and then my teamate eather stun them or kill them

this is more a build tip than anything else if enemy have many champ that can one shot u then build the revive item as last item then revive kill the enemy that can one shot u. recall. then sell item and buy the red item that have life steal also always use red potion the yellow one got hard nerfed.

the hardest and most important jhin skill to master no matter what is the 4rd bullet

: peoples not to say all jhin players don t use correctly jhin 4rd bullet. u all know to hit a bullet especially 4rd bullet who do hight damage but did u know that the 4rd bullet have 2 powers the first is hight damage on missing health that why we use q as first ability in a fight to lower the hp and make 4rd bullet do more damage. and the second power is a small boost in move speed now why is that important. because it have soo many use for that move speed to escape . dodge pokes from xerath or lux. poke enemy adc with 4rd bullet than back very fast. u can even use it to energise jhin items and do more damage. u have infinity options even chasing down enemy far away or runing hit minion then go fast to the enemy. i tell u if u master jhin 4rd bullet u have same level as a gold or higher player.

wave clear

: jhin can clear waves very fast and u need to master that by using q and w u can clear wave fast and 4rd bullet on canon this way u can leave enemy adc and suport handle the wave go kill drake and return to lane clearing next wave without losing any farm

press the attack rune play style

this chapter is for press the attack play style. there is some small difference between this rune and dark harvest. first the 2vs2 early game at level one this rune enchance all dmg the target receive soo if u have a hight dmg suport u can all in level 1 ending up with a double kill if there is a senna in enemy team 4 bullet on sena level 1 can make her half or less hp forcing enemy bot lane to back. in late game however never try to one vs one enemy adc u probably gona lose that however try pinging ur team for help. use ur rune and hight damage to kill tanks quickly that how u win team fights since u have far higher dmg. prioritise one target at a time for better dmg. press attack the target receive 6% more dmg from all ur team and u for 6 sec after 3 auto during the 6 second u gona q then auto ur 4rd bullet for insane dmg

dark harvest play style

as u know dark harvest is about stacking early to mid game right? that why u need save ur mana. jhin don t have mutch mana to poke all time soo u need strong heavy poke suport to stack dark harvest. i put a list in the synergy those like brand with him u can get stacks easally. in team fight u can one shot enemy with ur ult + colector. keep in mind collector is good as first item with dark harvest both to snow ball lane and to secure kill and stacks. if ur enemy is dangerous like draven u need infinity edge to kill him befor he kill ur team. if not u go galeforce for more safety and less shutdowns

important don t take dark harvest vs tanks

team fight tips for jhin

i find that the best way to win most teamfights is by using ur ult at beguining of team fights. exemple i see for far a team fight starting and most enemy are full hp i use my ult on squichy ones to eather make them low or kill them. why this work. cause when u ult first the enemy team get scared and if u hit the enemy carry like the adc the adc will go back he can t hit ur tanks cause he scared of being killed. this is best way to disrupt enemy position and when they low u hit them with auto and kill them. keep in mind u prioritise ur safety over doing dmg. mean try look for best position for safe and do damage if it s not safe don t go in the most important thing for adc is there position. secondly if enemy try chase u don t get scared ur auto attack boost ur speed when they crit if u fight hecarime auto then move turn arrond him make him can t toutch u

end of guide

i hope i was a little helpfull if u have any questions feel free to comment.
and there is any mistake in my guide pls point it out no one is perfect and we are all trying to improve our selfs . good luck

in few days i will add pics on where to position ur traps most effectively in lane

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