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Ashe Build Guide by JK41

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League of Legends Build Guide Author JK41

Patch 5.9 Ashe: Give Her Some Love!

JK41 Last updated on November 30, 2015
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Twitch In my opinion, Twitch isn't very viable right now. As a result, this should be an easy matchup.
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About Me

Hi everyone! This is my first guide here on Mobafire. I have mained Ashe since before her rework and I really want to share my strategies with her. So without further ado, here is the guide!

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Ashe has been a very viable ADC for a while now, but even more so after the rework. I feel with her new Q, her damage output has increased significantly. Her new passive is interesting as well because it scales crit chance with crit damage. Late game, she is a beast if she earned some early game kills.

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I personally prefer Attack Speed Marks and Quints, but AD Marks are good too. I take 4 flat armor and 5 scaling armor seals. Furthermore, I take 9 Scaling Magic Resist Glyphs, because most of the damage you'll take in lane is physical. Critical Strike Damage Quints work with Ashe really well.

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Playing As Ashe

Being an ADC, Ashe is naturally squishy. However, once mid/late game comes around there is unmatched potential to kill fast and easily. Before level 6, you will want to play passively and farm for the most part; unless you have an aggressive support like blitzcrank, thresh, or leona, or one that can heal(ex: soraka, sona). If there is a kill available go for it when you have enough health or a healing support. Once you get your ultimate, then you can start to play a little more aggressively and when you buy infinity edge you can become even more aggressive. Remember to position well in teamfights. Your ult should be used either to engage a teamfight, steal dragon or baron (Have to hit a champion near the monster), or to save yourself or an ally. Also since the ult is global you can hit a recalling champion for a kill. Another note: Build as much crit as possible while maintaining a solid build and DPS, because Ashe's new passive gives her crit damage for crit chance that's built.

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Passive: Frost Shot: This makes Ashe permaslow her enemies. The slow is a bit less than before the rework, and the slow now scales with champion level. Also, once frost shot is applied to an enemy, Ashe critically strikes that enemy continuously, although if not hit after a few seconds, frost shot's effects go away. Her crits begin at 110%, but building more crit means more damage from those crits.

Q: Ranger's Focus. Try and hit minions to stack some focus without falling off on cs (still last hit). Activate this with full stacks on enemy squishies and deal massive damage! Side note: Runaan's Hurricane applies the 5 stacks of focus to its bolts, therefore hitting 3 enemies with the fully stacked Q.

W: Volley. Main source of poke. At max level it's cool down is around 3.5 seconds. Scales 100% with attack damage. Don't overuse this ability early game or you'll be mana dependent in lane.

E: Hawkshot. Grants global vision. Great for map awareness, especially for ganks and dragon/baron. Can store 2 Hawkshots at a time.

R: Enchanted crystal arrow. The ultimate of Ashe. Stuns an enemy champion upon contact up to 3.5 seconds at max level depending on how long the arrow flies. Perfect for engaging in team fights as the surrounding champions and minions get damaged and slowed too.

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Build Explanation

Ashe's build here is mostly based off of a high critical strike chance. What I recommend is to rush buying infinity edge as soon as possible. Build BF sword first if you can, then the pickaxe, then get cloak of agility. Next build boots and life steal via vampiric scepter, which will eventually be built into bloodthirster. The combination of critical hits and life steal is a must on Ashe. The boots will become berserker's greaves for an attack speed boost as well as movement speed for the low mobility archer. After that, depending on opposing team comps or how the game is going, you can opt for Statikk Shiv or go with phantom dancer for attack speed and much more crit chance (I would buy phantom dancer over shiv). You will end up buying both items, or just buy 2 phantom dancers, it's just a matter of when its preference. The last item in my opinion is interchangeable between Blade of the Ruined King, Essence Reaver, Black Cleaver, Guardian Angel, Last Whisper or Runaan's Hurricane. I personally would recommend Last Whisper or Runaan's, but it's all preference. If you really want you could buy a Guardian Angel, but it hinders the overall attack potency. For people who want more all around stats go blade. For more cool down reduction for Ashe's ult plus mana regen on autoatttacks buy Essence Reaver. For a more defensive-ish item you can opt for black cleaver. Really late game you can sell the berserkers greaves for zephyr for reduced crowd control and increase attack speed. Since zephyr gives 10% bonus movement speed, it can replace the boots, but only after having a full build. This may hinder Ashe's kiting potential however. Final build example: Infinity Edge, Berzerker's Greaves, Bloodthirster, Phantom Dancer, Last Whisper, and Statikk Shiv.

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Season 6

Season 6 has brought players with a multitude of changes, but I feel Ashe is still viable with this new meta. I still rush Infinity Edge, I then go Berzerker's Greaves, followed by Phantom Dancer. 4th item is Bloodthirster, followed by Lord Dominik's Regards. The last item is very situational, but I go with Runaan's Hurricane. Essence Reaver and Guardian Angel are both viable options as well. I have noticed that season 6 brought very mobile champions back into the meta, so play really safe until you hit level 6. Farm is very important.

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Ashe is my favorite Markswoman, and I want her to be played more in competitive settings. Feedback on this guide is greatly appreciated! Also if you feel anything is missing tell me and I'll add it in here. Also if there are mistakes in this guide please let me know. Thanks for reading!

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Update Log

7/6/15-Changed Masteries section. Added Banshee's Veil to items. Moved Draven up in matchup difficulty.
11-30-15-Updated a little for season 6 changes.